We’ve all been there: worrying about our child’s online activities especially what they do on Tinder. So, how to track someone’s Tinder activities? That we’ll find out today.

For instance, this guide will get you through the best Tinder spy apps in 2023. Plus, we’ve also written in-depth reviews to help you determine which way to go. 

With that said, let’s dive in. 

1. Best Tinder Spy App Overall: mSpy

mSpy Tinder Tracker

mSpy is one of the top parental control apps on the market and offers a comprehensive Tinder tracker. What’s special about mSpy is that there are lots of additional Tinder monitoring features to help you best track your child’s activities and matches on Tinder.

Speaking of mSpy, it came out back in 2010 and has become one of the most dependable and popular spying apps on the market. 

With 1.5 million worldwide customers, operation in 180 countries, and 36 cell monitoring features, mSpy certainly is a standout Tinder tracker for parents. 

mSpy Key Features

Other than Tinder spying, mSpy offers an extensive catalog of parenting control features to thoroughly spy on your child’s smartphone.

With mSpy’s Tinder tracker, you can supervise all their Tinder activities to protect them against cyberbullies and scammers on the internet. Surprisingly, you can view all matches of your child on Tinder as well as your child’s conversations with them.

Furthermore, mSpy also lets you view the parameters your child sets on Tinder to make sure they don’t engage with catfishers. In fact, data reveals that a large percentage of rapists and sex offenders use dating sites. 

The other features offered by mSpy include:

  • Keylogging — monitor all your child’s keystrokes that might include their Google searches and conversations.
  • Location Tracking — see the real-time location of your child’s device to ensure they’re somewhere safe.
  • Call Tracking — view your child’s call history, incoming/outgoing calls, their duration, as well as look into the contacts’ details.
  • Browsing History Monitoring — track all your child’s searches on the browser, even in incognito mode.
  • SMS Tracking — read all your child’s SMS conversations including the deleted messages.

Installing mSpy is straightforward — below are the main steps it takes:

mSpy Installation

mSpy Compatibility

mSpy is compatible with a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Speaking of iOS, mSpy doesn’t require the iOS device to be jailbroken for monitoring. But some features, including Tinder spying, require the device to be jailbroken. 

When it comes to Android, know that Tinder spy requires rooting.  

mSpy Pricing

There are two main types of plans at mSpy: Basic and Premium. Unfortunately, the basic plan might not include Tinder tracking. So, the Premium plan is your only choice to track your child’s Tinder activities with mSpy.

However, the premium plans start from as low as $69.99/mo. Expensive, no?

To attain a discount, you can pick a long-term subscription. The 3-month term discounts the pricing to $39.99/mo whereas you can pay at $16.99/mo with the 12-month term. 

mSpy — Final Verdict

mSpy is surely the best Tinder spy app for 2023. Its highlight is its comprehensive list of cell tracking features that include a definitive Tinder tracker. 

Though it can be a little expensive with the month-to-month subscription, its tracking features certainly make it worth the price. 

For further information on mSpy, you can go through our detailed mSpy review.

2. Runner Up: uMobix

uMobix Tinder Tracker

uMobix is yet another fantastic option for Tinder tracking. It came out in 2020 but still holds a great reputation for being a definitive cell tracking app for parents. 

uMobix Key Features

One of the main highlights of uMobix is the offering of a free demo. Using the demo takes you to their demo interface that gives you an idea of what you’ll be dealing with if you choose uMobix. 

After you open the demo, you will be able to see a trial of all the main uMobix’s tracking features including Tinder tracking. 

What makes uMobix’s Tinder tracker stand out is the real-time view of your child’s smartphone screen. You can track all the profiles your child is swiping on their Tinder right from your uMobix dashboard. 

Other than that, uMobix’s violence tracker gives you real-time alerts if it detects an offensive behavior. Furthermore, their Tinder tracker also lets you view your child’s chats with their matches as well as the chat’s information like first name, username, birthday, and so on. 

The main additional parenting control features offered by uMobix include:

  • Social media tracker (compatible with 30+ social media apps)
  • Deleted information viewers (view deleted calls, contacts, messages, etc)
  • Keylogger
  • Web browsing history
  • Geofencing
  • Location tracking
  • Call tracker
  • SMS tracker

Apart from that, uMobix also lets you view the multimedia files on your child’s device including photos and videos. uMobix’s installation consists of 3 main steps:

uMobix Setup

uMobix Compatibility

uMobix works with iOS and Android without jailbreak or rooting required respectively. 

uMobix Pricing

uMobix has specialized plans for iOS and Android devices.

