Does your spouse or partner have an Android phone? Do they spend a lot of time on it, texting someone or making constant phone calls? All of these signs might make you want to spy on their Android cell phones to see what they’re up tp, who they talk to, and what they search for on the web. this is where spy apps come into use.

While there are hundreds of different spy apps or monitoring solutions available online, some of which can be downoaded from the Play Store, not all of these are reliable and safe. However, this guide has listed 9 of the best undetectable spy apps for Android devices that you can consider to monitor someone’s Android phone.

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android at a Glance

In a rush? Here are our top three choices for the best undetectable Android spy apps.

SpyBubbleThe first best spy app for Android. Simple UI, accurate and advanced tracking features, and 100% undectable on the target device.

mSpyThe second on the list of the best Android spy apps. Reliable, accurate, feature-packed, easy-to-use, and 100% invisible.

uMobix – Third on the list of the best hidden Android spy app in the market. 100% undectable, offers advanced features, easy-to-use and highly accurate.

SpyBubble – Android Monitoring App Free

How to spy on Android with SpyBubble

The first on the list of the best phone monitoring apps for Android and iOS devices is SpyBubble. Using this product, our team found that this is a completely undetectable spy app that can monitor every aspect of the target phone, from social media apps, calls, text messages, keystrokes, media files, and much more.

The app is very reliable and offers almost real-time data syncing. Further, creating an account and setting up the app on the target device is rather easy, even though you need to physically access the target device to set it up.


  • Phone call tracking – Monitor all incoming and outgoing phone calls made by the target, check their call durations, timestamps, and more.
  • Track keystrokes – Track all the keystrokes entered on the atrget devie, from passwords, secret codes and OTPs to any text ciopied on the clipboard.
  • Track real-time location – You can track the target’s current location in real time, get coordinate and address information, and get access to a map view for each address.
  • Check app activity – Check all the activity on the apps installed on the target device. This works based on the keylogger, and the app lists each entry based o nthe app.
  • Monitor SMS messages – Track all sent and received texts, deleted messages, and any MMS files sent with the texts.


  • One of the best spy apps in terms of its feature-list
  • Competitively priced
  • Accurate data tracking and keylogging
  • Lag-free dashboard experience


  • GPS tracker doesn’t come with geofencing
  • Doesn’t offer remote recording for phone surroundings
Personal Professional/ month
$24.95 / month $49.95 / month

Download SpyBubble

mSpy: Undetectable Spy Solution for Android

mSpy Android spy app

Be it its undetectable performance or its impressive features, mSpy is indeed one of the world’s most desirable and reliable Android spy tools. Millions of people have already deployed mSpy for multiple tasks like social media platform tracking, geo-position tracking, SMS and text spy, and browsing history monitoring on the target Android device.

The majority of people use it as a parental control app on the phone to spy and ensure their beloved child’s safety in the world of cyber threats. They trust its monitoring features and use it to spy on their kids’ phones.


  • Phone call tracking – mSpy shows you a log of all incoming andoutgoing phone calls along with dates, timestamps, and call durations.
  • Monitoring text messages and social media chats – You can monitor all sent and received text messages on the target Android phone, and monitor all chats and media files shared on social media apps like WhatsApp Facebook, Instagram, and so on.
  • Monitoring web browser activity – Track all the wesites visited, the visit frequency, and dates and timestampss at which they were accessed.
  • Keylogger – Monitor all the keystrokes entered on the target device like passwords, secret codes. Also use keyword trackinbg to get alerts when certain words are typed on the device.
  • Real time location tracking – Track the device’s GPS location at all times with exact coordindates and use the geo fencing feature to set virtual boundaries on the map.


  • The installation process is very easy
  • Dashboard can be access from any web browser
  • Offers plenty of tracking options
  • Tracking features are accurate


  • Location tracking isn’t the quickest
  • Some feature require root or jailbreak


Basic (1 month) Premium (1 month) Premium (3 months) Premium (12 months)
$29.99 / month $29.99 / month $39.99 / month $16.66 / month

Try mSpy

uMobix – Free Android Spy App for Real-Time Data

umobix android spy

uMobix is another undetectable Android spy app that has managed to impress us with its stealth technology, phone monitoring features, and pricing. This is the right solution for unearthing the secrets stored on the Android target device without even accessing it.

The best part is, when you’re monitoring messages and tons of other things through spy apps on the phone, the user won’t be able to notice its presence as it comes with stealth mode to hide it on the target device instantly.


  • Monitoring calls – Get real-time data of all the call activities happening on the target device. Find out who all are calling your loved ones and for how long they are talking.
  • Media files monitoring – Data on photos, messages, and videos can also be tracked down without letting anyone know about it.
  • GPS location tracking – You can track the accurate location of the target Android smartphone at any point with accurate cordinates, addresses, and timestamps.
  • Social chat monitorin – Monitor all social media apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Kik, Tinder, Snapchat, and more.
  • Monitor app activity – This feature works with the keylogger and gives you a rundown of all the acticities app-wise that the user does on their phone.


