Snapchat, a social media network, came into being in the year 2014 and is popular among youngsters and adults since then. For starters, it is instant multimedia messaging app and the one that came up with the Stories feature.

With its massive popularity among kids, it is essential to monitor your child’s snapchat without them knowing. You can be assured of your kids” activity by managing Snapchat parental controls. Here is how to make Snapchat safe!

Can you set parental controls on Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat provides certain parental control features to help parents control and spy on their kids’ cell phones without having them.

Wondering how to put parental controls on Snapchat? The few possible ways to set parental controls on Snapchat include:

  • Who can (contact them, view their story, see their location)
  • Blocking inappropriate content
  • Reporting a safety concern

How can I monitor Snapchat for free?

Chatting restrictions

Parents can control who their children can interact with.

Here is how to restrict Snapchat:

  • Open Snapchat and click on the extreme left upper corner.
  • Tap on the Settings, gear icon, on the right upper corner after that.

change restrictions snapchat

  • Manage ”Additional Services” section by making few changes in privacy settings like changing ”Contact Me” to ”My Friends”, ”View My Story” to ”Friends Only”, ”See My Location” to ”Only Me (Ghost Mode)” and unchecking the ”Show Me in Quick Add” option.

snapchat mask

Restrict who can contact your child

For this, stop people from finding your child through their phone number:

  • Revisit Settings to correct this.
  • Under My Account section, click on Mobile Number

Snapchat mobile number

  • Uncheck ”Let others find me using my mobile number” option

Reporting inappropriate content

Make your child learn how to report if they see any inappropriate content on social media.

This can be done by holding on to the Snapchat post to be reported (a flag icon will appear on the extreme lower-left corner).

Tap on it and select the reason for reporting the content.

Blocking or reporting a friend

You can also make your child learn about blocking a person they don’t want to be friends with.

To do so, after opening your profile:

  1. Click My Friends
  2. Tap and hold on the friend’s name you wish to block
  3. Report or remove
  4. Click on View Friendship from the menu that appeared
  5. Click on the three vertical dots on the right upper corner
  6. Choose the desired option to complete the action

Use mSpy for Snapchat parental control

mspy parental controlBesides using inbuilt Snapchat parental controls, you can also use top parental control apps like mSpy.

mSpy is a parental control software that helps you in keeping tabs on any monitored device.

Here are some of the benefits of using the mSpy Snapchat spy app:

  • mSpy provides access to all the multimedia files and messages received by your child on Snapchat.

All such Snapchat data is sent to your device. This makes it easy to be informed of your child’s activities without asking them.

Though messages on Snapchat are deleted automatically after 10 seconds, you can still retrieve them on the mSpy Snapchat spy app at any time.

  • mSpy Snapchat spy app ensures your child’s safety and also the track down when your child uses it.

Efficiently monitoring Snapchat through mSpy also helps keeps parents informed of any intruders or suspicious strangers in Snapchat Friends list.

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Is Snapchat safe for kids?

No, this is why you must limit their screen time on Snapchat. It can be monitored for free by making specific changes in the settings section of your child’s Snapchat account. 

Is Snapchat ok for a 12-year-old?

What parents need to know about the Snapchat app?

Snapchat is made for people who are at least 13 years old. If your child is 12 years old or lesser and using Snapchat, Snapchat asks such people to reach them with their child’s username and password and the verification of your relationship. 

Snapchat, like any other social media platform, is not free from online dangers. However, the platform is still is trying its best to make it porn-free or from any other inappropriate content.

Porn in Snapchat is ordinary. Recently, PornHub was found on Snapchat. So, if your child is using Snapchat, you undoubtedly need to protect them from online dangers. If your child wants to have a Snapchat account, here is how you should set it up for them.

How should you set your child’s Snapchat account?

The answer to ‘should my kid get Snapchat’ depends on you, but if you decide to set your kids on Snapchat, here is what you need to do:

  • Make sure the birth date is set correctly.
  • Keep a watch on their friend list and subscription list from time to time and ask them if they know them all.lightbulb icon
  • Make sure they don’t have any fake and extra accounts.
  • Make your norms clear about using Snapchat before permitting them to use Snapchat and other popular social media for that matter.
  • Create your own Snapchat to navigate through their account easily.
  • Keep a watch on their Discover section.

PRO TIP: If you want to block porn content or any other inappropriate subscription, hold the card of the subscription page and click Hide Page.

  • Make sure ”See Me in Quick Add” is unchecked
  • Ensure other Additional Services options are set to what they should be like ”My Friends” and ”Ghost Mode”.
  • Keep the conversation on hideous topic open and frank like pornography and online predators. Normalize topics with your child to make it easier for them to share it with you.


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