Introduction and Purpose

We’ve created this site to help parents not only protect their children but also allow them to express themselves and explore the Internet without restrictions freely.

Regardless of how old our children are, for us as parents, they will always be our biggest concern, and we’ll use all the necessary weapons to look after them.

However, it is not easy to remain unnoticeable and still be in control.

So, technologically, we should be much smarter and make this easier.

In modern times, every parent must know how children use mobile devices, computer systems, and online networks.

Also, we should be familiar with many tools, such as parental control software, tracking apps, GPS locations, and a lot more. 

All of our articles are written with a purpose to help people acquire at least some essential “modern parenting” skills and provide basic answers to many of your questions about cybersecurity and parental protection.

Who are we?

Just like our readers, we are two concerned parents who want their children to grow in a healthy and safe environment. 

When you put together years of working with kids at one side and expert knowledge in the IT sectors on the other, you get a pretty strong team that will always do its best to provide the readers with the most relevant information.

If you want to read more about who we are, simply click here to read all of the details.

Why are we doing it?

It was never our intention to promote or criticize any brand, service, or point on any individuals, but only to give an objective overview of the issues related to parental control software and children’s safety. 

With our vast experience in internet security surveillance, as well as handling teenage problems, we strive to provide every worried parent with useful tips.

Why is it important?

We must provide our children with a healthy atmosphere in which they can grow and gain life experiences.

Unfortunately, their privacy is often jeopardized in the modern world — they are exposed to numerous online scams, fake profiles, and internet bullying.

You can’t exclude your kids from the real world or prevent them from sending messages, having profiles on social networks, or making new friends.

But you can control their actions and always know where they are, whether they are safe, and if they are in good company.

Our Duty to Readers

We respect your opinion

We care about the opinion of each individual — that includes both our regular readers and people who came across our articles accidentally. 

You are welcome to participate

We do our best to meet our readers’ needs and welcome them to participate in creating our content.

For that reason, we can say that this page doesn’t have only two authors. 

Any person who’d like to share their knowledge or personal experience when it comes to parental control and online security can become our writer.

We are ready to make improvements

However, as the founders of this site, we stand firmly behind every sentence written.

Any information we provide has been verified, is accurate, and supported by sources and links. 

If you happen to find any errors, know that those are accidental and made without malicious intent. There is no place for ambiguous content or unoriginal and vicious ideas in our articles.

Obligations to This Page

The moment we stepped into this project, all of our knowledge and ideas shared with others have ceased to be our own.

The same goes for any member of our staff who wants to participate.

Our team supports anyone who is dedicated and wants to contribute and help the public community without taking personal credit.

At the same time, our staff may not speak on behalf of the site, take stands, and claim content that is either public or considered secure information on this website.

Rules for Our Editors and Writers

We firmly believe that our policy represents great support for all of our accomplishments and future goals.

We’ve established some essential standards when it comes to the behavior of all of our members, from editors and writers to our external contributors.

Editorial values and obligations

  • Freedom of speech (Human Rights Act 1998)
  • Right to inform and express creativity without interference
  • Responsibility to coordinate with restrictions and laws
  • Work for public interest
  • Professional judgment and fair reporting
  • Protecting the privacy of data and sources
  • Right to editorial integrity

Writers’ values and obligations

  • Freedom to express creativity
  • Right to act independently
  • Right to preserve the integrity
  • Must provide accurate and reliable information
  • Must report honestly and objectively
  • Right to protect, but also to use only original sources
  • Obligation to avoid harm caused by writing

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions

We pay special attention to ads and promotions on our website because we don’t want them to overshadow our original content.

That’s why we choose marketing material that attracts less attention and isn’t aggressive but is still interesting and beneficial to our readers.

Rest assured that we never advertise products or services whose quality has not been tested.

General Overview

We hope that you find this guide valuable and understand what we stand for, how we create, transmit knowledge, and communicate with the community. 

If you still have some questions about technical issues, feel free to read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages that will explain what we do in more detail.

In the end, this guide is about everything you can expect to find on our site.

Thanks to it, you can stay informed and learn. Also, feel free to submit a question or share your opinion or suggestion.