Can’t access someone’s phone yet still need to see their text messages? It can be helpful to use the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. If you want to see your child’s text messages or have suspicions about cheating, this is helpful. We’ll walk you through reading SMS messages with IMEI for free in this tutorial.

The IMEI Number: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Every mobile device is given a unique 15-digit number called the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). In the event that a device is reported lost or stolen, it can be used as a digital fingerprint to identify it and prevent it from connecting to networks. The IMEI number can be useful in recovering a lost or stolen phone and is also used to trace the device’s location. As we shall cover in this essay, you can also view text messages and other device activity using the IMEI number. By entering *#06# on the phone keypad, you can access this number that is saved in the firmware of the device.

The device’s location can also be tracked using the IMEI number. This is so that mobile networks can identify and follow devices based on their IMEI number. It’s crucial to remember that this function is limited to devices that are linked to a mobile network, haven’t been switched off, and haven’t had their SIM card removed.

Is It Possible to View Someone’s Text Messages for Free Using Their IMEI Number?

Is it feasible to use their IMEI number to spy on iphone messages for free? No, is the succinct response. Although a device’s IMEI number can be used to remotely access it, doing so without the owner’s consent is prohibited. We will go over how to view text messages using third-party programs and provide instructions to help you do so. Third-party applications can be used to access a device by IMEI code, though.

How to View Text Messages Using IMEI for Free with mSpy

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A third-party program called mSpy is made to keep an eye on mobile device activity, such as text messaging, phone records, and internet usage. Both iOS and Android devices can use the application, which must be installed physically on the device.

After installation, mSpy gathers data from the target device and works in the background. This data may be seen and controlled via the mSpy dashboard. The dashboard offers comprehensive reports on the usage of the target device, encompassing social media activity, call logs, text messages, and more.

Here are some instructions for setting up mSpy if you want to view text messages:

1. Purchase a subscription to mSpy and follow the instructions to download and install the application on the target device.

Purchase a subscription to mSpy

2. Log in to the mSpy dashboard and select the device you want to monitor.

mSpy dashboard on laptop

3. Navigate to the “SMS” or “Text Messages” section of the dashboard to view the target device’s text messages.

4. Customize the settings to receive alerts when new text messages are sent or received.

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Online Tools to View Text Messages with Imei Number

As we previously said, there are a number of additional third-party apps that may be used to view text messages and other device activity with the owner’s permission.


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With the help of the mobile monitoring app uMobix, you can keep an eye on a target device’s activity from a distance. You can keep an eye on a number of activities using uMobix, including social media apps, text messages, call records, GPS position, and browser history.

The application is simple to install and set up, and once installed, it operates in the background without the user of the target device realizing it. You can observe all the tracked actions in one location with uMobix’s user-friendly dashboard.

Advanced capabilities like geofencing, which lets you create virtual limits and get notifications when the target device enters or leaves the area, are also included in the app. Additionally, you may examine location history and track the device’s location in real-time.

For parents who wish to monitor their child’s text messages on an iPhone or Android device and protect them from online dangers, uMobix is a great solution. Employers that wish to keep an eye on their staff members’ phone usage while at work will also find it helpful.

All things considered, uMobix is a dependable and feature-rich mobile phone monitoring program that provides extensive monitoring capabilities and cutting-edge features to assist you in keeping tabs on the actions of a target device.

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A mobile tracking program called SpyBubble is made to remotely follow a target device’s movements. Users can keep an eye on a variety of data kinds on the target device, including call logs, social media activity, text messages, and GPS position.

The application may be downloaded and installed on tablets and smartphones running both iOS and Android operating systems. After installation, the software operates in the background without the user of the device being aware of it. Users can examine the recorded data by logging into their SpyBubble account using any web browser.

Among the many services that SpyBubble provides are the capacities to keep an eye on emails, call logs, text messages, and social media activities. Users can access multimedia items like images and movies, view browsing history, and monitor the target device’s GPS location with this software.

The program is also meant for companies to keep an eye on their workers’ mobile device usage or parents to keep an eye on their kids’ internet activity.

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Conclusively, although accessing someone’s text messages for free via their IMEI number is not feasible without their consent, third-party software such as mSpy, uMobix, and SpyBubble can be employed to observe the actions of a target device. Among these applications, mSpy is a dependable and feature-rich choice that lets users keep an eye on call logs, text messages, and internet activities on both iOS and Android devices. In the meanwhile, uMobix is a great option for parents and employers because it provides extensive monitoring features like geofencing and real-time position tracking. Last but not least, SpyBubble is a helpful tool for keeping an eye on social media activity, text messages, phone logs, and GPS location on iOS and Android devices.

Of the third-party software available for monitoring text messages using the IMEI number, mSpy seems to offer the most capabilities, dependability, and ease of use. With its extensive monitoring features and in-depth reports on the activities of a target device, it’s a great option for parents and employers looking to watch their staff members or kids.


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