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This article will introduce you to Kidsguard, a smartphone surveillance app. Kidsguard is a mobile monitoring app designed to help you keep a watch on your kids. This post will go over the features, functionality, cost-effectiveness, installation benefits and cons, and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices of this program.

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Kidsguard Overview

All things considered, this service is a great way to keep an eye on anyone—from your children to other family members and coworkers. Among other things, it can record phone calls and provides access to social media accounts, browser histories, GPS locations, and call histories. The app is user-friendly. Before you can begin monitoring, you must register and have your credentials verified.

Pros and Cons of Using Kidsguard

Thanks to its advantages, millions of people have flocked to it despite its relative youth. There are far more benefits to use Kidsguard than there are drawbacks, even slight ones.


  • Super-easy and quick installation (5 minutes max)
  • No source app needed for the tracker phone — you cannot be discovered
  • Invisible on the home screen after installation
  • Multiple languages available for the app and customer support
  • Supports monitoring over 30 apps and features
  • 100% security and data privacy
  • Supports the newest versions of both Android and iOS devices


  • Monitoring is available for one device at a time
  • There is no free trial
  • iOS devices have very limited functionality (no Remote Control features)

Kidsguard Features

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Kidsguard has a ton of amazing features. What’s more, it contains certain necessary characteristics that you need to keep an eye on apps.

100% Invisible: Kidsguard prioritizes kids’ internet safety, so on the target device, it is invisible. The target device does not need to have root access, and there is no way to look for the program. It is impossible for the person you are watching to know that you are watching them.

No Data Loss: User data will be immediately transferred to your online account following installation on the target device. It is not necessary to use up any of your gigabytes in order to view the activity on the intended phone. Every piece of data is protected.

Monitors More Than 30 applications: Kidsguard is a sophisticated tool that can keep an eye on over 30 applications, including for Android users Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Line, Wechat, QQ, and more. It also keeps track of contacts, text messages, internet history, GPS position, images, videos, and app activity in real-time.

Kidsguard Pro for Android

Parental control-equipped Android handsets offer a multitude of monitoring options. You will need a one-time access pass to the target device in order to install Kidsguard on an Android device. After installation, the software will instantly disappear from the phone’s home screen. The app cannot be located or detected.

The Remote Control tool not only monitors the social network apps we previously covered, but it also allows you to record calls, capture screenshots, and take pictures. This is more than other monitoring apps. Please be aware that only Android users are currently able to access this.

All features work on Android smartphones that are rooted as well as those that are not.

Kidsguard Pro for iOS

The procedure for connecting Kidsguard to an iPhone is different from that of connecting it to an Android smartphone, in case you’re wondering how to do that. You only need the target user’s iCloud credentials; physical access to the phone is not required. Users of iPhones currently have few options, but additional features will be available soon.

iOS users can currently track the phone in real time. It is possible to download and export contacts, notes, movies, images, and more. You can download and evaluate attached files as well.

Social media apps for iPhones and other iOS devices are currently not trackable.

Kidsguard is compatible with iOS devices that have been jailbroken as well as those that have not.

How Much Does Kidsguard Cost?kidsguard box

Kidsguard provides three affordable options. You will receive an instant $29.95 bill for the monthly plan, which is $29.95 each month. The monthly cost of the three-month plan is $16.65, for a total of $49.95. The monthly cost of the annual plan is $8.32, and the upfront payment is $99.95.

For users of iOS and Android, the prices are the same. Kidsguard also has the benefit of a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not entirely happy with it, you may get your money back. The webpage has further information about that.

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How Does The App Work?

As previously noted, the software is rather simple to use after it has been installed on the target device. Kidsguard is a single edition that includes all capabilities, unlike other monitoring programs. Better versions and new, enhanced features don’t come with a price increase. The application is up to date and is always being improved.

Android 4.0 to Android 10 support it. iOS 9.0 through iOS 13 are the versions that support it.

How Can I See Everything on My Kid’s Phone?

While tracking is different between Android and iPhone mobile devices, the Kidsguard installation method is not. The program transfers data to your internet account while operating in stealth mode on Android devices. You can use any device, including a tablet, laptop, desktop computer, and phone, to check it. If you use iOS, sign in to the control panel and watch real-time data from the target iPhone after confirming the iCloud account.

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Is Kidsguard Legal?

Concerns regarding Kidsguard’s legality are unfounded. The firm ensured that using it is completely safe and that all of your personal information is secure. Since the program enables safe information transfer from the target device to your internet account, there haven’t been any data leaks. You can be certain that the information about your spouse, child, or employee is always secure.

Final Verdict

When compared to other monitoring applications available, Kidsguard is now your best and safest choice. It has many more features than other apps. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, your data is protected and the software remains invisible on the intended device. You can discreetly keep tabs on all activities thanks to the simple monitoring procedure.

Keep in mind that Kidsguard has more advantages than disadvantages if you’re considering using it. While iOS users are hoping for further options to become available for their smartphones, Android users may already take advantage of its many capabilities. We are enthusiastic about Kidsguard’s continued expansion. We’ll continue to use it for its many sophisticated capabilities up until then.


  • Esther says:

    I tried installation several times and could not get it to work. I was worried about potential problems bit saw they had 30 days money back. They refused to address my need for a refund saying the app was not installed. After several attempts and weeks later just wanted my money back and the company ignored my numerous requests to cancel my subscription that was not in use.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Esther, I reached out to KidsGuard and this is what I received:

      I just got feedback from our customer team, the newest email to this customer was on July 06th, our customer team required this customer to provide more information, but after that our customer team has not received the reply from this customer until now. So, can you please let the customer check his spam box.

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