For iOS devices:

  • The basic plan starts from $29.99/mo.
  • The premium plan costs $49.99/mo with a 1-month term and $12.49/mo with a 12-month subscription.

For Android devices:

  • The basic plan comes with the same price, at $29.99/mo.
  • The premium plan starts from $59.99/mo with a 1-month term and $14.99/mo with a 12-month plan.

uMobix — Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a parenting control app that lets you view the details of your child’s matches on Tinder without physical access to the device required, uMobix is a great way to go.

You can go through our detailed uMobix review for in-depth information.

3. Best Comprehensive Tinder Spy App: Spyrix

Spyrix Tinder Tracker

Spyrix is known best for its free keylogging service for Windows. But at the same time, their cell tracking and Tinder spying features are also effective and make it a good value for your money. 

One of the main highlights of Spyric is the user-friendly dashboard that’s clean and information-packed. For instance, it throws in the statics of phone usage and phone information right away. 

Spyrix Key Features

Below is an overview of the main Spyric features for Android and iOS:

  • App activity tracking — get an overview of all the apps installed on your child’s device to see if they have other dating apps installed.
  • Gmail monitoring — track all the Gmail messages of your child to catch any suspicious activity.
  • Automatic software updates — once the app is installed on the target device, don’t worry about the updates, the app is updated automatically in the background.
  • Keylogging — get an overview of the keystrokes typed on your child’s device as well as copied texts in the clipboard.
  • Multimedia monitoring — track the photos, videos, and other multimedia files on your kid’s device to ensure they’re not engaged in anything inappropriate.
  • Real-time alerts — with Spyrix’s feature-rich dashboard, set a list of prohibited activities and get real-time alerts if any of them is performed. 

Spyrix Compatibility

Spyrix is compatible with both Android and iOS devices when it comes to Tinder tracking. Where it requires the iOS 6-9+ iPhone devices, it supports all the Android devices from 2.3 and upwards. 

Other than that, Spyrix is also available for Windows and Mac but it won’t track Tinder that way, of course. 

Spyrix Pricing

Spyrix offers a single plan for iOS and Android. The plans aren’t categorized as Basic and Premium as well. So, there’s a single “Full” plan that covers all the features and supports both iOS and Android devices. 

It starts from $69.99/mo with a one-month subscription. We’d recommend to avail a discount and paying $199.99 for 12 months upfront. 

Spyrix Pricing

Spyrix – Final Verdict

Recognized as the free keylogger for Windows, Spyrix’s smartphone tracker is also quite popular. Where it includes advanced features like real-time alerts on prohibited activities, it also throws in Tinder tracking at a competitive price. 

4. Best Tinder Spyware for Free Trial: TiSpy

TiSpy Tinder Tracker

Though not as highly rated as some other options on the list, TiSpy is yet another great parenting control app that offers Tinder tracking. One of the main highlights of TiSpy is that it offers a free demo to let you know what you can expect. 

Moreover, it keeps a great eye on the target device’s notifications — whether they’re about the most recent WhatsApp message the target user received or a new Tinder match. 

Other than that, TiSpy also offers a 2-day free trial to help you fearlessly evaluate them. The offering of a 7-day money-back guarantee is yet another significant addition. 

TiSpy Key Features

TiSpy is a feature-rich app that throws in almost all the basic features that spy apps offer. Below are some of its “worth-mentioning” features:

  • Geofencing — make sure your child doesn’t go beyond a certain geofence zone you might have set with real-time alerts.
  • Location history — look through everywhere your child has been all the day with location history monitor of TiSpy.
  • Camera control — get access to the camera of the target device as well as schedule photo captures to ensure your child goes where they promise they do
  • App control — monitor the activities of apps used on the target device and block the ones you’d like them not to use.
  • Keylogger — see everything your child has typed on their device with the keystrokes logger of TiSpy.
  • Calendar tracking — keep track of all your child’s calendar activities and the events they might have scheduled.

TiSpy Compatibility

TiSpy is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac with Tinder tracker available for Android only. 

The main reason TiSpy doesn’t support iOS devices is that they’re harder to monitor and easier to detect a spy app compared to Android devices. If you’re still not sure, TiSpy specializes in silent monitoring. 