  • Location tracking is very accurate
  • Offers a lot of monitoring features
  • Dashboard is easy to use and navigate
  • Data syncing is fast
  • Offers full access to Instagram and Facebook


  • Doesn’t offer a phone based customer support system
  • Doesn’t come with geo fencing


Basic Pro
$29.99 / month $59.99 / month

Try uMobix

EyeZy: Best Undetectable Spy App For Android

EyeZy hidden spy app for Android smartphones

Next app on our list of the best hidden spy apps for Android phones is EyeZy. This is a comprehensive spy app that comes loaded with features, all of which can be accessed through an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s compatible with all of the latest Android versions, so you’re covered no matter what device the target user has.

Apart from an exhaustive list of feature to spy on the target Android phone, the app also offers a demo on its website so you can see how it functions. Based on our experience, the app is completely undetectable on Android smartphones, so the user will never know that you’re secretly tracking their every move.


  • Monitoring call logs – EyeZy allows you to track all incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone
  • Browser history monitoring – You can track the target’s web activities and see which website they visit, when, and how frequently.
  • Monitoring installed apps – Get a list of all the apps installed on the phone so you know their activities.
  • GPS tracking – Monitor the target’s GPS location data in real-time with the GPS tracking feature.
  • Media files monitoring – Keep track of all media files stored on the device like photos, videos, documents, and audio files.
  • Screen recorder – Get screenshots of all the activities on the target phone’s screen at regular intervals to see what they’re up to.


  • Feature-packed cell phone tracking app
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Offers accurate monitoring for social media apps


  • Can be pricey to monitor multiple devices
1 month 3 months 12 months
$47.99 / month $27.99 / month $9.99 / month

Try EyeZy

Bark – Easy-to-Use Best Spy App for Android

Bark app to remotely monitor Android phone

Packed with tons of impeccable phone monitoring features, Bark is here to protect your kids. Many schools in the US have urged parents to use this app. Its dashboard is award-winning and helps anyone, even a novice, monitor the phone without demanding physical access.

Easy installation, reliable data, and remote operations have made this spy solution world-famous. Few might find Bark’s price tag pocket-heavy, while the kind of service it renders makes it all worth it and more.

Bark can connect you instantly with 30+ platforms and help you monitor texting and calling activities simultaneously.


  • Social media monitoring – Monitor your kids’ activities on all kinds of leading social media platforms without letting them know about it.
  • Test and email monitoring – Read secret texts, instant messages, and emails on your phone.
  • Alerts for dangers to kids – Alerts parents when kids consume content that might be suicical, or dealing with cyberbullying, depression, mentions of drugs, alcohol or other substances.


  • Featrues a smart keyword detection system
  • Sends routine alerts via email and text
  • Highly effective at preventing dangers, particularly to children


  • App doesn’t run as smoothly on very old Android versions
  • Doesn’t offer full location tracking like other free hidden spy apps


Bark Phone Bark Premium Bark Home Bark Jr
$49 / month $14 / month $6 / month $5 / month

Try Bark

Hoverwatch – Feature-Rich Free Spy for Android Devices

For all those who didn’t want to get involved in a lengthy and time-taking Android spy solution setup, Hoverwatch is the right choice. With less app size, it can be at your service. 12 million people have already trusted it, and you should too.

hoverwatch android spyware

You can do many things with the help of this free spy app for Android. For instance, you can find out your kids and spouse’s location, find out to whom they are sending text messages, and check who’s on their contact list. And yes, we did test the product!

It’s a very easy-to-use tool. No special technical skills are required to bring it into action. Using your active email, you can create an account for free and track your children’s activities remotely. No matter what feature you bring it into action, its performance is par and 100% reliable. We were stunned, seeing the accuracy in its operations.


  • To-do-list – Helps in keeping tabs on the to-do list of the target. You can find out what events are in the pipeline in advance and with ease.
  • Android screenshots – Find out how the targeted cell phone is being used and get some proof. The feature will automatically create the screenshots and keep you updated on every activity.
  • Spy on Snapchat – Track every activity happening on the popular social media platform, Snapchat, and sense any trouble in its infancy stage.
  • Track browser history – Track all the user’s internet activies regardless of the browser or whether they’re using incognito mode.


  • Offers monitoring for Windows and Mac devices too
  • Can be used to spy on 25 devices at a time
  • App installation and monitoring is 100% remote


  • Can’t track social media apps like Instagram and Twitter
  • App will stop if internet connection is unstable
  • Keylogger is sold separately
  • Doesn’t offer geo fencing


Personal Professional Business
$24.95 / month $49.95 / month $149.95 / month

Try Hoverwatch

Cocospy – Free Spy App For Android That Works Without Target Phone

cocospy surveillance app for android

Our next reliable pick is Cocospy, a 100% delectable spy solution that works without rooting. Yes, it’s true. There is no need to root the target Android device to find out call records, cell phone location, SMS, social media messages, and many other activities.

All the app monitoring features for Android devices work flawlessly and grant risk-free access to the target phone.


