Let’s get it out there: you’re hunting for a reliable iPhone call logger app to keep track of your child’s call activities on their phone. So, what are the best iPhone call logging apps for parents out there? That we’ll find out today.

If you’re in a hurry — know that the best call log monitor for iPhone is definitely mSpy. It offers remarkable features for an affordable price and is a good value for your money, overall. But, go through our in-depth reviews to make sure what you pick actually suits you. 

Here you go.

1. Best iPhone Call Logger App Overall: mSpy

mSpy iPhone Call Logger

mSpy is a widely popular parental control app offering call logging features for iPhone devices — and it’s popular for a reason. 

What makes mSpy stand out is the variety of features it packs with. Whether it’s about call logging, keylogging, or screen recording, mSpy has you covered. 

mSpy came out back in 2011 and is exceptionally growing ever since — today, it serves over 1.5 million global customers with 180 countries supported and offers 36 main monitoring features.

mSpy Key Features

Firstly, mSpy has wide compatibility and supports both iPhone and Android devices. 

Speaking of iPhone devices in particular, mSpy doesn’t necessarily require you to jailbreak the iPhone device you want to monitor. But still, it misses out on a few (less important) features if you use it on a non-jailbreak device

mSpy’s call tracker feature lets you view all incoming/outgoing calls with complete detail of time stamps and durations. You also get access to the caller’s information from the contact list. 

Other than the call tracker, you can also read text messages on your child’s device. mSpy gives you complete details of sent, received, and delete texts, as well as the sender’s contact information and time stamps. 

One of the best parts about mSpy is the easy setup. It doesn’t take much of your time or brain energy. You can get started with 3 easy steps:

mSpy Account Setup Steps
  1. Create a free account by providing your email and confirming the password
  2. Pick a monitoring plan that suits your needs
  3. Install and start monitoring — it’s that easy

mSpy Pricing & Plans

mSpy has specialized plans for different platforms and needs. For iPhone devices, it has two major types of plans — the basic ones and the premium ones. 

The basic mSpy plans start from $26.99/mo if you choose the monthly subscription. Not cheap, right? 

If so, consider subscribing to a plan for the long term, you’ll get discounted deals. With a 3-month term the drops to $59.99. For an even better price value, you can pick the annual plan and the overall price becomes $99.99 — probably the best deal you can choose. 

The premium plans are more expensive — starting from $69.99 for 1 month, $119.99 for 3 months, and $199.99 for 1-year. Anyway, if your core concern is call tracking only, you might not need the premium package. 

mSpy — Final Verdict

mSpy is doubtlessly a great iPhone call logger to consider. It packs lots of freebies other than call logging and history monitoring. With 1.5 million people regularly using it and a remarkable customer rating on TrustPilot, you certainly cannot go wrong with it. 

2. uMobix


uMobix is a great mSpy alternative — it’s also a parental control app specializing in cell tracking. What’s special about uMobix is the real-time call logging with lots of additional features you might love. 

Although uMobix is a young app that came out in 2020, it’s still equipped with a range of great cell tracking features — that too, for reasonable pricing. 

uMobix Key Features

First off, uMobox is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Although it requires rooting for Android, it doesn’t require an iPhone device to be jailbroken for monitoring. 

One of the best parts about uMobix is the offering of a free demo. Using it, you can get an overview of how in-depth uMobix’s features are and what sore of user experience you can expect. 

Moreover, regarding call tracking, uMobix lets you track all the incoming and outgoing calls on the spouse’s devices you’ve installed it on. Other than that, you can also view the timestamps, duration, and caller information for convenience. 

Similarly, uMobix’s message tracker is also powerful. Where it lets you monitor all the send, deleted, and received messages, you can also look into the timestamps and contact information. 

The social media tracker is another major highlight of uMobix — it is optimized to track messaging on 30+ popular social media apps. These include Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, and so on. 

Other than that, uMobix also lets you track multimedia files on your child’s device — including photos, videos, and so on. The real-time location tracking and keystrokes are some other significant additions to uMobix’s feature list. 

Regarding installation, uMobix is easy to install. For iPhone devices, it doesn’t even necessarily require physical access — you can simply put your child’s iCloud credentials and that’s it — you can start monitoring.  

uMobix Pricing & Plans

uMobix has specialized plans for iPhone devices and Android. The iPhone plans start from $29.99/mo with a 1-month contract. 

With the premium plan — termed “Full”, it jumps to $49.99/mo. However, you can get it discounted to $26.66/mo with the 3-month plan and $12.49/mo with a 12-month subscription. 

