In today’s digital age, the ability to monitor or spy on a cell phone without physical access to it has become a topic of interest for many. Whether it’s a parent wanting to keep an eye on their child’s online activities or an employer ensuring their employees are not misusing company resources, remote monitoring tools have become an indispensable tool. In this article, we delve into the world of cell phone spyware apps, their importance, the best ones available in 2023, and factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Is it Possible to Remotely Spy on a Cell Phone Without Physical Access to the Target Device?

Yes, it is possible to remotely monitor a cell phone without needing to physically access it. Advances in technology have led to the development of spy apps that can be installed remotely. These apps then send back data from the the target’s device to the person spying, offering insights into text messages, call logs, browsing history, GPS location, and more.

Importance of Spy Apps

Spy apps have gained prominence for a variety of reasons. They can:

  • Ensure Children’s Safety: Parents can use these apps to monitor their children’s online activities, ensuring they are not exposed to harmful content or individuals.
  • Track Employees: Businesses can keep an eye on their employees to ensure they are not misusing company resources or sharing confidential information.
  • Protect Personal Information: Individuals can also use spy apps to track their own devices in case of theft or loss, helping recover or safeguard personal data.

Best Phone Spy Apps Without Having Access

There are numerous spy apps available in the market. However, not all of them offer the same level of efficacy and reliability. Here, we look at three of the top spy apps in 2023.


SpyBubble homepage

SpyBubble stands out as an innovative and comprehensive cell phone monitoring solution. It’s not just a simple spy app; it’s a complex system designed to extract data, store it securely, and present it in an intuitive user friendly interface. It ensures that the data extracted from the target phone is accurate and is delivered in real-time. SpyBubble is continually updated to ensure compatibility with the latest smartphone operating systems. The developers behind it emphasize user experience, ensuring that even someone without technical expertise can easily navigate its features.

Beyond its core features, SpyBubble delves deeper, giving users access to specific social media platforms, extracting information like shared media, tagged locations, and even the emotions associated with each post. It’s like having a window into the digital life of the target device’s user. The app’s stealth mode ensures that it works discreetly, leaving the user unaware of its presence.

Key Features

  • Text Message and Call Tracking: Not only can you see the content of messages but you can also view timestamps, sender/receiver details, and even deleted messages.
  • GPS Location Tracking: Track real-time location and view location history, including time-stamped details.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Monitor chats, posts, and friends on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Remote Control: Ability to remotely block apps or lock the device.
  • Stealth Mode: Remains undetectable on the target device.


  • Comprehensive monitoring capabilities cover almost every aspect of device usage.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Offers a free trial.


  • May consume more battery on the target device.
  • No call recording feature.

How to Use

  1. Sign up on the SpyBubble official website and choose a suitable plan.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a link. Open this link on the target device to download and install the app.
  3. Once installed, the app icon can be hidden for stealth monitoring.
  4. Log in to your SpyBubble online dashboard to access monitored data.


  • The Basic plan is one month for 29.99 USD.
  • The total Membership for one month is 49.99 USD.
  • Full payment is due every month; it costs 26.66 USD.
  • Full Membership for a year is 12.49 USD.


mSpy homepage

The reputation of mSpy precedes it, making it one of the the best parental spy app for iphone and android devices. This tool is the embodiment of advanced surveillance. From tracking down the minutest detail of a text message to recording the surroundings of a phone, mSpy leaves no stone unturned.

But what makes mSpy unique among best spy apps is its commitment to ethical spying. They’ve established a robust set of guidelines to ensure their tool isn’t misused. Their dashboard, which is a marvel of design, classifies data into various categories, ensuring easy access and comprehension. Their feature of geo-fencing, for instance, isn’t just about tracking location; it’s about ensuring safety. A parent can use it to ensure their child doesn’t venture into unsafe neighborhoods.

Key Features

  • Keylogger feature : Every keystroke is recorded, revealing searches, messages, and more.
  • App Monitoring: View which apps are used frequently, restrict app access, and monitor app activities.
  • Geo-Fencing: Set virtual boundaries and get notified when the target device crosses them.
  • Screen Recording: Record activities happening on the device screen.
  • Wi-Fi Network Logs: View details of connected Wi-Fi networks.


  • User-friendly dashboard suitable for beginners.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Offers a demo version to acquaint users with the interface.


  • Premium features require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

How to Use

  1. Purchase mSpy from its official website and select your subscription plan.
  2. Follow the emailed instructions to install the app on the target device.
  3. Access the mSpy dashboard from any browser to start monitoring.


  • Basic (one month) – 29.99 USD per month.
  • Premium service for one month – 69.99 USD per month.
  • Premium Membership for three months – 39.99 USD each month.
  • A premium membership for a year – 16.66 USD every month.


uMobix homepage

Emerging as a strong contender in the world of phone monitoring, uMobix brings to the table some cutting-edge features, backed by a robust data extraction engine. What sets uMobix apart is its speed. The real-time data updates are incredibly swift, ensuring that the person monitoring doesn’t miss out on any crucial information.

Its developers pride themselves on creating a tool that’s both powerful and easy to use. They’ve steered clear from clutter, ensuring that the user interface is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly. Their commitment to quality is evident in the regular updates they roll out, each aiming to enhance user experience, patch any issues, and ensure compatibility with the latest apps and platforms. While it might lack a few advanced features, it more than makes up for it in efficiency and speed.

Key Features

  • Instant Messengers Monitoring: Monitor platforms like WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram for messages, shared media, and call logs.
  • Browser History: Access websites visited, bookmarks, and even incognito browsing.
  • Calendar Access: View saved events, birthdays, and other important dates.
  • Device Information Access: View battery levels, Wi-Fi connection details, and more.


  • Fast real-time data updates.
  • Offers a user-friendly experience with an intuitive interface.
  • Regularly updated to support latest app versions.


  • Some advanced features like geo-fencing are not available.
  • Might be detected by some antivirus solutions.

How to Use

  1. Register on the uMobix official website and choose your subscription.
  2. Use the provided guide to remotely install the app on the target phone.
  3. Start monitoring via the uMobix online portal.


  • Complete (1 month) – 49.99 USD per month.
  • Full Membership (three months) – 27.99 USD per month.
  • Whole year Membership – 11.66 USD each month.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Spy App

  • Privacy & Security: Ensure that the app values user data and doesn’t store or misuse personal information.
  • Ease of Installation: Check the installation process. Quick and hassle-free is best.
  • Customer Support: Opt for apps that offer robust customer service, preferably 24/7.
  • Stealth Mode: An essential feature if you don’t want the user to know they’re being monitored.
  • Regular Updates: The app should be updated frequently to support new OS versions and apps.


In conclusion, as of 2023, the ability to remotely spy on cell phones without physical access has become a reality through spy apps. These apps offer valuable monitoring features for parents, employers, and personal security.

Choosing the right spy app can be a daunting task given the plethora of options available. However, a clear understanding of what each offers, combined with your requirements, will guide your decision.


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