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Among the more established players in the market is mSpy. Since 2011, they have been creating and improving their software. Their continuous efforts have paid off, as their excellent parental control app has amassed over a million users globally.

With only FlexiSPY standing in their way, mSpy is the reliable market leader because to the app’s high caliber and solid reputation. Despite having comparable features, mSpy is more affordable than the other program.

We will go over the features that mSpy provides as well as their price structures in this review.

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Compatibility: smartphones, tablets, and PCs

There are variants of the mSpy app to watch nearly any contemporary device. In 2011, the service began as basic mobile phone spy software. However, as modern tablets and smartphones evolved, the app’s list of features grew with each new edition and update. It is now possible to monitor nearly any internet-enabled gadget with the program.

Versions for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android smartphones and tablets are available. Versions of computer monitoring software for Apple Macs and Windows computers are also available.

You will need to purchase an alternative version of the software depending on the target device you want to track.

Operating systems are updated frequently, so you should check their website to see what the most recent version is. A helpful list of all the supported makes and models is also provided.

Remember that the software release you should select should ideally be based on the model you want to track, not the model you now own.

Advanced monitoring

Phone-management advanced mspy

mSpy has some of the most advanced options for control. These include:


Employers and parents alike like this feature. With Google Maps, you may create certain prohibited zones with geofencing. You will receive an alert as soon as the device goes into one of the prohibited regions.

This can appear as an alert on the Online Dashboard, or you can opt to receive an email whenever it occurs.

It goes without saying that this service also includes a history of every device’s position, which can be customized for any length of time. One of the primary features of mSpy’s software and a contributing factor to its rising popularity is its Geofencing capabilities.

Monitoring messenger apps and social media

Every day, the mSpy team puts in a lot of effort to keep an eye on every newly released social network or IM app. For younger users, who are more likely to download and try out various communication apps, this is especially important.

Of course, without the ability to monitor communication apps, no monitoring solution would be complete. Colleagues at Celltrackingapps concur that there’s really no use for a mobile spy app at all if it can’t keep an eye on your kid’s or employee’s social media usage?

All messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Viber, Skype, Line, Telegram, iMessage, Instagram, and Twitter are now monitored by mSpy. Another recently added app is Tinder, and mSpy is one of the few that can monitor both Snapchat and Tinder!

It lets you view all of the shared photos and videos in addition to reading the contents of every message. The most potent monitoring service available for social networking and chat apps is mSpy.

Call Blocking

Call-logs mspy

It’s simple to keep an eye on your child’s or employee’s calls. A thorough record of every call made, complete with the contact’s name and call time, will be sent to you. Create a list of the numbers you want blocked if needed.

It’s one approach to protect your kid from uninvited guests, trolls, and stalkers.

App Blocking

It is not appropriate for kids to use some apps, like Tinder. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want your staff to flirt nonchalantly with your business phone. You can use the app to disable any unwanted apps on the device you want to use.

There are also options to remove or pause installed programs. It raises the security bar even farther.

Website Blocking and Internet Blocking

You may limit access to any list of websites using the mSpy software. You can decide to just allow specific websites during specific times windows, or you can block them entirely.

It’s a means to prevent your staff from squandering business time on amusing websites or to help your kids stay focused when they should be finishing their schoolwork.

Additionally, you have the option to fully restrict certain categories, such adult content. You could even try blocking the internet completely.


Yet another function that is unique to mSpy is the Keylogger. Everything entered on the device, including emails, texts, URLs, logins, and more, will be visible to you.

For now, this capability is limited to parental control on Android devices; however, it should soon be available on Apple devices as well.

Monitoring Wi-Fi Points

It can be risky to use business devices on public Wi-Fi. particularly if those devices hold important and private data like bank account information, login credentials, and other passwords.

You may observe each and every Wi-Fi connection the target device establishes with mSpy’s Wi-Fi monitoring feature. The program allows you to remotely limit access to public hotspots and displays a list of every connections you have ever made.

Added security features

Data deleting, SIM change notifications, and phone locking are additional security measures.

