Let’s get it out there: kids can be a real headache at times — especially when you’re not sure if they have a good company of friends or go exactly where they promise they do. So, to figure that out, how to remotely activate a cell phone microphone?

The best way to turn on a cell phone’s microphone remotely is by using a parental control or spy app. The most recommended option is mSpy. It offers a 7-day free trial that you can sign up for, to monitor your child by listening to their device’s surrounding with a microphone. 

That said, let’s dive in for detailed information. 

Why Should Parents Turn on Their Child’s Cell Phone Microphone?

There are many reasons for parents to use their kid’s phone microphone and listen to the surrounding sound around their cell phone. Below are the main ones:

Ensure Your Child Has a Good Company 

It’s not uncommon for friend groups to have inappropriate conversations or for teenagers to have dirty friends. To ensure your child has a clean circle of friends, using their cell phone’s microphone can be effective. 

Determine Where They Are

As a rule of thumb, if you feel conversation sounds when a class lecture is ongoing in your child’s school, you’ll quickly know if they’ve bunked the period. Similarly, you’ll know if they made it to the party you disallowed them to join at night when you hear loud music from their microphone. 

Protect From Harmful People

Since using your child’s cell phone microphone helps to determine where they are and whether they have a good circle of people they interact with, it can be effective to protect your kid from harmful people and bullies. 

How to Turn on Android Microphone Remotely?

The best way to turn on an Android’s microphone remotely is to use mSpy. mSpy is one of the best Android parental control apps and offers access to the target device’s microphone. 

Once you’ve incorporated mSpy into your child’s device, you can remotely activate the cell phone microphone to listen to the ambient sound around the device with microphone access. 

Here are the reasons why we recommend mSpy the most for Android tracking:

  • It offers a 7-day free trial.
  • Comes with competitive pricing. 
  • Is trusted by over 1.5 million customers. 
  • Has been around for over a decade. 

How to Install mSpy on Android?

Installing mSpy on an Android device doesn’t have to be hard. Though configuration is a little time-consuming, the following are the main parts of mSpy installation:

Part 1 – mSpy Free Trial Registration and Pre-Setup

The first step is to create an account at mSpy’s official website and to sign up for their free trial. The trial consists of 7 days. You can evaluate mSpy’s services for over a week. Then, if you like what they offer, you can sign up for a premium subscription at mSpy. 

Part 2 – mSpy Installation and Download

The next step is to download mSpy from the download link you get in the confirmation email or the login dashboard. Once downloaded, it’s time to install mSpy on the Android device of your child. 

Part 3 – Finalize mSpy Installation & configuration

Now, it’s time to complete mSpy installation and configuration. The installation should be smooth. Once mSpy is installed, open it and configure it. 

As mentioned before, the configuration can be a little time-consuming. However, the general idea is to provide mSpy with the permissions it asks for as they’re essential for monitoring purposes. 

To give you an idea, configuration generally takes 5-10 minutes. 

Part 4 – How to Hide mSpy Icon on Android

After mSpy configuration is complete, you’ll be asked whether to show mSpy’s icon on the device homepage or not. 

If you want to keep monitoring a secret from your child or wouldn’t want them to interfere with the app, we would recommend hiding its icon. Otherwise, keeping the icon visible is also fine. 

Part 5 – Start Monitoring with mSpy

Once mSpy has been successfully configured, it’s time to start monitoring. Login to your mSpy dashboard from any browser or device and that’s it – you’re good to start tracking the target device.  

How Much Does mSpy Cost?

mSpy is relatively competitive in terms of pricing. Below are the Premium plan prices of mSpy:

  • Monthly subscription — $48.99/mo.
  • 3-month subscription — $27.99/mo.
  • Annual subscription — $11.66/mo.

What Are the Other Benefits of mSpy?

Below are some mSpy features other than microphone tracking:

  • Browser history monitoring — View the browsing history of your child, including deleted and incognito searches. 
  • App blocking — Block the apps you wouldn’t want your child to use for either a certain period or permanently. 
  • Geofencing — Get alerts if your child passes certain location zones you’ll get the option to set. 
  • Keylogging — Track the keystrokes your child types on their smartphone including their messages, copied texts, Google searches, and so on.

