screen time limitMany people do not realize that we are more dependent on technology than ever before.

This news is great for smartphone developers, but it’s terrible for people who are increasingly reliant on their phones.

  • Drop-in Productivity

Your kids always get notifications from Instagram that distracts them from studying. The vast majority of their time, they spend surfing the internet, scrolling through TikTok, or sending Snaps. This can lead to a massive drop in productivity, sleepless nights, trouble waking up, and the inability to meet deadlines.

  • Physical Health Risk

 It is essential to exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Most kids spend several hours sitting in front of their cell phones. And according to several studies, this can be as harmful to health as smoking. Not only when they’re out somewhere, but they also sit staring at our cell phones when they got home.

  • Mental Health

Technology can offer a way to escape reality. Dopamine released in the brain when we see something stimulating can make us forget our problems. However, running away from issues will not solve them.

  • A Little Biology Lesson 

Dopamine, when released, deceives the brain into thinking that we are productive. But when this happens by using the mobile phone, this is not true, which can be harmful even to our nervous system.

Research by the Psychological Journal of Emotion found that there is a relationship between daily mobile phone use and feelings of sadness. Participants who spent more time talking on their cell phones were less happy than those who did the same face-to-face.

  • Posture problems

When your kids are on the phone or computer, their posture is bent, and shoulders are bent. This harms their neck, back, eyes, and shoulders.


uMobix caused the most significant buzz on the spy application market when it was launched, thanks to its unique payment solution.

While the range of compatible devices is not very wide, the mobile spy app offers a variety of functions to keep an eye on the workforce and your loved ones.

  • View the call history log
  • Record phone calls
  • Track text messages in a stealth mode,
  • Turn on the microphone on the target device
  • Find GPS location
  • Access stored media files
  • View browsing history

The great thing about uMobix is that it can be installed in many ways.

For example, you can choose to enter the address in the target device’s browser, scan the app’s QR code, or use the Bluetooth/USB cable to transfer it from your personal computer.


uMobix works on almost all phones and tablets running Android and iOS.

Other benefits:

  • The stealth camera allows you to capture images and make videos undetected.
  • It allows you to track popular social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.
  • The control panel is another sophisticated function that makes uMobix a favorite one between users.

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bark dashboard

Bark is one of the smartest ways to proactively monitor visited Youtube channels, check web browser history of your kids’ devices.

With it, you get automatic alerts when Bark detects potential issues, like visiting limited or blocked content.

The most significant advantage is that it connects to 24 social media platforms to monitor all texts, emails and overall social media activity. 

It stands out from other solutions by providing digital safety than manual spot-checking. 

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Parental control & Kids tracker

ourpact appOurPact prevents your kids from using their smartphones too much.

It operates in two modes. In the most rigid of them, a timer is stamped on the screen, counting down.

In the mildest mode, you navigate with the watchman running in the background, and he periodically sends messages that help you resist temptation.

Developers have even created a mode of use for schools and businesses which helps students and professionals focus more on their activities.

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Parental control app: Kidslox

kidslox appYou have already been angry at your kid for using their cell phones during dinner time.

And the habit of taking (and posting) food photos, continually checking notifications, or texting while eating demonstrates the current degree of addiction.

If the can’t control themselves during meals, it might be a great free parental control app.

The app blocks access to platforms like Youtube for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

The user chooses how long they want to disconnect. Now, if a kid breaks the rules, a shameful warning screen will appear. 

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Moment screen time control

moment screen time control

Do you know that from the moment your kid takes a look at Facebook or Instagram stories, and half an hour has already passed?

Moment’s idea is to outline their usage routine and then calculate how much time they spend on each application.

Within the app, you have at your disposal an overview of the usage time of each app throughout the week.

With these graphs (and a bit of wisdom, of course), you can set a routine and slowly reduce the wasted minutes.

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Kroha parental control app

kroha parental control

When Kroha is enabled, it blocks apps like social networks and app stores (which distract a lot of people).

The idea is to eliminate everything that can interrupt a kid.

On the other hand, it allows programs like calendar, notepad, weather forecast, and maps.

When you turn on your device, a field appears right away where you should type what you want to do, and the app takes you right there. Simple and fast.

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