ios parental controlsiOS restrictions or parental controls are a significant option you can enable to prevent some specific features and applications on iPhone 6, 5, 5s, 7, 7 Plus, X, iPad, or iPod from being misused. 

However, you should realize that using this type of parental control on the iPhone isn’t the best option because your kid can detect you. If you don’t want him/her to change the settings on their own, then better try to use iPhone spy apps created specifically for such purposes. You can also find out what are the best spy apps for iPhone in 2023.

Does iPhone have parental controls?

Yes, the iPhone has built-in features to set parental controls to block explicit content or limit screen time. However, you can not compare Apple’s restrictions with professional software. Such parental control apps allow you to track the GPS location of your teenager, to limit screen time, or to monitor their social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram (and many others). You get remote access to call logs, text messages, browser history, and many other things, plus you stay undetectable. We have compiled a list of the best parental control apps for iPhones, click here to check it out.

How to set parental controls on iPhone

Set screen time limits

Are you tired of asking your children to leave their phones while doing the homework or during a meal?

Limit screen time on your iOS devices.

Block Internet browsing and applications on their phones so that your children could focus better on their activities.

Disable certain apps

In this section, you can select which applications your child can use and which not. IPad or iPhone applications such as Safari, messages, the microphone, or the camera can be blocked until you remove the restrictions. 

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Turn on “App limits.”

app limit iphone parental controls

  • Choose what you’d like to limit  whether Entertainment, Social Networking or Gaming apps

social networking limit iphone parental controls

  • Set Time Limits and Customize Days

Here you can also block the installation or removal of applications on our computers, as well as prohibit the purchase of content within apps or games.

Turn on downtime

downtime iphone parental controls

You can now specify the sleep hours for each child on your control panel and block the applications on your iOS devices during the night hours.

  • Click on “Settings”
  • Find “Downtime” and create bedtime schedules individually for each child.
  • Applications will be unlocked automatically after bedtime ends.

Content and privacy restrictions

Configure the “Parental Control” options of App Store; it is not difficult, just:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu
  • Select the “Screen Time” option
  • Refer to the “Content Privacy & Restrictions” option
  • Activate them.

content & privacy restrictions iphone parental controls

  • Click on “Web Content”

web content iphone parental controls

  • Click on “Limit Adult Websites”

limit adult access on iphone

  • Proceed to grant the permissions and iOS 12 restrictions at the level of contents of the device.

Note: the applications that have been already installed before the parental control configuration will remain visible on the device.

What is the best parental control app for iPhone?

uMobix is the best parental control app for iPhone, which offers excellent value for your money. The app provides a non-jailbroken version as well.


  • Monitor calls: Get information about all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device to monitor who your children are calling when you are far away. 
  • Social media control: uMobix allows you to know when and with whom your kids spend time on 10+ social media platforms. 
  • Online Dashboard: The Control Panel lets you change display options, create time triggers, and offer many real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • Browser History: Check all online web browser history, see all content your kid is looking through, check if they are watching porn
  • GPS Location Tracking: Get access to the cell phone location using incredible GPS technology.

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How to activate parental control

To activate uMobix parental control, you need to download the app on the phone you want to monitor. Then, activate it by entering the license key which you instantly receive after payment. Afterward, log in to your account and access all data from your cell phone, laptop or any other device.


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