iPhones might rank high up among the most luxurious devices today, but users are still prone to various usage issues. These issues most often occur due to negligence or pure bad luck.

A good example would be when you delete text messages – what should happen next? Many people often panic and wallow in regret without considering their options. 

However, don’t fret – as there might be a suitable solution you can use to solve the problem. Fortunately, this guide helps to help you avoid deleting your texts messages completely.

Can I Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone?

Yes, you can recover deleted text messages on your iPhone. However, the success of your preferred approach depends on various factors, including:

The Last Time of the Data Backup

The last time when you did a data backup. That is because data storage systems often overwrite any SMS content that has overstayed in your inbox. Be careful in tracking the last time you stored your data through a computer or the iCloud platform.

The Settings on Your Phone 

You have to ensure you incorporate all the correct details needed to store your data. A good example would be to ensure your iCloud profile is active, and that you confirm when data is synced. Failing to do this means that your device probably didn’t sync the SMS data to your device. 

Find Deleted Texts on iPhone with Recovery Software

Recovery software is a powerful tool that analyzes your whole device, searching for bits and pieces of lost or deleted information. There is a wide variety of software providers out there, some better than others. Here are several iPhone SMS recovery software options that work well on iPhone, including:

Dr. Fone Data Recovery

recover deleted text messages on iPhone with data recovery

The Dr. Fone app is one of the best software you can use to recover messages on your iOS device. The app is available with a toolkit, which you can use to restore the text messages on your device. 

Using the app is also convenient because it offers an intuitive user experience. So, you will always find it easy to access its functions, especially when performing iPhone data restoration. You should also be pleased with the unique security policies that are available with the Dr. Fone App.

Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery

Similar to the Dr. Fone App, Cool Muster also makes up for an excellent solution for recovering your SMS data. Notably, the app has a single button, which will scan your device for texts messages. The app also has a setting that lets it scan the SMS data in the SD cards.

You can also be sure that the Cool Muster won’t compromise your phone data because it functions in the “Read Only Mode.” Aside from SMS content, Cool Muster can also restore media such as documents and your contacts.

Undeleter iPhone Deleted SMS Recovery

Undeleter iPhone software lets you access SMS content is unique because it takes on a unique approach to text retrieval. The app can help you manage your SMS content so that you suffer from any loss.

The app gives you the ability to store SMS on your phone or the option of using cloud storage solutions. However, you might have to customize a few of its settings before you find it useful for SMS retrieval.

Use iTunes to Retrieve Messages on iOS Devices 

iTunes might be in the phasing out stage, but it’s still usable on Mac computers. The steps in using iTunes to retrieve messages on iOs devices include:

  1. Connect your iOS device to the computer which you have been using all along. The app should open up automatically.
  2. Then, click on the phone logo at the top section of your screen. Then, click on the “Summary” tab on the left menu to start accessing your data.
itunes iphone sms recovery

Recover Deleted Messages from iPhone with Your iCloud Account 

iCloud backups are an excellent resource you can use for text recovery applications. However, it will only work if you back up your phone data on a regular basis, and with the right user settings. 

If you want to recover the deleted texts on your device, ensure that the last backup occurred before the text disappeared. If this is the case, then you can use the previous SMS backup on iCloud to retrieve your messages. The steps involved in accessing the data can include:

  1. Open the settings application.
  2. Click on the Apple ID log on the top section.
  3. Next, click on iCloud.
  4. Scroll down the menu, and access your last iCloud data backup.
  5. Then, check to identify when the last successful SMS backup occurred.
  6. If the backup occurred before the text deletion, you are in luck. Click on the synced data, and the app should upload it automatically to your device. 
icloud retrieve deleted text messages on iphone

Reach Out to Your Phone Carrier

Your phone carrier is the party that is responsible for handling any data that passes through your device. You may have to get in touch with them to understand whether you can restore the deleted text messages. 

However, many phone carrier brands have strict regulations regarding the access and restoration of such content. For instance, they might require personal identification procedures to determine whether your claim is legitimate.

However, there are specific times when the phone carrier is likely to make exceptions for access to text messages. A good example would be when the claim comes from a recognized law enforcement agency. If you’re trying to retrieve someone else’s iPhone to spy on iphone text messages, you could get in serious trouble.

Most phone services today also have dedicated messaging apps which you can sync to the iCloud storage platform. Verizon is an excellent example, and it has settings you can use to back up the SMS data. Verizon app also works well to sync data across different types of devices.

Accessibility is also one of the major benefits of the Verizon application. That is because it lets you access your synced SMS content as a web or desktop application.

How Do I Recover Deleted Text Messages on My iPhone for Free?

There are various helpful techniques you can use to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone for free. Some of these standard techniques include:

  • Contact your Phone Carrier ServiceYour phone carrier service has a large data store, and this often includes the communications that people carry out through their devices. Such data is susceptible, and phone carriers have strict rules for anyone who wants access. You may provide proof of your identity or perhaps show that you are part of law enforcement procedures.
  • Use iCloud Data BackupiCloud is the default data store for all the data in your iPhone. However, you can only use it when you have to customize the iCloud backup platform as required. The best way to do this is to confirm occasionally whether your device syncs data to iCloud. You never know when your device might come across an error in the data syncing process. Once you do, your device will sync your text data to the cloud storage automatically.
  • Use a Computer and iTunesIf you are looking for a secondary data storage measure other than iCloud, then consider iTunes. While Apple recently announced that it’s phasing out this app, it’s still an excellent way to store your phone data. Remember that this approach will only work when you have been syncing your device to a specific computer. It won’t work when you restore the data using a new computer, as iTunes stores it in your hard drive.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Without Computer?

There are various helpful techniques that you can use to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without a computer including:

  • Use spy applications or SMS recovery software, which periodically synced your SMS data to an online data store.
  • Get in touch with your phone service provider with your identification details. The service will use the data to determine whether your data claim is legitimate.
  • Use the iCloud data backup you have been using all along on your device. You might have to factory reset your device for this step to work effectively.
  • Use third-party iPhone spyware to get a copy of all messages


As you have seen, you should have peace of mind when text messages disappear on your device. There are various strategies and techniques you can use to solve such a compromise on your phone data. However, be careful and use an informed approach to ensure the best SMS recovery results. We also have a guide “How to read your kid’s text messages for concerned parents, you can check it right now!


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