Is your significant other merely spending time with their friends? Did your child truly visit the mall? To make sure you always know where your kids and spouse are, we’ll go over how to trace a text message and the top text message locator applications in this post!

Can Someone Track Your Location From a Text? 

A simple text message cannot be used to trace the position of your cell phone. On the other hand, your carrier can find you when you send a text message since it will ping a phone tower. Only with a warrant can phone companies give this information to law enforcement.

If you click on a malicious link in a text message that someone sent you, they can use that message to track your whereabouts. This was the original method used to distribute the fabled spyware Pegasus before it was changed to no-click software. It was created by the Israeli cyber-arms business NSO Group and distributed to international governments.

Although Pegasus is not available for purchase, there are apps that are comparable. The top text message location monitoring applications are displayed below!

Track Cell Phone Location by Text Message With GeoFinder 

 GeoFinder logo

GeoFinder is a top-rated text message location tracker that will reveal the location of anyone! To use GeoFinder simply:

  1. Head to
  2. Enter the target’s number
  3. Compose a text message with a specialized tracking link
  4. Click Send

All that’s left to do is relax and watch for the target to click the text’s link. GeoFinder will text you the target’s current position as soon as they click the link!

Recall that the target’s location will only become visible to you if they click on the link, so make sure your copy is compelling. It may be necessary to employ social engineering techniques to force them to click on your link.

For instance, you may write, “OMG, did you see the news about Lebron?” if you know your family member is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. and after that add the URL.

For just $29.99, you can purchase an unlimited lifetime membership to GeoFinder, which is really easy to use. Use GeoFinder to trace the location of an iPhone by phone number and instantly learn the real-time whereabouts of your partner or child if you don’t have access to their phone and you think they may be lying!

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SpyBubble: Text Message Location Tracking App 

SpyBubble dashboard

With SpyBubble, tracking a text is simple! Once loaded, this feature-rich spy program may record all of the past locations and track the target’s real-time GPS location. Better yet, it allows you to glance at the target’s emails and browser history in addition to reading their private communications on social media and SMS messages. Because this spy tool is completely untraceable, it can be used for extended tracking.

By establishing a SpyBubble account and entering their Apple ID credentials, you can remotely install SpyBubble on an iPhone belonging to your partner or child. You will need to take rapid possession of your partner’s or child’s Android device for five minutes in order to download SpyBubble and follow the easy installation instructions.

Simply give this text message location tracker app an hour or two to fully set up, and it will begin downloading all of the target’s mobile activities. To get all of this incredible information, just log into your SpyBubble account on a device of your own.

You can always monitor your partner’s or child’s whereabouts in secret using GPS coordinates and SpyBubble! For just $14.99 a month, install SpyBubble on your spouse’s or child’s smartphone to learn the truth about their whereabouts!

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How to Find Location of Text Message With EyeZy?

eyeZy app image

How can I find the location of a text message? Set up eyeZy! Another excellent monitoring software with lots of capabilities is eyeZy. It is capable of covertly obtaining photos, videos, texts, emails, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp communications in addition to tracking the real-time position of any device without leaving any trace.

Only a few minutes are needed for the installation process. If the target phone is an Android, all you need is physical access to the device for a short while to download the APK file. If it’s an iPhone, you’ll need the target phone owner’s Apple ID.

Because eyeZy tracks the target and downloads all of their mobile activity automatically, it’s really easy to use. After the initial installation is finished, you never need to touch the target device again. Logging into your eyeZy will allow you to track the target secretly from a distance!

You can use precise GPS coordinates to locate your spouse or children, see who they are speaking to, and read every communication sent and received for less than $10 a month. EyeZy will notify you if your partner is having an affair or if your children are acting in a dangerous manner!

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How to Track Someone’s Current Location Via Text With uMobix?

uMobix GPS location tracker

Are you actually aware of your spouse’s current whereabouts? They may claim to be catching up with old friends or working late at the office, but how can you be certain? uMobix has the solution!

You can always check where your spouse is at all times once you install uMobix on their phone! Even better, you can know exactly where they have been because this spy program will log all of their past locations. You may follow the map and get laser-accurate GPS coordinates using uMobix.

uMobix is a feature-rich spy tool that works on iOS and Android that does more than simply track your partner’s whereabouts. It surreptitiously records everything they do on their smartphone and sends it to your phone. uMobix captures text messages, emails, browsing history, and social media messages from Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and TikTok.

You will be able to tell right away whether your companion is acting inappropriately or cheating thanks to uMobix’s monitoring capabilities. You might find it useful if you’ve ever wondered how to follow your child’s iPhone without their realizing it.In less than five minutes, install this amazing spy app, and for less than $12 a month, you can always know where your spouse is and what they are up to!

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How to Find Location of Text Message iPhone? Use Find My!

iPhone Find My map screen

Are you looking for a reliable and free way to track location by text message? Then follow these steps and learn exactly where your loved ones are at all times!

  1. Open your device’s browser
  2. Go to
  3. Tap Sign In
  4. Enter the target’s Apple ID
  5. Click on the target’s device

You will see a map displaying the target’s most recent known location as soon as you click on their device. You need to know the target’s Apple ID in order for this technique to function.

Although this method is easy to use, it has one major drawback. Apple will notify the target and provide them with your device’s IP address as soon as you go into their iCloud account. It’s possible that your spouse or child will discover you are watching them. Because SpyBubble is invisible and lets you track your partner or child’s location indefinitely, it’s a better alternative in this regard!

Track Current Location Text Message Android Devices with Find My Device! 

Android Find My Device map

Do you know your spouse’s Google Account credentials? Then you can instantly view their location! Just follow these steps: 

  1. Open your device’s browser
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in to the target’s Google Account
  4. Click on the target’s device at the top of the screen

You will see a map with the target’s live notification after logging in and selecting the appropriate device. The precision of this location monitoring is not as high as that of SpyBubble or GeoFinder.

The main issue with this approach is that the target might immediately lock you out because they will receive an alert as soon as you enter into their Google Account. Therefore, this approach is not appropriate for long-term surveillance, and the likelihood of being discovered is higher than with covert spy programs like eyeZy and SpyBubble, which can track someone on Google Maps covertly.

Final Verdict  

How can I locate a text message that I sent? Make use of GeoFinder! To locate the position, simply compose a message and SMS a link using this tracker. The target’s precise location will be sent to you by GeoFinder as soon as they click the link. Discover the truth and send your partner or child a message via GeoFinder right away if you think they are lying about their whereabouts!

If you want to see exactly what your partner or child is doing on their phone, rather than just being aware of their whereabouts. After that, install SpyBubble on their device to read SMS, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and texts instantaneously. You can also follow their current location using SpyBubble!


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