Overall, uMobix is not that cheap. But still, considering the unique features it offers, uMobix is still a great deal of comfort — and of course, a good value for your money. 

uMobix — Final Verdict

uMobix’s cell tracking features for iPhone are awesome. The offering of premium features further takes it to next level. Although not very easy on your pocket, uMobix is still a great way to go.

Moreover, with an excellent customer review profile on TrustPilot — making a total of 4.3 stars out of 5 — you certainly cannot go wrong with it. 

3. Cocospy

Cocospy iPhone Call Logger

Cocospy is one of the most popular parenting control apps out there with a user base of over 1 million spread across 190+ countries. It’s primarily defined for its powerful features that offer an in-depth breakdown of several apps and aspects on your child’s device. 

Cocospy Key Features

Regarding compatibility, Cocospy works with iPhone and Android devices. 

With the comprehensive call tracker of Cocospy, you can:

  • Keep track of all the ongoing and incoming calls on your child’s device
  • View the timestamps, call duration, and call frequency
  • Access all the contacts on your child’s device with popular ones highlighted

What’s exciting is that it doesn’t require jailbreak for the iPhone device. So, it’s now convenient to track an iPhone device without the user knowing. 

One of the major highlights of Cocospy is the Geofence alert feature. It lets you set certain limits of locations and you receive alerts if the zone is breached. You could use it to make sure your child doesn’t go away from School and remains someone’s supervision. 

The website history tracker is another powerful feature of Cocospy. Using it, you can see the breakdown of the most-visited websites on your child’s device as well as read site descriptions for convenience. Moreover, you can also track timestamps and bookmarks. 

Social media monitoring is also available at Cocospy. You can monitor a handful of social media apps using it — including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Viber. 

The additionals at Cocospy are:

  • Keylog tracking — to track all the characters, symbols, and texts typed by your child 
  • Multimedia viewer — to see the photos and videos on your child’s devices 

Cocospy Pricing & Plans

There are three main types of plans at Cocospy:

  • Family plan — comes with all the features and limits 5 devices
  • Premium plan — comes with all the main features and limits a single device for monitoring
  • Business plan — offers all the premium features and is suitable for 25 devices

All of these follow the rule of “the longer you purchase for, the less you pay”.

With that at hand, the family plan costs $399.99 with the annual subscription and includes cell tracking features. 

The premium package charges $129.99 with a 12-month term while the business plan costs  $999.99 for the same duration. 

Cocospy iPhone Call Logger Pricing

Thankfully, all plans are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee to help you make sure you’re investing your money in the right place. 

Cocospy — Final Verdict

Cocospy is a powerful call tracking app for iPhone. Though the pricing at Cocospy isn’t the cheapest — it’s worth what you get. That’s why more than 1 million users have chosen Cocospy. 

4. KidsGuard Pro 

KidsGuard Pro iPhone Call Logger

KidsGuard is a comprehensive call logger for iPhone. It’s equipped with a range of effective monitoring features. It came out back in 2016 and was primarily used for parenting monitoring as well as monitoring partner’s device. 

Unfortunately, the platform become a victim of a data breach in 2020 by releasing customers’ data. But to date, it commits to have overcome that data breach and be more secure than ever. 

KidsGuard Pro  Key Features

KidsGuard works with iPhone, Android, and Windows. You can also avail of iCloud monitoring to track Apple users’ iCloud data. 

Using KidsGuard for iOS (iPhone devices) gets you a wide range of monitoring features that make a total of over 20+ features. 

Just like the other call trackers on the list, KidsGuard lets you look into the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s device — with details of contact names, timestamps, and call duration visible. 

Moreover, KidsGuard doesn’t require jailbreaking which can be tempting for users. Other than that, you don’t need your child’s iCloud credentials nor you’ll be detected by them. 

The installation is also pretty straightforward — here are the main steps:

  1. Sign up at KidsGuard with a valid email
  2. Download and install the app on your child’s device
  3. Choose from the two options: Scan data with Wifi or without Wifi
  4. That’s it — you can now start monitoring

KidsGuard Pro Pricing & Plans

There aren’t a plethora of iOS plans at KidsGuard Pro — just one. It starts from $39.95/1-month.

KidsGuard Pro iPhone Call Logger Pricing

Anyway, below are the requirements for KidsGuard Pro installation:

  • The KidsGuard Pro app has to be installed on your child’s computer
  • It requires you to have physical access to your child’s device (once only)

KidsGuard Pro — Final Verdict

KidsGuard Pro offers a good set of monitoring features that particularly include advanced call logging. The monitoring of the your child’s iPhone over Wifi is another great addition. 

