Is your partner really just hanging out with friends? Did your kid actually go to the mall? In this article, we are going to show how to trace a text message and the best text message locator apps to ensure you know where your partner and children are at all times!

Can Someone Track Your Location From a Text? 

A person can not track your cell phone location from a simple text message. However, when you send a text message, it will ping a phone tower, and your carrier can locate you. Phone carriers will only divulge this information to law enforcement if they have a warrant.

A person can track your location from a text if they send you a message that contains a malicious link, and then you click on the link. This is how the legendary spyware Pegasus was initially deployed before it became no-click software. It was developed by Israeli cyber-arms company NSO Group and sold to governments around the world. 

While you can’t purchase Pegasus, there are similar apps that are available. We will show you the best text message location tracking apps below!

Track Cell Phone Location by Text Message With GeoFinder 

 GeoFinder logo

GeoFinder is a top-rated text message location tracker that will reveal the location of anyone! To use GeoFinder simply:

  1. Head to
  2. Enter the target’s number
  3. Compose a text message with a specialized tracking link
  4. Click Send

Now you just have to sit back and wait for the target to click the link in your text. Once the target opens the link, GeoFinder will send you a text with the target’s current location! 

Remember, you will only be able to see the target’s location if they click on the link, so make sure your text is convincing. You might have to use some social engineering tricks that compel them to open your link. 

For example, if you know your family member is a massive Los Angeles Lakers fan, you can write something “Omg, did you see the news about Lebron?” and then include the link.

GeoFinder is incredibly simple to use, and you can get an unlimited lifetime membership for just $29.99. If you don’t have access to your partner’s or child’s phone and are concerned they are lying about their whereabouts, then use GeoFinder to track iphone location by phone number and instantly find out their live location!

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SpyBubble: Text Message Location Tracking App 

SpyBubble dashboard

SpyBubble makes it easy to track a text! Once installed, this comprehensive spy app can track the target’s live GPS location and record all of the previous locations. Even better, it lets you read the target’s text messages and social media private messages and take a peek at their emails and browsing history. This spy app is 100% undetectable, making it suitable for long-term tracking.

If your partner or child has an iPhone, you can install SpyBubble remotely by creating a SpyBubble account and entering their Apple ID credentials. If your partner or child uses Android devices, you will have to quickly grab their device for 5 minutes and download SpyBubble and follow the simple guided installation.

After you have fully set up this text message location tracker app, just wait an hour or two as it automatically downloads all of the target’s cell phone activity. To access all of this amazing data, simply sign into your SpyBubble account from your own device.

With SpyBubble, you can secretly view your partner or child’s live location based on GPS coordinates at any time! To find out the truth about where your kids or spouse are, install SpyBubble on their device for just $14.99 per month!

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How to Find Location of Text Message With EyeZy?

eyeZy app image

How to trace a text message location? Install eyeZy! eyeZy is another top-performing tracking app that is loaded with features. It can track any device’s live location without leaving a trace while also secretly downloading images, videos, texts, emails, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages.

The installation process takes just a few minutes. If the target cell phone is an iPhone, you need their Apple ID, and if they have an Android, you just need physical access to their device for a few minutes to download the APK file.

eyeZy is simple to use because it automatically tracks the target and downloads all of their cell phone activity. You never have to touch the target device again once you have completed the initial installation. You can covertly track the target remotely by logging into your eyeZy!

For under $10 per month, you can find out where your spouse or kids are thanks to pinpointing accurate GPS coordinates and revealing who they are speaking to, and reading every single sent and received message. If your partner is having an affair or your kids are engaging in high-risk behavior, eyeZy will let you know!

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How to Track Someone’s Current Location Via Text With uMobix?

uMobix GPS location tracker

Do you really know where your spouse is at this very moment? They might tell you they are working late at the office or catching up with some old friends, but how can you be sure? uMobix is the answer!

Once you install uMobix on your spouse’s phone, you can see their current location 24/7! Even better, this spy app will record all of their previous locations so you can see exactly where they have been. uMobix provides you with laser-accurate GPS coordinates and a map to follow.

uMobix isn’t just a current location tracker, it is a comprehensive spying app that works on iOS and Android and secretly records everything your partner does on their device and then sends it to your phone. uMobix records social media messages (Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook), texts, emails, and browsing history.

With uMobix watching over your partner, you will instantly know if they are cheating or being inappropriate. It can also help you if you’ve wondered how to track my child’s iphone without them knowing. Install this incredible spy app in under 5 minutes and pay less than $12 per month to know where your partner is and what they are doing 24/7!

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How to Find Location of Text Message iPhone? Use Find My!

iPhone Find My map screen

Are you looking for a reliable and free way to track location by text message? Then follow these steps and learn exactly where your loved ones are at all times!

  1. Open your device’s browser
  2. Go to
  3. Tap Sign In
  4. Enter the target’s Apple ID
  5. Click on the target’s device

As soon as you click on the target’s device, you will be presented with a map detailing their last known location. To get this method to work, you must know the target’s Apple ID. 

This trick is simple, but it has one fundamental flaw. As soon as you sign into the target’s iCloud, Apple will alert them and send them your device and IP address. Your partner or child may even realize you are spying on them. That is why SpyBubble is a better option because it is undetectable and allows you to track your partner or child’s location forever!

Track Current Location Text Message Android Devices with Find My Device! 

Android Find My Device map

Do you know your spouse’s Google Account credentials? Then you can instantly view their location! Just follow these steps: 

  1. Open your device’s browser
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in to the target’s Google Account
  4. Click on the target’s device at the top of the screen

Once you have signed in and clicked on the correct device, you will be able to see a map with the target’s live notification. This location tracking is approximate and is not as accurate as GeoFinder or SpyBubble. 

The major problem with this method is that the target will receive an alert as soon as you sign into their Google Account and they can instantly lock you out. So this method is not suitable for long-term tracking and chances of getting caught are quite high compared to using a stealth spy apps like eyeZy and SpyBubble which can easily track someone on google maps without them knowing.

Final Verdict  

How to find the location of a text message? Use GeoFinder! With this tracker, all you need to do is compose a message and text a link to find the location. Once the target clicks on the link, GeoFinder will send you their exact location. If you suspect your partner or child is lying about where they are going, find out the truth and send them a message from GeoFinder now! 

If you don’t just want to know your partner or child’s location and want to see exactly what they are doing on the phone. Then install SpyBubble on their device and instantly read their texts, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram messages, as well as track their current location!


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