How to Track My Child's Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

Keeping tabs on your offspring’s device can offer you a lot of solace and help you keep up with everything they get into. Happily, there are a bunch of routes to do this skulkerly and gratis.

Within this all-encompassing handbook, we will delve into these procedures, with favoured choices such as “Find My Device” and “Find My iPhone.” Nonetheless, we will also acquaint you with the premium antidote: a specialty protective application that involves a vast array of additional elements and personalization options, allowing you to examine your offspring’s cellular telecommunication duties proficiently, all the while keeping their innermost affairs in the utmost secrecy.

We propose to examine aforementioned resolutions comprehensively, with the aim of ensuring that you possess the necessary data sets and methods for the protection of your offspring in the virtual ecosystem.

Why You Should Track Your Child’s Phone

Supervising your child’s smartphone use demonstrates responsible and caring behavior for a number of convincing motives:

  1. Safety: Protect your child from online threats and cyberbullying by staying informed about their interactions.
  2. Digital Literacy: Guide them in responsible tech use, teaching online etiquette and privacy awareness.
  3. Location Tracking: Ensure their safety with GPS tracking for emergency situations.
  4. Screen Time Management: Promote a healthy balance between screen time and other activities.
  5. Trust and Communication: Maintain trust through open, honest discussions about the reasons for monitoring.
  6. Prevent Unauthorized Access: Keep them from accessing inappropriate content or apps.

Understanding these rationales enables you to take well-informed decisions about monitoring your child’s cell phone.

How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free

The following section will focus on a variety of practical tools and strategies that allow parents to monitor their child’s smartphone use in a discreet manner, and the great thing is, they cost absolutely nothing. We will look at various methods, all of which have their own distinct advantages. Whether it is the built-in features present in popular smartphones, or third-party applications; there is a wide array of possibilities to choose from.

Find My Device

Find My Device

Android’s Find My Device feature is absolutely essential for parents. Making use of it, they can do a bunch of things. They can get their kids’ phones to make a sound that will help them locate the handset if it’s in their home under a sofa or if it’s been tucked away in a backpack in the back of the house. Additionally, they can lock it or, in the case of an emergency, they can completely wipe it, protecting their personal information in the process.


  1. Enable Location: Open “Settings” on the child’s phone, select “Location,” and turn it on.
  2. Activate: In “Settings,” go to “Security & Location” and enable “Find My Device.”
  3. Use: Visit, log in with the child’s Google account, and track the phone’s location.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a program created by Apple for consumers to identify their iOS devices, most importantly, the iPhone. The main purpose of this tool is for guardians to keep watchful eyes on their kid’s iPhone for protection. Functions of this software include spotting where the iOS device is at present, long-distance management of the gadget, and the tactic to bring the iPhone out of hiding.


  1. Enable iCloud: Go to “Settings” on your child’s iOS device, select “iCloud,” and turn on “Find My iPhone.”
  2. Access Find My iPhone: Visit iCloud’s Find My iPhone page and sign in with your child’s Apple ID.
  3. Locate Device: View your child’s device location on the map after logging in.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends

Find My iPhone is a program created by Apple for consumers to identify their iOS devices, most importantly, the iPhone. The main purpose of this tool is for guardians to keep watchful eyes on their kid’s iPhone for protection. Functions of this software include spotting where the iOS device is at present, long-distance management of the gadget, and the tactic to bring the iPhone out of hiding.


  1. Download: Get “Find My Friends” from the App Store on your child’s iOS device.
  2. Enable Location: Turn on Location Services in “Settings” > “Privacy.”
  3. Share Location: Use “Find My Friends” to share their location with you.
  4. View Location: Check your child’s location in your “Find My Friends” app.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is an app provided by Google for Android devices which gives parents a sense of control over their children’s smartphones. They can have access to running logs, checking out apps, receiving monitored reports, and seeing how much time their children spend on each and every app. At the end of the day, children will be pleased about the sense of responsibility they have.


  1. Download App: Install “Google Family Link for parents” from the Play Store on your child’s Android device.
  2. Create Family Group: Open the app, tap “Get Started,” and follow prompts to set up a family group.
  3. Add Child’s Account: Enter your child’s Google account details or create a new one.
  4. Set Permissions: Review and adjust permissions for your child’s device.
  5. Screen Time Limits: Set daily usage limits on your child’s device.
  6. Manage Apps: Approve or block apps on your child’s device.
  7. Track Location: Use Family Link to see your child’s real-time location.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps, which is a popular navigation application, also has the option to share your location with others. For example, if parents wish to keep track of their child’s Android and iOS devices in secret, Google Maps provide them with the built-in functionality for such purposes. This function is a very effective and simple solution to ensure the child’s safety and track their location without their knowledge.


Child’s Device:

  1. Open “Google Maps.”
  2. Tap menu (top-left, three lines).
  3. Select “Location sharing.”
  4. Choose your contact.
  5. Set sharing duration.
  6. Tap “Share.”

Parent’s Device:

  1. Open “Google Maps.”
  2. Tap menu (top-left).
  3. Select “Location sharing.”
  4. View child’s location and duration.


  • Set up “Places” in “Location sharing” for arrival/departure notifications.

How Can I Track My Child’s Location Without Them Knowing: SpyBubble


If you seek a full solution for quietly monitoring your kid’s messages, online habits, and current location, SpyBubble is an impressive option to deliberate. This high-tech monitoring app functions in secret, enabling you to observe all the details on your kid’s mobile device without their awareness.

One of the most advanced and feature-rich parental control and child monitoring software that is available and ready to use is the phone tracker feature. Here, you can use this service to perform real-time tracking and to monitor the overall content (and much more). Moreover, the SpyBubble phone monitoring app works imperceptibly on Android and iOS devices, providing an ever-watchful eye over your child’s digital interactions. Moreover, it is entirely compatible with all devices and remains concealed in the background until you determine the time is right to notify your child about its presence.

How to Use?

1. Install SpyBubble:

  1. Visit the SpyBubble website.
  2. Choose your subscription plan.
  3. Follow the instructions to install SpyBubble on your child’s device (Android/iOS).

2. Set Up and Activate:

  1. Complete setup on your child’s phone.
  2. Activate the app to run stealthily in the background.

3. Monitor Activities:

  1. Log in to your SpyBubble account on your own device.
  2. Access the dashboard to monitor location, messages, and online activities.
  3. View real-time tracking and content monitoring reports.

Try Spybubble 


When aiming to confirm your child’s Android phone activities are protected and under control, your option of freely using tracking solutions or subscribing to paid services is essential. After investigating the market, it becomes obvious that paid solutions are the best pick. Since these tools have advanced options, work properly, are compatible with all operating systems, ensure data privacy and have great technical support, free tools look like extras that come by accident in the first place.

Although free options such as inbuilt mobile phone tools and applications may provide essential tracking capabilities, they often do not offer the robustness and dependability that paid options can offer. Since your child’s security and safety are of utmost importance, investing in a dependable, fee-based tracking tool is a highly intelligent decision.


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    I have an android and my daughter has an iphone.

    What is the best (preferably free) solution for me being able to monitor her location.

  • Mercedez says:

    How do l locate my ordinary phone handset, using my Samsung android powered phone ?

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