With regard to parental controls and mobile spy software, mSpy can confidently make a comprehensive offering because of these characteristics.

No jailbreak monitoring

There’s no need to jailbreak if you want to track an Apple device that hasn’t been jailbroken. It is a relatively recent breakthrough that works with all Apple devices, such as iPads and iPhones.

The way this kind of software functions varies slightly from the other mSpy software. On the target device, no software needs to be downloaded if jailbreak monitoring is not used. The Apple ID and password for the device must be used in its place.

The Apple automated backup service needs to be configured on the device.

No notifications will be delivered to the device or iCloud if everything is configured appropriately. Enter the device’s password to log into iCloud and provide mSpy access. Reports will then appear in your mSpy Online Dashboard. With the help of the software, you may see:

  • Detailed call logs with phone numbers and time stamps.
  • Numbers and contents of text messages.
  • Location history.
  • Browser history.
  • Full list of installed apps.
  • List of contacts.

The choices are more limited than for the ordinary versions when it comes to a messenger or social media monitoring. However, you can continue to keep an eye on other messaging platforms like Line, WhatsApp, and Skype.

No Jailbreak monitoring is the best alternative if jailbreaking is not an option, although it has certain disadvantages when compared to normal monitoring.

Management and reporting features

With mSpy’s many functions, keeping an eye on your target device will be a breeze for you. To receive reports, you can check in from any location. As an alternative, you can decide to suspend reporting at any moment and have them uploaded as soon as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

In this manner, the amount of data your target device needs to upload won’t be excessive.

Location reports utilize very little data, but if you want to monitor photos and videos, then a lot more will be used.

You have the option of choosing real-time reporting or setting time intervals for reports. Everything is based on your needs.

After the program is installed, it will update automatically and you won’t need to access the target device. Whether you are monitoring a single device or many of them, the software is incredibly versatile.

It makes it an ideal tool for small to medium-sized enterprises that need to manage their employees’ gadgets as well as parents who want to keep an eye on their kids.

Pricing: How much does mSpy cost?

pricing mspy

You have an option between two primary packages with mSpy. There are two primary packages available: Basic and Premium.

The Basic version comes with the following features:

  • GPS location tracking.
  • Photos and video monitoring.
  • Email and Keyword alerts.
  • Call history and contact list.
  • Text message and iMessage monitoring.
  • A website history with a list of bookmarks.
  • Access to calendar notes and tasks.
  • A list of installed applications.
  • Uninstall alert.
  • Unlimited device change.
  • 24/7 support.

Even more sophisticated functions, like social media and message app surveillance, are available in the Premium edition. It also comes with geofencing, restricting incoming calls, blocking websites and apps, and access to Wi-Fi networks.

mSpy Pricing: 3 months
mSpy Basic: $29.99
mSpy Premium: $119.99
mSpy No Jailbreak: $119.99

The $29.99 mSpy Basic package is only available for use for a period of one month or longer.

If your only goal is to test the software, we advise you to do that. In actuality, especially if you select the one-year subscription, the Premium package will offer you far greater value for your money.

If so, the monthly cost of mSpy will only be the same as $16.67. A tiny cost to pay for mental tranquility.

  • Refund policy

There is a limited refund policy available for mSpy as well. It is only valid for the first 14 days of the subscription. During this time, you are entitled to a complete refund if the software has any technical problems.

But mSpy does provide a lot of support to make sure that won’t be required. To make sure their software functions, their staff can even remotely assist you in jailbreaking or rooting a mobile device.

mSpy demo

Visit their website to see a demo of the mSpy dashboard if you’re interested in knowing what it looks like.

You can get a decent idea of what to expect if you install the app by seeing what each section of the dashboard looks like there.

Conclusion: What makes mSpy special?

By providing an all-in-one service for tracking every facet of the target device, mSpy is outperforming its rivals. You can obtain an easily readable summary of the device’s activities with the help of their creative dashboard.

You have the option of just monitoring or blocking. It makes it the most comprehensive espionage service on the market, and at only $16.67 a month, it also has the lowest cost.


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