Text messages are not only the most popular but also the most secretive form of communication: if you can eavesdrop on a conversation, then peeking at the screen is usually not so simple. And here, “smart” technologies come to our aid to help us spy on iPhone text messages.

In this article, we’ve picked the best apps both for jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. With their help, you can obtain the most accurate information and monitor several devices simultaneously.

Can you spy on iMessages?

Yes, you can spy on iMessages. There are various monitoring programs, particularly iPhone spy apps, that allow you to know what information is sent and received via iMessages. For such programs to work, firstly, they should be installed on the mobile device that you want to control.

They work in the following way: all information collected by the application is sent to your account, which you can access from any device with Internet access.

Picking the right app takes time, so we’ve done the research to present you with the best apps for reading text messages. While selecting them, we’ve relied on such principles:

  • They work in the background (hidden) mode allowing you to spy on the phone without them knowing;
  • The files can be downloaded an infinite number of times if needed;
  • They can’t affect the operation of the device itself;
  • Battery charging, RAM, and Internet traffic are consumed unnoticed by the user;
  • Access to data from anywhere in the world – there is no geolocation reference;
  • Various Internet networks should be supported: WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, etc.

Kidsguard Pro – The Best app to spy on iPhone text messages

KidsGuard Pro is an incredible parental control tool for cell phones to spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreaking.  It helps you control the activities of children on iPhone devices, see sent and received SMS and iMessages on your control panel. It sends real-time updates every 15 minutes so that you don’t miss a thing.

This app is fantastic for monitoring children that comes with many exciting features. These features vary from controlling the applications, viewing web browser history, calendar, call logs, media files, tracking social media applications, and more.

If you intend to track the iOS device, the installation process will be easy. This is because KidsGuard can be installed remotely without gaining physical access to the target device.

If you have the credentials of the needed iCloud account, you can install the software remotely. You just need to enter Apple ID and password, no matter if the phone is jailbroken or not.

Pros: With this spy software, you have the opportunity to take a screenshot in real-time to check what your children do on their smartphones, you can find your children through the WiFi registrar or GPS tracking function. Even if your kid deletes the text message or a call, you can still view this entry from web recordings. The app also offers you a live demo to test its features before purchasing. You are provided more than 30 functions for an advanced monitoring solution.

Cons: The paid version allows you to control only one device at a time. Although the smartphone app is exceptional, you cannot use it to monitor your desktop.

uMobix– Track any SMS on iPhone

uMobix has become a trendy phone tracker without permission with superior compatibility. It works with both Android and iOS devices. The number of features offered by this app is impressive. You can consider this application one of the most competitive options on the market to track any SMS or iMessages.

In fact, uMobix is one of the oldest spying apps. Powerful functions associated with this app allow you to track almost all actions. It works in the background so that no one can notice it. 

To install this app, you just need to go to the website of the app and choose the type of the required device.

For the iPhone, there is no need for a jailbreak, just enter the iCloud information and follow the instructions that will come to your e-mail address. Plus, the data of the daily activities transmits maximum every 15 minutes, which helps you to keep real-time updates on your kids’ location and activities. 

Pros: The app is new on the market; its clean and intuitive design will help you understand how the app operates at once. With the help of uMobix, you can access the browsing history in detail, you can easily access the media files and their content. A call tracking feature of a phone number allows you to track the details of any specific call by anyone. The iPhone call logging app also has a GPS tracker to help you find the exact location.

Cons: Even though this is a paid application, the price is still very affordable considering the many benefits it comes with. But, like any other app, this one has some disadvantages, like some other features are missing, such as call blocking and surround recording.4

Download uMobix

How to spy on iPhone text messages for free?

There are also opportunities to spy on iPhone text messages for free without apple id and without installing any apps. But this is dangerous because you either can be caught or do something wrong. For example, iPhones allow getting text messages through settings. For this you need to:

Step 1: Get access to the target phone.

Step 2: Enter the Settings and find the Messages menu.

spy on imessages for free

Step 3: Find and open Send & Receive menu

Step 4: See an Add an e-mail option. Add your e-mail there.

spy on imessages for free 3

After you do all the necessary steps, all the text messages will get to your e-mail address.

Cons:  This option is rather time-consuming and requires access to the target phone. So if you don’t have access to the target device, you won’t be able to spy on your kids’ cell phone without having it as you could with an app.


Parents who are actively involved in the upbringing and development of children should be proactive by using regular and remote parental controls.

If you do not pay attention to the warning signs, the consequences will be irreversible.

An excellent way to avoid this is to install an app to track your child’s mobile device intended for legal use.


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