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We reviewed the Bark app to see how it can protect your children from everyday dangers they come across. We will introduce the app’s features, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the software, and list what plans and prices it provides. Furthermore, we will teach you how to connect the application to your devices, as well as discuss whether it is the right choice for parental control.

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Pros and Cons of Bark App for Parents

How does the Bark app work? As is the case with any monitoring app, Bark has its advantages and disadvantages. You don’t have to check your children’s accounts one by one — a single app can monitor all the content your child has access to.


  • 24h monitoring of social media content
  • Text and email alerts
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • 7-day free trial
  • Same price for multiple accounts


What Does Bark Do?

Bark performs three safety measures:

  • Firstly, it monitors your child’s phone for 24 hours every day.
  • Secondly, it scans text messages, emails, social media platforms and so on with advanced Bark algorithms to spot potential risks, e.g. signs of suicidal thoughts.
  • Thirdly, the Bark filter recognizes possible dangerous content, and the app alerts the parents in case there are any potential issues.

This app monitors more features than any other app, which means that your child will be as safe online as possible.

Alerts About Risky Behavior: Bark online monitoring recognizes safety issues on your child’s phone. It operates with an AI feature that identifies problematic words like “suicide” or “sex” and notifies the parents.

24/7 Detection: The monitoring never stops so that the app can always spot online predators, adult content, drug use, cyberbullying, etc.

Social Media Monitoring: Bark has more coverage on social media platforms than any other app out there. It can monitor apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hangouts, KiK, Reddit, and 32 more popular apps.

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Text and Email Monitoring: Bark will connect to your child’s texts, videos, photos, alerts, emails, and notify you about potential safety issues or inappropriate content.

Parental Alerts: With Bark, parents do not have to worry. It uses advanced technology that will alert parents about their kids’ safety if they come across potential threats.

How Much Does Bark App Cost?

Is the Bark app free? No, it’s not, but it offers a seven-day free trial period.

What is the price for one month? The price for one month is $9.

What is the price for one year? The yearly rate is $99. What’s great is that you can purchase one account and use it on several devices if you have more than one child. Additionally, you can cancel your subscription anytime, no questions asked.

How Do I Set up Bark App?

download from unknown sources alert

It’s quite easy to set up Bark. The steps are similar for both Android and Apple devices. If you’re wondering how to know if the Bark app is running, it’s simple — it’s always running once you download it.

Android. Open Google Play Store and download Bark to your device. It could warn you that the file you’re downloading is coming from “unknown sources.” In that case, go to Settings and allow “unknown sources” downloads and continue the download. After your download finishes, you’ll find the app on the home screen or in the menu. Open the app and sign in with your credentials.

iOS. Bark setup for iOS devices is no different. Apple’s iOS 10 and newer versions are supported. The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. Go to the App Store and download the Bark app to your device. When the download completes, open the app, type in your credentials, and sign in. The app doesn’t require Apple jailbreaking, as many other parental control apps do.

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Is Bark Legit?

The “Bark” is primarily a family app that provides unparalleled coverage, controls posts and text messages, notifications, and conversations to protect your child’s privacy. It detects potential signs of cyberbullying and suspicious conversations. With Bark, internet safety is guaranteed, especially when it comes to social media accounts and online Google searches.

Additionally, your kids’ location is never revealed to third parties, which guarantees further online safety. However, Bark has a check-in feature that allows family members to see children’s location at any time. The technology makes Bark a legitimate application that offers a 24/7 insight into your children’s activities.

What Age Is Bark for?

The application is for monitoring children and teens under the age of 18, but you can use it as parental controls for older kids as well. However, parents cannot use the app for children under the age of 13 without sharing their credit card details as a form of consent. The rule is laid down in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act regulations.

Is It Possible to Use Bark App in Schools?

bark in the classroom

If you are a teacher or principal who is concerned about safety in schools, you have probably looked into some apps for monitoring school accounts. Many parental control apps can be pricey and require tricky setups. However, Bark is different.

Since 2018, Bark has been offering its services for free to schools that use Google’s G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 Education across the USA. Bark’s consultants help set up the application on all school programs, which is one of the reasons why more than 1,300 schools have signed up for Bark’s services.

In many schools, it is not easy to control children’s school accounts, email, and media, which is why those networks are sometimes used for cyberbullying. Fortunately, Bark has helped prevent many possible accidents and unfortunate events by offering its services to schools across the nation.

Final Verdict

If you are a concerned parent looking for a way to connect with your children without suffocating them, Bark is an excellent choice. It will give you all the necessary information about your kids’ daily internet use, their chat buddies, what they share online, and alert you if there is something to be worried about.

After thoroughly reviewing the application, our final verdict is that this is the best monitoring app on the market for parents. It has unlimited access for your entire family, it’s easy to install, and the price is reasonable.


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