read whatsapp messages on kid's phone

Modern parenting isn’t easy — with so many children having mobile devices, phone monitoring has become necessary. Without a doubt, not all free SMS trackers without installing on the target phone could be of great help to help you with social media monitoring. 

That’s why we decided to prepare a brief guide on how can i see my child’s text messages without them knowing.

NOTE: These apps should only be used for monitoring your kids’ social media activity. In other cases, you’ll need consent from the owner of the target device. Illegal use of the app may result in monetary and criminal penalties.

Reasons for Reading WhatsApp Messages from Another Device

There are several legitimate reasons why someone might consider reading WhatsApp messages from another device. It’s important to note that while these reasons exist, they should be approached with ethical considerations and respect for privacy. Here are some scenarios where accessing WhatsApp messages from another device could be justified:

  • Parental Monitoring: Parents may need to monitor their children’s WhatsApp conversations to ensure their safety, protect them from cyberbullying, or prevent them from engaging in inappropriate or harmful interactions.
  • Child Protection: Guardians or legal authorities might need to access a minor’s WhatsApp messages if there are concerns about their well-being, potential exploitation, or involvement in illegal activities.
  • Employee Oversight: Employers could monitor work-related WhatsApp conversations to prevent the leakage of sensitive company information, ensure employees are following company policies, and maintain a productive work environment.
  • Infidelity Suspicions: Individuals who suspect their partner of infidelity may feel the need to gather evidence from WhatsApp messages to confirm or dispel their suspicions.
  • Lost Communication: In cases of emergency, accessing WhatsApp messages from another device might be necessary if the primary device is lost, stolen, or inaccessible.
  • Digital Safety: Concerned friends or family members might want to ensure that someone’s WhatsApp conversations are not being misused or manipulated by malicious individuals.
  • Cybersecurity Concerns: Individuals who suspect that their WhatsApp account has been compromised might need to access their messages from another device to assess the extent of the breach.
  • Account Recovery: If someone is locked out of their WhatsApp account due to technical issues, they might need to access their messages temporarily from another device while resolving the problem.
  • Mutual Consent: In certain situations where individuals agree to share their WhatsApp messages for collaborative purposes, accessing messages from another device could be necessary.

Best Methods to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

When the need arises to access someone’s WhatsApp messages without their knowledge, it’s essential to approach the situation with care and responsibility. Various methods can enable this, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. 

In this section, we will explore some of the best methods available for reading someone else’s whatsapp messages discreetly.

uMobix WhatsApp spy

uMobix is a versatile and comprehensive WhatsApp monitoring app designed to provide insights into someone’s WhatsApp activities discreetly. This tool offers a range of features that enable users to access WhatsApp messages, call logs, location history, and more on the target device. However, like any method of accessing someone’s private messages, there are both advantages and considerations to keep in mind.

Key Features

  • Message Tracking: uMobix allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, giving you insight into conversations and interactions.
  • Call Logs: You can access call logs, including contact names, call duration, and timestamps, providing a comprehensive view of communication patterns.
  • Location Monitoring: The app enables real-time tracking of the target device’s location, helping you keep tabs on the device’s movements.
  • Web History: uMobix offers the ability to view browsing history, giving you insights into the target user’s online activities.
  • Keylogger: This feature records keystrokes made on the device, allowing you to see the content of text inputs, including messages and passwords.
  • App Usage: You can track the apps installed on the device, providing insights into the user’s digital behavior.


  • Comprehensive Monitoring: uMobix provides a wide range of monitoring features, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of the target user’s activities.
  • Stealth Mode: The app operates in stealth mode, ensuring that the target user remains unaware of being monitored.
  • User-Friendly Interface: uMobix boasts an intuitive interface that makes navigation and data retrieval user-friendly.
  • Remote Access: You can access monitored data remotely, eliminating the need for constant physical access to the target device.


  • Physical Access Requirement: To install and set up uMobix on the target device, you need physical access to it, which might not always be inconspicuous.


  • Complete (1 month) – 49.99 USD per month.
  • Full Membership (three months) – 27.99 USD per month.
  • Whole year Membership – 11.66 USD each month.

The app also allows you to monitor all pictures and media files saved on the device, and has the feature of sms tracking without target phone.

Using uMobix to hack WhatsApp account is very easy with the following steps – 

  • After purchasing the app, you’ll receive an email with your login information.
  • Using the OTA (over-the-air) link, you can download the app onto the target device and activate it with a few simple taps.
  • By logging in to your online account and using the Live Control Panel, you can monitor the activity of the target phone and track WhatsApp messages.

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Why Choose uMobix?

There are many reasons why you should choose uMobix to hack WhatsApp account on a target device.

  • 100% functional and undetectable;
  • Its massive users’ database proves that this app is safe and legit;
  • Remote phone monitoring;
  • Retrieve deleted messages on android and iPhone;
  • Access to WhatsApp messages of the target device;
  • Track GPS location with geographical coordinates;
  • Access to call records and contact lists;
  • Monitoring of SMS texts and iMessages;
  • Access to social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Additionally, this device stores all deleted text messages, which means that nothing remains hidden from you.

An intuitive Live Control Panel makes this app easy to use. If you have any questions, you can check out the vast knowledge base on their website or contact the customer support team.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web provides a legitimate way to access someone’s WhatsApp messages remotely, albeit with certain prerequisites and limitations. This method allows you to view and interact with messages from a computer’s web browser, offering convenience and flexibility. However, it’s important to note that you need to follow specific steps to set up WhatsApp Web correctly.