KidsGuard is overall a considerable iPhone call tracker but the pricing isn’t that competitive.

5. Spyic

Spyic iPhone Call Logger

Spyic is another competitive cell tracker for iPhone backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer assistance. Moreover, Spyic is popular and trustable with a customer base of over 1 million users. 

What makes Spyic stand out is the transparent pricing and details along with a straightforward setup. So, Spyic becomes a decent option for the best iPhone parental control apps. 

Spyic Key Features

The company offers a range of tracking features that particularly include the advanced cell tracker — allowing you to monitor the incoming and ongoing calls along with their timestamps, duration, and all those nitty-gritty details.

Just like Cocospy, Spyic is equipped with a geofence alert feature that lets you set certain zones for your child’s device and get alerts if the device passes through them. 

Moreover, since a large part of an average person is spent on social media, Spyic also includes a social media tracker. It’s compatible with all the main popular apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Instagram. 

What sets Spyic apart from the pack is its hidden installation and monitoring features. The app doesn’t even require a download on your child’s Android phone. You can simply use your child’s iCloud account to monitor their smartphone. 

The history tracker of Spyic is comprehensive and effective. You can conveniently track the frequently opened website on your child’s device as well as get the associated details for convenience.

Setting Spyic to monitor a certain iPhone device doesn’t have to be hard. Below are the main steps to follow:

  • Use a valid email to create a Spyic account
  • Set the app to monitor your child’s iPhone device using the dashboard
  • That’s it — access all their call logs and other apps & activities

Spyic Pricing & Plans

Spyic offers three types of plans for the iPhone. Below are their details:

  • The Premium plan is the cheapest, starting from $10.83/mo with a 12-month subscription — it limits monitoring a single device only
  • Next in the row is the Family package, it costs $33.33/mo upon 12-month term — you can monitor 5 iPhone devices at once with it
  • Above all is the Business plan, suitable for schools and companies — it starts from $83.33/mo (12-month term) and offers 25 devices
Spyic iPhone Call Logger Pricing

Note: The month-to-month subscriptions are also in place — but at higher prices. 

Note 2: Spyic doesn’t require jailbreaking at all

Spyic — Final Verdict

Spyic is a decent iPhone call history monitor. With reasonable pricing — coming with discounts with long-term subscriptions — it’s easy on your pocket. The features like web-based monitoring and no requirement of installation make it great for spying. 

Willing to explore more of such spy software? Then, go through our definitive guide on the phone call tracking software.

6. Spyier

Spyier iPhone Call Logger Pricing

Last but not the least, here we’ve got Spyier. It’s yet another popular iPhone call logger with 1 million worldwide users and is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Spyier Kids Key Features

As a popular spy app, Spyier offers an extensive catalog of tracking features to provide you with an optical call logging and cell monitoring experience. Firstly, the call tracker of Spyier is definitive and covers all the main features like:

  • Tracking incoming and outgoing calls
  • Timestamps, duration, and caller information
  • Frequent contacts

It also boasts social media monitoring with the support of the major platforms out there. Whether it’s about accessing Whatsapp messages, viewing Snapchat media files, or seeing followers’ information on Instagram, Spyier has you covered. 

Like some of the previous options, Spyier offers a web-based service for iPhone devices with no installation required. You simply have to input your child’s iCloud credentials to get started monitoring their device. Here are all the steps it takes:

  • Pick a plan at Spyier and sign up
  • Input iCloud credentials to monitor your child’s device/s
  • Start monitoring

Spyier Pricing & Plans

Spyier has customized plans for all needs. 

For a single device, there is a premium plan that costs only $10.83 with a 12-month subscription. The family plan is also in place to monitor more than one device, it starts from $33.33 with the same 12-month term. 

Spyier iPhone Call Logger Pricing

Note: Getting started with Spyier requires the iCloud login credentials of your child’s user. 

Spyier — Final Verdict

Spyier is a decent iPhone call logger with multiple plans, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and lots of payment methods available. Surely consider it for hidden iPhone call loggers. 

Key Takeaways

To sum up, here’s which road to take:

  • mSpy is so far the best iPhone call logger on the market
  • Though not the cheapest cell tracker, mSpy offers plenty of monitoring features to give you a detailed overview of your child’s activities on their iPhone
  • A good mSpy alternative is uMobix — another feature-pakced iPhone call logger on the market
  • uMobix packs a powerful and comprehensive call tracker as well as offers social media tracking with the support of 30+ social media apps


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