As a parent, you’ve probably concerned yourself with cyberbullying, catfishing, sexting, and other online dangers your little ones could face. The solution is simple – installing a parental control app on your child’s devices.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at one of the market leaders – the Cocospy app and help you decide if it’s worth your attention. You’ll find out:

  • What are Cocospy’s main pros and cons?
  • What functions does it boast?
  • How to install and use the software?
  • How much does it cost?

…and more.

Cocospy overview

Cocospy is one of the best iPhone and Android parental control apps that let you monitor your child’s online activities. Millions of parents across the globe praise this app for its efficiency in stopping catastrophes before they occur. 

It is cheap and reliable, unlike another parental app on the market: you don’t need to jailbreak an iOS device or root an Android phone for it to work! You can access your children’s online activities without damaging the target device in any way.

The application is built to run in stealth mode, ensuring your child does not realize that the software is installed on their phone. This functionality is especially useful for avoiding conflicts or preventing kids from uninstalling the app.

What features does the Cocospy app offer?

  • Location tracking 

This application uses a GPS module that monitors the user’s real-time location on the map. You can easily find out the location history as well, and see where your kids hang out.

  • Internet history 

You can access your child’s browser history by using Cocospy application and check whether the websites they visit are explicit or malicious. And in case you notice harmful resources on the list, there’s an ability block access to such web portals.

  • Keylogger

It is one of the most powerful and most frequently used features for hacking purposes. The keylogger records all keystrokes, which means that every typed symbol, every pressed key will be in plain sight. This is how you capture the target user’s credentials, messages, and notes.

  • Messages

Cocospy application allows tracking of almost all instant messaging apps. It can track WhatsApp messages, Email, Viber, Facebook Lite, and Snapchat. It gives parents access to texts, voice clips, images, videos, and emojis.

  • Contacts

The software allows you to check the contact details of your children. You get access to names, photos, phone numbers, emails, work details, and more.

How do you use Cocospy?

Using this app is extremely easy. You don’t even need to root the Android system or jailbreak iOS to spy on your kids’ cell phone without having it.

  1. First, you need to sign up on the official Cocospy website using your email address.

install cocospy 1

  1. Once you sign up, you can install Cocospy and select your target device, i.e., Android or Apple phone/tablet.

install cocospy on ios

install cocospy on android

  1. You’re all set. The app will begin monitoring the device and start reporting to the remote browser-based dashboard. 

cocospy dashboard

To access your control panel, you only need an internet-connected computer. You’ll find all the kid’s phone details, logs, and reports over there.

How good is Cocospy?

This application helps parents to prevent their kids from engaging with wrong people, blocks harmful content, and alerts you when the child is in trouble: whether it’s an online threat or a dangerous location. You can also track your child’s phone in case it is stolen or misplaced.

Cocospy gives you complete access to your child’s device remotely. It is legal to use for the safety of your children when monitoring their online activities. 

Millions of users trust Cocospy, which speaks volumes of the provider’s capabilities. There are tons of positive Cocospy reviews on the internet.

Here’re what users say about Cocospy:

Powerful and effective spy application with essential functionalities. A free trial is unavailable.
You can monitor devices regardless of whether they were jailbroken/rooted or not. It requires rooting Android devices to monitor a few social media applications like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger
Smooth sign up process and excellent UI  
24/7 support  

What is Cocospy’s compatibility?

Cocospy is compatible with all Apple devices running on iOS 7 and higher versions. It is also compatible with smartphones & tablets running on Android 4 and above.

How much does Cocospy cost?

Basic (for 1 device) Premium (for 1 device) Family (for 3 devices)
1-Month license: $39.99 1-Month license: $49.99 1-Month license: $69.99
3-Month license: $59.99 3-Month license: $69.99 3-Month license: $99.99
12-Month license: $99.99 12-Month license: $119.99 12-Month license: $199.99

There is no free trial version at the moment. However, it gives you the chance to check out a detailed demo on the website.

Download Cocospy

Is Cocospy legit?

Yes, it is legit. The application gets lots of great feedback from its customers, positive testimonials on Trustpilot, and great reviews from renowned media as well. What is more, our team tested the software personally and gave its performance a high rating.

It offers fantastic features and monitors virtually anything that happens on the target phone. 

There shouldn’t be a second thought on how reliable Cocospy is.

Is Cocospy detectable?

It is impossible to detect the app. Cocospy’s iOS edition is a web-based device. You don’t even have to install the app on the iPhone. It operates exclusively via the web browser, which syncs with the iCloud account of the user. 

Wherein, with an Android device, it requires only 2 MB space and uses minimal battery power. You can hide the app icon or uninstall it remotely in one click.

Can I install Cocospy remotely?

If you choose to use Cocospy on an Android smartphone, you will first need physical access to the phone/tablet. Only then can you spy on it remotely. 

In case you want to use the software with iOS, you’re able to perform remote surveillance.

Installing Cocospy on the specified iPad or iPhone is not required. All that you need is the user’s iCloud credentials you intend to spy on.

Although remote installation is possible for non-jailbroken iOS devices, the set of features is limited for non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

Do I need to jailbreak iPhone?

No, you don’t have to jailbreak the device. Cocospy is a web-based application. Rather than tracking the device itself, it tracks the iCloud file, which is usually updated once the device is online and connected to Wi-Fi. 

However, to run Cocospy, you need the target’s iCloud credentials. You can then set it up remotely, and it is impossible to detect because it works with the iCloud backup.

How many devices can I monitor?

It depends on the package you have purchased.

With the premium subscription, you can monitor only one device, while business and family versions allow you to monitor up to 25 devices.

Does Cocospy provide support?

They provide 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to them for assistance via email or check out their comprehensive knowledge base. 

Cocospy website provides tons of resources like detailed guides on installation and uninstallation, accounts & settings, FAQs, and much more.

Bottom line

Cocospy is undoubtedly worth a look if you are searching for a reliable spy application at an affordable price. 

It is one of the best parental control apps that let you monitor your child’s online activities.

There are tons of positive reviews and testimonials from the users and media. We highly recommend you give it a try.


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