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Why would someone be so anxious about their kids to start asking how to track a cell phone location without them knowing?

Nowadays, adults are all-fired busy with work and don’t have much time to control their kids.

So, how can a modern parent know about his or her kid’s whereabouts if the offspring even don’t bother to answer calls? Is it possible to stop worrying about safety issues?

What we suggest are unique platforms to monitor location data. Some of such programs have a stealth feature to work unnoticed, so it’s a great way to know more about your kids.

How to Track a Phone: Available Solutions

Kids must stay safe. Parents who know how to track a cell phone location secretly can be sure of this. Even if a kid is lost in a big supermarket on the Сhristams Eve, there will be no panic attack. Because with the right phone tracker at hand, you know exactly from what department to start searching. 

Lost your child at the shopping mall? (Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us!) No need to run to the security desk in a huff. A great phone tracker will have you reunited with them in no time at all!

Invisible and easy-to-use software will help in spotting your children rather quickly by flagging their route on a map and providing accurate location data about the target device.

However, not everyone knows where to find such a cell phone tracker and how to use it.

Today’s digital market is costly enough; it offers different modifications of trackers for any phone.

There are platforms designed to secretly collect and report information from either iPhones or Android-based devices, as well as one-size-fits-all solutions to hit any target. Moreover, some tools are available for free and can be set up without any technical knowledge.

How to track a cell phone location without them knowing for free

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To track your kids’ phone and get real-time data about its location, parents can use several free options:

Phone carrier’s services

When it comes to keeping an eye on kids, most providers offer specialized services to the target phone, but it’s not that easy as one can expect. The terms of the services imply that kids voluntarily grant access to their gadgets.

Though parents can manage to possess their phones, send consent on behalf of their children to the provider and thus track mobile phone location without them knowing. Tricky and not always free of charge, but still doable. 

Built-in functions

There are built-in features to spot a lost or stolen phone designed for newer Samsungs, iPhones, and Android-based devices. Having a valid Google, iCloud, or Samsung account, parents can avail of the function transforming it to a kids-supervision tool and find a cell phone location without them knowing.  

Tracking apps

Many parents choose using specifically designed apps to track phone online. The best of them work based on both GPS coordinates and Wi-Fi locations, while compatible with iOS and Android.

However, in many cases they are available as shareware, meaning that you can use a free trial version only for a limited period or that the functions are limited compared with a paid version.  

How to track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing

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Parents might find a bunch of web-services promising to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing.

BeenVerified or Spokeo are just a few of those claiming to work fine for any device regardless of its operating system. It is supposed that parents need to type in a phone number on the website, and the service will find the location almost immediately.

Moreover, it will supplement this geodata with other useful information, starting from your kid’s social accounts and ending with his or her photos on the web. 

Sounds great, but a reliable phone tracker will charge you with a fee, while the credibility of free web-services is controversial.

So, it turns out that the best way to track iPhone location without a person knowing is not through a phone number, but via the above-mentioned built-in feature – Find My iPhone

Since an iPhone could be stolen or lost, Apple developed a free function making it possible to monitor and find the gadget remotely. Parents can use it through their iCloud accounts provided the feature is enabled on their kids’ devices, and they know their children’s credentials.                  

Proven methods to track Android phone 

find my device

Well, in addition to not-so-much-free tracking apps and web-services we have already discussed, there is a useful platform explicitly designed for Android-based phones now known as Find My Device

It is somewhat similar to the previous function for Apple but developed by Google as an evolution of its earlier product, Android Device Manager.

It works on Android 4.0 or higher and allows locating the gadgets remotely through a Google account. 

Though the feature is usually enabled by default, you need to make sure it’s not turned off on your kid’s device to target phone coordinates. And you will hardly be surprised to know that you’ll need his or her password to enter the website and check the phone location.

But if you succeed with that, you will be able to do other little tricks.

Like searching the device by calling right from the website or blocking it or even erase data from it. Keeping in mind that this Android phone locator is ultimately free, it’s worth some effort to master.  

Find My Device: Locate your kid’s Android phone

Quick heads-up: If you come across a service that can do this for free then that’s your cue to bolt! Nonetheless, you can track a phone for free using the standard “Find My Device” in all Android devices.

However, this method presents a bit of a puzzle. You need the target user’s login credentials to be able to access their remote cloud. If your child changed it since you got them the phone, then you need to find another way.

The Best Way To Track a Cell Phone Without Them Knowing 

Track a cell phone using mSpy

While there is a crowd of tracking apps available for parental control, we cast a vote for mSpy for its best value for money. 

It is a helpful tool created to track different digital data, including phone location. Though not free and for a reasonable price. Using mSpy GPS spy tracker, you can always be sure that your kids where they are supposed to be.

Tracking their current location GPS, you can view their route history and set safe and dangerous areas remotely. If the barriers are breached, you’ll get an instant notification.  

The user-friendly app provides other superior functions which cover access not only to pinpoint your child’s GPS location in real-time but:

  • Get full access to their browsing activities.
  • View all media content saved on their phone.
  • Keep track of all email exchanges and private chat messages.
  • Listen in on your teenager’s phone calls.
  • Activate the keylogger feature to monitor every typed character on their device.
  • Remotely snap photos and record videos of their surroundings.
  • Create custom alerts to flag specific phrases, keywords, calls, or when they venture to unknown locations.


Here’s the kicker: You can do this without your child finding out. Activate stealth mode, and they won’t suspect a thing. That way, you can keep the peace and keep them safe all at the same time!

With this cell phone tracker, there are no more secrets about SMS, social media accounts, calls, and locations whenever the gadget is in your kid’s pocket. No matter what operating system it runs on, all phones are equally defenseless and protected at the same time.

Track a Cell Phone Location By Number Using a Tracking App

If you want to track a cell phone by number, there are lots of convenient alternatives at your disposal. One of them involves using an app that tracks your child’s phone using its IMEI number.

Not only will you be able to pinpoint their exact location through their phone, but you’ll also be able to do this remotely and purely at your convenience. Additionally, you’ll also be able to track and monitor their social accounts.  

So, how can you tell which one is the right one?

Well, certainly not the free ones! Those come with a host of malware that could end up harming your device. Go for the ones that come highly recommended. uMobix, for instance, is a great choice. 

uMobix: Keep Your Child Safe

This mobile tracking application is a surefire solution for worried parents. GPS location tracking feature is convenient to know where your children go when they are out of the home.

The powerful surveillance app comes with a host of other features. It allows you to:

  • Remotely track your child’s GPS location in real-time.
  • View all their online activities, including browsing history and social media apps.
  • View their call log and read their text messages.


All you have to do is purchase the spyware and wait to receive an email with installation instructions. You’ll also get login credentials to your online portal through which you’ll be able to track your child’s cell phone remotely.

Next, install the app on the target device, and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to track their movements in real-time!

How to find someone’s location by cell phone number using the IMEI

Every phone has a unique 15-digit number known as the IMEI. You’ll find it at the back of every cell phone. To track your child’s phone using the IMEI, you could go to the cops and get them to help you track it down.

Sadly, this isn’t feasible in the long run. 

You could also try getting your mobile service provider to locate it for you.

But, that’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Most cell phone providers have a privacy clause that would get them into a lot of legal trouble if they breached. So, they usually need a court order before they can divulge that kind of information.


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    I have an android and my daughter has an iphone.

    What is the best (preferably free) solution for me being able to monitor her location.

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    How do l locate my ordinary phone handset, using my Samsung android powered phone ?

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