Mobile phone call trackers are great tools for tracking who your spouse is communicating with on the phone. Similarly, you can protect your children by reading the call logs and contacts on their phones, and for your employees, you can measure their productivity based on the time spent on the phone through remotely accessed data.

Here are the benefits of call tracking features for different groups:

  •  Parents & Family Members.  Through call recording, you can establish the appropriateness of conversations and identify instances of preying or sex predation on kids.
  •  Spouses.  By matching suspicious calls with the location they happened, you can catch a cheating spouse. The geolocation feature integrates with call trackers, making it easy to pinpoint a cheater to the exact location.
  •  Business Owners.  By knowing the interlocutors interacting with your employees, you can know if there is a potential leakage of confidential information. You can also know if an employee is wasting time on phone calls or doing productive work.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Call Tracker

Below we list the universal benefits of tracker apps:

  • You can track any device: A mobile tracker lets you snoop on all mobile phones invincibly. It gives you unlimited access to settings that help you customize them to protect your child from accessing inappropriate content.
  • They are invisible: Chances that your kid or spouse will know that a hidden tracker is running is close to zero. Most trackers conceal themselves on the background after installation.
  • Straightforward Installation: Installing call trackers takes less than 2 minutes in most cases.
  • Unmatched Safety: All data collected from target devices are stored on cloud servers, making it very secure. They are affordable: The cost of cell trackers won’t break the bank. Often, the packages come in basic and premium plans.

Make sure the provider you choose lives up to those standards, better yet opt for one of our top picks to save yourself much time and effort.

Top-3 Phone Call Mobile Trackers

Call Tracker Best for Price Freebies Customer Support
Cocospy Call tracing $9.99 per month Free Demo, 7-day money-back guarantee 24/7 assistance via email
KidsGuard Viewing contact info $8.32 per month Free Demo, 30-day money-back guarantee 24/5 customer service via live chat & email
uMobix Tracking call history $14.99 per month Full refund within 14 days in case of malfunction A contact form on the website, email

Cocospy: Keep Tabs on What is Dear to You

cocospy call tracker control panel

The Cocospy tracker app records timestamps for all calls made and received on the target device. To help you understand how to use the app, they have an onsite live demo for android and iOS phones. The iOS version highlights the top 5 popular contacts together with the frequency.

– The dashboard displays the contact list and popular lists
– A comprehensive record of the call log; incoming and outgoing calls
– Viewing last known location
– You can also check the messages, videos, and photos
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Provides detailed call information
  • No root and no jailbreak required
  • Lacks free trial
  • You can’t record calls

How to Use Cocospy on Android & iPhone

Follow these three distinct steps to track Android and iPhone devices with Cocospy:

how to use cocospy guide

  1. Register a new Cocospy account using your email address.
  2. Next, download Cocospy to the Android target device, following the setup wizard’s clear instructions and conceal the app. You won’t need to download it for iOS.
  3. Start tracking using a remote dashboard accessible from a separate device. Note that the Android version syncs information at an interval of 30 minutes while iOS synchronizes data after every 20 hours.

Download Cocospy

KidsGuard: Comprehensive Mobile Phone Monitoring Solutions

kidsguard app call logs dashboard

KidsGuard lets you stay informed with the truth about your kid’s calling behavior and other critical phone activities like the location. This is one of the best phone call tracker app you can use that comes with amazing features like the keylogger, call logs section, location tracking, call recording functionality, and the ability to capture screenshots. All the information tracked is loaded on an organized dashboard featuring a button for exporting the content as well.

– Call logging and export
– WI-FI logger and Geofencing
– Constantly updated contact list
– App Activity feature that identifies abnormal functions like fake locations
  • KidsGuard can detect the most frequent callers
  • You can filter the call log by day, month and year
  • The WI-FI logger displays the location of every connected WI-FI hotspot
  • You can only monitor one device at a go
  • No remote functionality for iOS

KidsGuard Installation Guide for Android/iPhone/iCloud


To use the Kidsguard Android phone call tracker, you need physical access to the target phone. That is because you need to install the tracker manually before you start tracking it remotely.

kidsguard setup manual

1. Register a KidGuard pro account using a valid email.

2. Do configuration on My Products and Orders Management page.

kidsguard android settings

3. Go through verification and start parental control monitoring on the remote dashboard.

kidsguard android dashboard


kidsguard ios installation guide

1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account, pick a device type, and pay.

2. Do configuration on My Products and Orders Management Page.

kidsguard ios app setup

3. Scan the target device and begin monitoring using a remote dashboard.

kidsguard ios dashboard

Download Kidsguard

uMobix: Parental Control App for Mobile Devices You Can Trust

umobix call logs dashboard

uMobix is the other mobile tracker with the most progressive call tracker that lets you access a device’s activity in real-time. With uMobix, you can check snapshots of calls made and received on the target device. The spyware ranks each activity to help you understand the behavior of the person using the device.

– Comprehensive log data, including missed, outgoing calls, and incoming calls
– Popular contacts on the address book together with details associated with each contact (like email)
– GPS coordinates and timestamps for routes visited
– A keylogger records all strokes typed on a phone’s keypad
  • It records call logs in a chronological order
  • Time-stamped GPS locations
  • You can view all text messages including deleted ones
  • No free trial
  • Fewer features than peer apps

Next, we see how to activate the call tracker on a smartphone with uMobix.

How to Get Started with uMobix on Android & iOS

umobix installation guide

  1. Create an account and select a suitable plan. Follow up on further instructions forwarded to your email.
  2. For iOS, you will create an iCloud account, but for Android, you need to download the app, then conceal it.
  3. Log in to the control panel to check all the details relating to phone calls and contacts on the address book.

Download uMobix


To wrap it up, we can say that a good mobile tracker lets you see all the particulars of a contact list and timestamps for call logs. It is also worth checking the additional features like call recording, WI-FI Loggers, keyloggers, and geolocations. They help you link call information to what the phone owner is doing at any given time. Overall, we can vouch for the presented android and iphone call log apps to do a good job of tracking calls and analyzing a phone’s address book. 


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