  • Geofenicing – Cocospy allows you to set virtual boundaries for your kids’ or spouse’s phones and offers you reliable location monitoring solutions. Alerts are sent when the target crosses those boundaries.
  • Stealth Mode – Activation of this mode leads to the spy solution’s total concealing on the aimed mobile phone. It instantly hides the app icon and makes it undetectable.
  • Social media monitoring – Cocospy offers comprehensive monitoring for apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, and more. You can monitor chats and media files.
  • SIM Card location tracking – Track a SIM card if it’s lost or stolen, get its IMEI number, and track any changes to a new SIM card.


  • Basic features don’t require rooting
  • Dashboard is easy to use
  • 100% undetectable with Stealth Mode
  • Highly accurate tracking freatures


  • Basic plan offers bare minimum features
  • Target phone could slow down due to the app
  • Advanced features require rooting


1 month 3 months 12 months
$49.99 / month $29.99 / month $12.49 / month

Try Cocospy

Spyic – Android Spy Software Without Root

spyic spy software for android

Don’t want to compromise on anything while reading texts on your child’s phone secretly? Well, Spyic is the only thing that will make it happen as this is one of the most advanced spy apps for Android that we know to date.

While assisting you in this and various other tasks, this app never saves data on the server. Hence, it doesn’t force you to compromise on data safety. Getting it ready is also very easy.

This hidden app for spying on phones will capture all the secret information after a free sign-up. Whether you’re concerned about your child’s safety or want to monitor WhatsApp of your cheating spouse, it will help you.

Parents are impressed by its performance as it captures real-time data. As every data is attached with a timestamp, you can verify its viability. This explains why 96% of its first-time customers come back and renew the subscription.


  • Access SIM Card information – Find out details saved on SIM discreetly.
  • Monitor contacts and call logs – You can find out the details of contacts saved on the target cell phone and call logs.
  • Location tracking – Track the accurate locaiton of the Android device with addresses, coordinates, and a Google Map link for a map view of the location history.
  • Web history tracking – Track all the internet activities of the target, such as URLs visited, visit time, visit frequency, and bookmark status.


  • Doesn’t require rooting for Android phones
  • instalation process is simple
  • Undetectable with Stealth Mode enabled
  • Offers various subscription plan for everyone’s needs


  • Doesn’t come with remote installation for Android devices


Personal Professional
$24.95 / month $49.95 / month

Famisafe – Best Android Spy Solution for Parental Control

famisafe spy app for android

Famisafe is a highly renowned remote parental control app for spying on a phone that has been designed to grant you admin-like access on someone else’s Android device and find out every hidden secret. With the help of this free Android spy app, you can target users on various fronts.

For instance, it can be used to find out web browsing history, contact lists, and various other phone activities. Famisafe is well-equipped to keep diverse online dangers away from your children without letting them know about it.

It comes with a 7-days money-back guarantee. So, you have an opportunity to try every feature for seven days and find out its viability.


  • Screen time schedule – Keep tabs on your kids’ screen time and secretly put restrictions using stealth technology.
  • Filter websites and internet history – It lets your kid browse only the age-appropriate content on the internet.
  • App blocking – Blocks unwanted and dangerous apps on your kids’ device.
  • Activity report – Gives an overview of the target’s activity on the target Android cell phone, from web searches too app usage.


  • Offers impressive app blocking with alerts if blocked apps are accessed in any way
  • Can monitor up to 30 devices at a time
  • Doesn’t require rootinf or jailbreaking


  • Doesn’t offer monitoring for messaging apps
  • Can’t monitor contacts and calendar
  • Some web filters don’t work at times


Monthly Plan Annual Plan Quarterly Plan
$10.99 / month $60.99 / year $20.99 / quarter

Try Famisafe

What is the Best Free Spy App for Android?

We can vouch for all the powerful and feature-rich spy apps for Android mentioned in this article. You can make use of the Cocospy and Spyic free demos, sign up for Hoverwatch and mSpy free trials, or purchase them risk-free with a solid money-back guarantee.

When you ask our team about the absolute best free Android spying app, we would say that  mSpy offers more freebies than other Android spy solutions . Eventually, you’ll have to pay for the subscription to keep using the spyware but their free feature gives you confidence in your choice.

Is there any 100% Free Spy app for Android?

Frankly speaking, there are no absolutely free spy apps for Android but enough fake solutions. When it comes to no-name providers promising free apps that require no installation on the Android devices, they make it impossible to spy on Android devices without getting into trouble. However, the apps on this list either offer a free trial, like mSpy does, or offer a 30-day standard refund policy.

You might expose the target device to vulnerabilities, accidentally download malware, or give away sensitive data to hackers. Searching for free spy apps for Android has proven to be a risky waste of time, so we don’t recommend it.

To Sum Up

With the right Android spy apps for phone devices, there is nothing that you can’t track. All the apps that we discussed here are the market leaders and have earned commendable names and fame.

Being packed with some of the most advanced Android monitoring features and friendly interfaces, these spy apps for Android excel at multiple fronts.

We have tried these personally and liked these apps for spying on the phone, which made us say that these are the best Android spy solutions that anyone can pick.


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