Is mSpy Detectable?

mSpy is undetectable and works silently in the background. During the configuration, the app asks whether you want to show its icon on the target device or hide it. You can choose to hide its icon to make it undetectable. However, if your child is an advanced user, they may figure out they’re being monitored. 

How to Install mSpy Remotely?

mSpy can be installed remotely only on iPhone devices by using the target user’s iCloud credentials. However, if it’s about Android, mSpy and all other spy apps require physical access to the device for installation and monitoring. 

How to Turn on iPhone Microphone Remotely

If you’re looking forward to getting access to the microphone of an iOS (iPhone) device, SpyBubble is the most recommended option. SpyBubble is one of the top iPhone spy apps on the market and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

Why we recommend SpyBubble to remotely activate cell phone microphone on iPhone monitoring is:

  • It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • Features support for lots of social media apps for tracking.
  • Offers lots of iPhone-exclusive features.
  • Allows spying on dating apps. 

How to Install SpyBubble on iPhone?

The installation of a parental control app on an iPhone device is generally different from Android installation. This is because iPhone installation is possible remotely. 

That said, here are the main steps for installing SpyBubble on iPhone:

Step 1: Register for a Free Account and Choose a Subscription

The first step to getting started using your kid’s cell phone microphone with SpyBubble is to create a free account. Once you do that, pick a subscription of your choice. Note that SpyBubble offers a 14-day refund policy that you can avail of.

Step 2: Provide the iCloud Details

The second step is to input the iCloud details of the target device’s user. This way, the installation of SpyBubble on an iPhone or any iOS device is remote. However, you might require physical access if:

  • You don’t have the iCloud credentials of the target user. 
  • The target iPhone device has 2-factor authorization enabled. 

Step 3: Login To Your Account and Start Monitoring

Once the remote installation is complete, it’s time to log in to your SpyBubble admin area and start remotely activating your child’s cell phone microphone. You can either use a browser for device monitoring or SpyBubble’s phone app.

How Much Does SpyBubble Cost?

Below are the details of SpyBubble’s iOS plans:

  • Basic plan — $25.49/mo — monthly subscription.
  • Full plan — $42.49/mo — monthly subscription.
  • Full plan — $22.66/mo — 3-month subscription.
  • Full plan — $10.62/mo — annual subscription.

What Are Other Benefits of SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is a comprehensive parental control app that offers many remarkable features other than access to a device’s microphone. Below are some of them:

  • Social media monitoring — Track 30+ social media apps on your child’s device including popular ones like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • Location tracking — See the real-time location of your child as well as track their location history. 
  • App activity monitoring — Review all-day app activities on your child’s smartphone to ensure they’re not overusing it. 

Is it Possible to Install SpyBubble Remotely?

Installing SpyBubble remotely is possible on iOS (iPhone) devices. All it takes is for you to input the iCloud credentials of the target user. Once they’re confirmed, it takes a while to fetch the data from the device and you can start monitoring. However, remote installation may not be possible in case the device has 2-f authorization enabled. 

Can I Monitor an iPhone Without an Apple ID or Password?

Unfortunately, you cannot monitor an iPhone device using a parental control app unless you have an Apple ID or device password. For a remote installation, the iCloud credentials of the device will be required. Otherwise, physical access is essential which requires you to know the device password. 

Key Takeaways

How to remotely activate a cell phone microphone? Here are the takeaways:

  • The best way to remotely activate your child’s cell phone microphone is to use a parental control app that offers microphone access to the target device.
  • The best options according to our review experts are mSpy and SpyBubble for Android and iPhone devices respectively.
  • Installing mSpy on Android is straightforward and requires one-time physical access to the target device. 
  • SpyBubble’s installation on an iPhone device is also easy and is remote. However, the iCloud credentials of your child are essential for remote installation. 


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