TiSpy Pricing

 TiSpy doesn’t have a plethora of plans. They offer a single plan that supports all the main features they advertise. However, there are different subscriptions available that decide what you pay. 

  • The standard plan (3-month) starts from $11.73/mo
  • The advanced package (6-month) starts from $8.70/mo
  • The premium plan (12-month) costs $67.74/mo and is the cheapest
TiSpy Pricing

TiSpy — Final Verdict

If you’d rather go for a company that offers a free trial than sign up somewhere you have to pay right away, TiSpy is a good way to go. Though TiSpy misses out on support for iOS, it’s a great option for Tinder spying on Android. 

5. Best Tinder Spyware for Real-Time Data Uploading: Spyera

Spyera Tinder Tracking

Here we’ve got another versatile Tinder tracker that offers some standout features for reasonable pricing — Spyera. One of Spyera’s highlights is that the app is undetectable and offers remote updates. 

Furthermore, our review experts found Spyera to perform well in terms of real-time data synchronization. So, you never miss a Tinder notification or message even if it has been deleted since Spyera uploads data in real-time. 

Spyera Key Features

Below are the top cell tracking features by Spyera:

  • Instant alerts — receive real-time alerts as some event occurs or a keyword you might have set appears in messages or there is an incoming call from a suspicious number.
  • Multimedia tracking — view all the multimedia files on the target device as well as get the flexibility to save that data.
  • Web history monitoring — keep an eye on everything your child searches for, on the internet to help them keep away from inappropriate and harmful websites.
  • Platform & device change — switch the program between different platforms or devices anytime, without having to purchase a different license. 

Spyera Compatibility

Spyera supports versatile platforms. It’s compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows devices. 

Speaking of Android, it also supports Android tablets other than Android phones. The same is with iPhone — the support for other iOS devices like the iPad is in place. 

Though Spyera doesn’t require rooting for Android, the features for non-rooted devices are limited. There’s no need for jailbreaking even for advanced features for iPhone devices, whatsoever. 

Spyera Pricing

Spyera has different plans for different device form factors: Smartphone (Android and iPhone), Tablet (iPad and Android), and Computer (Windows and Mac).

  • The smartphone plan starts from $89/mo with a 1-month term and the price is dropped to a total of $389 with the 12-month plan.
Spyera Pricing

Thankfully, all plans throw in a 10-day money-back guarantee to get you peace of mind. 

Spyera – Final Verdict

Spyera overall performs well in terms of the features available. Its cross-platform support looks great and pleases the users willing to track devices running different platforms well. 

However, their month-to-month pricing is sharp. We would only recommend that if you’d like to consider their annual plan as it boasts a good price value. 

How to Spy on Someone’s Tinder?

The best way to spy on someone’s Tinder and look through their Tinder activities like matches & messages is by using a spy app like mSpy. mSpy is equipped with plenty of tracking features making it a great cell phone tracker, that too, for competitive pricing. 

Can You Spy on Tinder?

You can spy on Tinder by using a spy app like uMobix. It offers a wide range of effective features that help you review the target’s Tinder activities as well as track other social media platforms on their device. 

How Can I Find Out if My Partner is on a Dating Site?

An easy way to see if your partner is using a dating site as well as to review their dating app activities is to use mSpy. It’s a spy app that detects dating apps on your partner’s or your child’s device and allows you to monitor their dating matches. 

Can You Check if Someone Has a Tinder Profile?

If you’re willing to make sure anyone from your family isn’t engaged in Tinder, you can use a parenting control app like uMobix. uMobix lets you spy on (almost) any smartphone and see if the target user has Tinder installed on their device. You can also review their Tinder activities if they use it. 

Can Kids Have Tinder?

Back in the day, Tinder didn’t restrict their app for underage kids but now they’ve banned users under 18. However, underage kids still tend to somehow use Tinder with fake profiles. To ensure your child isn’t among them, we’d recommend using a parenting control app to monitor their dating activities.

Key Takeaways

  • The best Tinder spy app for 2023 is mSpy.
  • mSpy is a feature-rich Tinder spy app with plenty of tracking features to thoroughly monitor a cell phone device.
  • A great mSpy alternative is uMobix
  • Though its installation can be a little tempting for Android devices, it tends to specialize in social media tracking more with the support of 30+ social apps.


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