If you are out in the market searching for the best remote monitoring and tracking apps, you must have likely come across the Spyzie app.

So what is it? Is it worth the hype, and should you choose to go for it? Let’s find out.

Update April 2020: Spyzie has been discontinued. Bestparentalcontrolapps.com takes responsibility to redirect you to KidsGuard instead. If you think this information is incorrect, please reach out to our team.

What is Spyzie?

A monitoring app, Spyzie has come handy for scores of customers to monitor their partners, children, employees, and the like. It is powerful enough to track data from any Android or iOS device. Following a simple set up, you can easily extract data from the target device and view it on any device, be it a phone or computer that is connected to the internet.

Pros and Cons of Spyzie


  • Spyzie tracks almost any data on a tablet or Android phone.
  • Tracking does not require you to root or jailbreak the device.
  • Tracking more than two devices lets you opt for volume pricing.
  • Installation is pretty simple and easy-to-follow.


  • The target devices may become slow.

Spyzie Features

  • Track WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is a social medium that lets you exchange messages through groups or personal chats. Spyzie lets you monitor the conversations in WhatsApp, especially if you want to check for any malicious data. Spyzie lets you access WhatsApp chat history and view and download attachments from WhatsApp.

  • Monitor iMessages

You can view sent and received SMS without them knowing, download media attachments from the SMS, view sent and received iMessages and analyze message history. 

  • Track Real-time Location

This feature allows you to know the path taken by the user and the real-time location of the target device.

  • View Browser History

This lets you track the data viewed by the target device online and view bookmarks from the device’s web browser.

  • Access to Instagram

This feature helps you keep track of the multimedia files like videos and pictures being sent around.

  • View Screenshots

Screenshots feature lets you view the date and time stamps of the screenshots. It also allows you to view and download saved screenshots on the control panel.

  • Export Data

With this feature, it is possible to check all the monitored data on the control panel anytime. The good news is that the Spyzie application is compatible with the latest Android 9 Pie and iOS12.

  • Keylogger

Keylogger is a feature that records all the information input from the target device’s keyboard automatically. Thus, it enables us to see if inappropriate messages are being sent.

  • Timeline

Spyzie software helps parents know what their kids are doing throughout the day. They can also schedule kids’ screen time.

  • Track Snapchat

The Snapchat tracking feature lets you view all the Snapchat photos sent from the target device and check the links shared in Snapchat’s direct messages.

  • Monitor Call Log

This Spyzie feature lets you view the call history in chronological order with contact name, phone numbers, call duration. You will come to know the top five most frequently contacted persons.

  • Get Alerts

With the Alert feature, parents can timely know if sensitive keywords are used by the kids. It also notifies if SIM card changes occur in the target device.

  • Track Messenger

Spyzie lets you do a number of things including check friend list and friend requests, intercept notifications, capture secret conversations, view photos and videos, block the use of Facebook Messenger, read private messages, be aware of Facebook news feed, trace liked pages and groups and view contacts.

  • View Photos

Spyzie photos feature lets you view the pictures saved in the target device from different apps and even download them.

  • Access Contacts

With this feature, you can view the target device’s contact list and download the contact details.

How Does Spyzie Work?

Wondering how to install Spyzie software? Spyzie works for both Android and iOS devices. The first step to using Spyzie is to create an account. You then need to install the app on the target device. After the setup process, you will be redirected to the control panel dashboard where the data from the target device can be viewed and accessed easily. For detailed steps, you may refer to the Spyzie application tutorials.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost?

The pricing plans are different for Android and iOS devices.

Spyzie for Android has three plans: the Basic version, the Pro version, and the Ultimate version. The basic Spyzie version starts from $29.99 per month if you choose a one-month license, $16.66 per month if it is a three-month license, and $30.00 if a six-month license is chosen.

Similarly, the cost for the Spyzie pro version is $39.99, $23.33, and $33.33 for one month, three months, and six months’ license, respectively. If it is an ultimate version, the costs are $49.99, $26.66, and $40.00. The features will vary depending on the version selected. When it comes to Spyzie application for iPhone, the pro version and ultimate version are available with the same costs as Android.

Download Spyzie

Can Spyzie Be Detected?

While setting up the Spyzie app, there remains a temporary icon which disappears at the completion of the installation process. Afterward, it works in stealth mode.

Can Spyzie Be Installed Remotely?

No, Spyzie software cannot be installed remotely. You will need physical access to the phone

Is Spyzie Legit?

Spyzie is designed for legal use only. This is specifically mentioned in the site.

Do You Need The Target Phone For Spyzie?

Yes, you need to install the app and make the required settings in the target device.

Keeping in mind the advantages of Spyzie over other similar apps and the advanced features supported by it, this app is highly recommended to extract accurate data. Its installation and working are kept simple, and the price is affordable too. Since the use of Spyzie is legal, there is no looking back once you decide on it.

Final Verdict

All in all, Spyzie is the ultimate remote device tracking and monitoring app that you are looking for. It delivers on its promises and helps you keep a close eye on your loved ones. 


  • Sergey says:

    As an employee of a private company, it is my duty to see that my juniors do the work on time. When I could not see any visible progress in their work, I lost my trust in them. Using Spyzie software , I started tracking their online activities and found that many of them waste too much time surfing the internet. The app has made everybody do their job on time. Thank you, Spyzie.

  • Mary says:

    I am a distressed wife who could not understand why my husband kept on lying to me. At this point, I decided to give Spyzie a try. By tracking the data of his device , including messages and photos, I came to know that he was cheating on me. The timely use of the app has given me enough evidence to show that he was wrong in his part.

  • Joseph says:

    Spyzie software is every parent’s best friend. There was this critical situation where my son would not listen to me and just took off. Thanks to Spyzie, I could know the real-time location of his device and track him within a few hours.

  • CheatedOn says:

    I installed Spyzie software to monitor the activities of my girlfriend. She used to spend a lot of time online and when we were out and I started doubting her.

    Thankfully I had access to her phone and could manage to install Spyzie. Shit worked like a charm and I found evidence of her cheating.

    Bullet dodged!

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