To access someone’s WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp Web:

  1. Phone and Computer Requirements: Ensure that you have access to both the target phone and a computer with an internet connection.
  2. QR Code Setup: On the computer’s web browser, open the official WhatsApp Web page. Simultaneously, open WhatsApp on the target phone.
  3. Menu Option: In the WhatsApp app, tap the three-dot menu icon (located at the top right on Android devices and at the bottom on iPhones) and select “WhatsApp Web.”
  4. QR Code Scanning: Use the phone to scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen. This links the WhatsApp account on the phone with the web browser.
  5. Access Granted: Once the QR code is successfully scanned, you’ll gain access to the target WhatsApp account on your computer. You can now view and send messages.

Backup and Restore the Target Whatsapp Chat on Your Phone

Backing up and restoring a target’s WhatsApp chat involves creating a copy of their chat history, including deleted chats, messages, images, and other media, and then transferring it to your own device. This method can be useful if you have access to the target phone for a short period.


  1. Chat Backup: Open WhatsApp on the target device and go to “Settings.” Navigate to “Chats” and then “Chat backup.” Here, you can choose to back up the chat history to a cloud service like Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iPhone).
  2. Choose Backup Frequency: Set the backup frequency to your preference. You might want to do an immediate backup to ensure you capture the latest messages.
  3. Log in to Cloud Account: If the target device isn’t already linked to a cloud account, you’ll need to log in to their cloud account on the device. This step is necessary for transferring the chat backup.
  4. Your Device: Once the chat is backed up to the cloud, switch to your own device. Install WhatsApp if you haven’t already and log in using the same cloud account that was used on the target device.
  5. Restore Chat: During the setup process, WhatsApp will detect the chat backup associated with the cloud account. Choose to restore the chat history from the backup.
  6. Wait for Restoration: Depending on the size of the chat history, the restoration process might take some time. Once completed, you’ll have access to the target’s WhatsApp messages on your device.

How to Monitor WhatsApp Messages With Mac Spoofing

Mac spoofing is a popular method to hack WhatsApp without alerting the victim to the process. If done correctly, it can give you access to all the chats on the target device, be it an Android or iOS one. 

While the method itself is effective, it is a rather difficult process to implement and requires you to follow very specific steps.

Here’s how this works. Every mobile device that’s connected to the internet has a MAC or a Media Access Control. This is a unique ID assigned to it by its manufacturer. The idea here is to create a clone of the target device on your phone, for which you will need to get their MAC.  

You’ll need access to your mobile and the target phone for two minutes. You can retrieve the device’s MAC from its settings or from a PC or a Mac that’s connected to the same WiFi network. Once this is done, proceed as follows for a Windows and Mac device respectively – 

Windows: Click on the computer icon for the list of connections and then click on Open Network and Sharing Centre. Navigate to Change Adapter Settings. Next, right-click on the icon of the network that you’re interested in, go to Status, and click on Details. The MAC address will match the code next to Physical Address. 

Mac: Go to System Preferences, then go to Network, Advanced, and Hardware. The first piece of information on the window is the MAC address. 

Once this is done, follow the steps given below – 

  • Uninstall WhatsApp on your device. 
  • Change the MAC address with the one you want to spy on. 
  • Reinstall WhatsApp on your device, and ensure that you fill in the target’s phone number. 
  • Select the option for the activation code to be sent to you via SMS. You’ll have to be careful as this will be sent to the target’s phone, so as soon as you take note of it, delete the text message. 
  • As the last step, reset the original MAC address on your phone. 

If you manage to carry out all these steps successfully, you should be able to get all the messages and media files from the target’s WhatsApp. 

However, note that this method has its downsides. The primary one is that if the target phone leaves the WiFi network it’s connected to, you will lose the ability to spy on it. 

How Do I Know If Someone Is Reading My WhatsApp Messages from Another Phone

Keeping your WhatsApp messages secure is crucial in maintaining your privacy. If you suspect that someone might be accessing your messages from another device without your knowledge, there are several signs you can watch out for. Here are some indicators that unauthorized access to your WhatsApp account may be occurring:

  • Check the “Last Active…” in Settings.
  • Unusual Account Activity.
  • Unexpected Notifications.
  • Battery and Data Usage.
  • Unfamiliar Devices.
  • Two-Step Verification.
  • Logout from Web/Desktop.

Tips to Keep Your WhatsApp Messages Secure

Implement these tips to enhance the security of your WhatsApp messages and protect your personal information:

  • Enable the WhatsApp App Lock Feature.
  • Enable Two-Step Verification.
  • Enable Disappearing Messages.
  • Enable Security Code Notifications.
  • Log Out after Using WhatsApp.
  • Use Strong and Unique Passwords.
  • Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi Networks.
  • Regularly Update WhatsApp.
  • Beware of Suspicious Links.
  • Be Wary of Third-Party Apps.
  • Review App Permissions.
  • Regularly Check Linked Devices.

By implementing these security measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your WhatsApp messages.

Final Thoughts

If the safety of your children is one of your concerns, these apps might be the right choice for you.

It can sometimes be hard to protect your kids from online predators, unwanted content, and suspicious products and offers, but spy apps like uMobix are here to help you in reading someone’s WhatsApp messages. They also let you monitor media files, call logs, GPS locations, social media apps, and much more. 

However, don’t forget that the misuse of these apps can lead to monetary and criminal penalties. Make sure to use them wisely at all times.


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