Officially, Mobicip offers a good range of parental control features. Comparing to other apps, it is considered to be rather expensive, plus it requires nonstandard configuration options. Despite that, it offers neither geofencing nor authentic screen time features on device usage. Starting from here on, we decided to advise you – uMobix parental control.

However, if you feel like Mobicip might be your best option, study our detailed review and find out whether it suits your needs. 

mobicip parental control

It uses two-factor authentication for advanced security. Time scheduled limits bring vulnerability.
It has a seamless interface. No geofencing.
It is certified as a kid-safe. Kids can bypass desktop browsing restrictions.
Mobicip has graphical web dashboards for simple interpretation. Awkward iOS configuration.
  Only lets you set time schedules, not total time limits.

What can Mobicip do? 

  • Controls all your devices

Mobicip is that you can control all your gadgets from a central location (or using one terminal). It allows you to manage kid’s phones by protecting their privacy and blocking unwanted sites.

  • Monitors Location

With Mobicip, tracking the location of your child is an easy task. By a click of a button, you can trace your kid.

  • Blocks Apps

For safety, Mobicip features a very advanced parental control system. It comes with an app blocker that stops harmful downloads.

  • Locking feature

Mobicip lets you have control over your family devices with the feature that locks all of them simultaneously. Its web dashboard enables you to understand the internet activity on a max of 15 devices on the most extensive package and protection of 5 devices on the least package.

  • Manages browsing history

With Mobicip, you can manage browsing history through synchronized reports generated according to the internet filters provided. If you want daily or weekly browsing history, then all those filtering levels are easy to select.

  • Sets time limits

To have total control of your devices, Mobicip enables parents to control screen time limits for their children’s mobiles. It restricts screen times by putting in place control solutions that protect children from the addiction of using social media apps.

  • Blocks websites

Another cool feature from Mobicip is that it blocks websites. The software provides a high capability content filtering on a children’s phone. 

Does Mobicip work on iPhones? 

Yes, Mobicip runs on the iOS operating system. The installation process is nonstandard and might take a bit of time. It follows a three-stepped installation to be precise.

To install Mobicip on iPhone:

  1. Download the app. Do the same for all family devices you wish to control.
  2. Register the account on the parent’s device.
  3. Follow through by scanning to all the devices you wish to connect.
  4. Customize the settings as per your preference. 

On features, Mobicip for iPhones offers superior attributes. The main one that supersedes Android versions is the ability to block unsafe downloads.

Parents exercise control by blocking beforehand any unsafe downloads. The iPhone app blocker makes it easy to restrict downloads by putting in place an authorization layer of permission.

Besides that, Mobicip for iPhones ensures safe browsing. This superior capability scans linked phones in real-time through special filters cutting off toxic browsing.

With iPhone Mobicip, a child cannot uninstall the safety browser app at will. Once you hook the device with parental control, every action on a child’s phone is on the parent’s radar.

Parents can lock children to safe browsing while blocking off all other sites. An adaptive app blocker also restricts social media apps.

Mobicip also doubles up as a location tracker for iPhone. When you lose your phone, Mobicip comes in handy in finding it.

Download Mobicip

Mobicip for Android

This option follows the same installation process as that of iPhones → simply download Mobicip for all your devices → proceed to register an account from the parent’s phone → customize your settings

The android version features age-sensitive filtering for child protection. The feature deploys real-time content filtering ability that blocks off harmful sites like those perpetuating gambling and violence.

Another feature is the advanced monitoring tool, which parents can use in tracking children’s internet activity. They send you daily and weekly emails on probable threats originating from children’s phones.

Additionally, screen limits make a device completely unusable, helping students to concentrate on study and homework.

The other unique thing is the VPN. This feature locks usage to native apps while giving you an ultimate experience by filtering based on the title, description, comments, and other metadata.

Children cannot disable Mobicip unless they follow the right process. All permissions regarding access lie with the administrator who happens to be the parent.

Mobicip for schools

Mobicip for schools runs on cloud backup. Schools can enjoy this service without investing in extra hardware infrastructure. 

And installation doesn’t take up much of your time. Simply follow three easy steps: 1) install 2) enable 3)  manage.

Filters make life easy for parents. It helps them deploy safe browser experience on a plugin mode.

Mobicip blocks off everything except for educational content. The other difference from other services is that it runs on cloud storage as opposed to device storage.

Also, the app allows parental control through a multi-device/multi-platform interface accessible through windows, mac, Chromebooks, or via kindles.

How much is the Mobicip app? 

Mobicip offers flexible pricing plans. They considered the diversity of users in their pricing to suit everyone.

Small  Medium  Large
$3.33/month $5/month $10.42/month
Protect 5 devices Protect 10 devices Protect 15 devices

As for schools, they get customized quotes depending on the student population and the needs of each school. Billing depends on the access platform.

iPhone users make payments via iTunes account. There is also a credit card payment option. 

Every user gets a  one week free trial  for signing up. And by upgrading, users get unlimited protection covering more than 20 devices.

Is Mobicip legit?

Yes, Mobicip is legit. Mobicip has been in existence since 2008 and registered as Mobicip LLC in California. They follow the protocols set out by the US Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Over the last decade, they served more than one million users. They have certification under the KidSafe Seal Program. 

Is Mobicip any good?

Although Mobicip is well-advertised and was designed for the modern multi-device family, the installation of iOS devices is rather complicated and lacks useful features like geofencing, weekly screen time reports, and real-time notifications. 

Comparing to other parental control apps, Mobicip is way more expensive than other services offering the same monitoring capabilities or even cheaper. 

That’s why we can’t recommend the app after thorough tests from our experts; instead, we can advise you to try uMobix

Although the app isn’t in the public eye yet, since it only came into play in 2019, its capabilities that we’ve mentioned in our review proves that at least it’s worth paying your attention.

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