Privacy is essential to everyone, whether you’re an adult or a child. Children of the modern generation always seek to keep things private. But do you know there is an app these days called the secret vault app? Secret vault apps have been trending for years, but nowadays, children are using them to keep their data secret. Children are using these apps to store their private data and information. Here is a guide to each parent on what they should know about secret vault apps, as these apps are now trending as secret fake calculator apps, and how to spot fake calculator app on your child’s phone.

What is a Fake Calculator App?

A Fake Calculator App is a deceptive mobile application disguised to look and function like a typical calculator on the surface. At first glance, it might seem like just another calculator app that helps solve math problems. However, beneath this innocent facade, it offers concealed storage where users can stash away personal files, photos, videos, hide text messages, and more. Its camouflage as a calculator makes it harder for others, including parents, to identify its actual function: a hidden vault for confidential content.

How Does the Secret Calculator App Work?

The secret calculator app operates on a dual-functionality principle. On its surface, it functions like any other calculator, allowing users to perform basic arithmetic operations. However, the secret smartphone app’s true function is revealed when a specific passcode, set by the user, is entered into the calculator interface. Once the correct passcode is keyed in, the calculator’s interface transitions, revealing a hidden vault where users have stored their confidential files. This vault can hold a variety of content, from photos and videos to documents and chat logs. To ensure optimal security, many of these apps also feature encryption methods, password recovery options, and sometimes even intruder detection systems that capture photos of unauthorized users attempting to access the vault.

Why Do Kids Use Fake Calculator Apps?

As we live in a growing and interconnected world, everyone should keep their child safe by monitoring their online activities or browsing their child’s incognito history regularly. As a result, some children feel that their privacy is being invaded, so they seek for some private space and install these apps to keep their data secret. But parents should know how to spot a secret calculator app. Fake calculator apps play a vital role in keeping data confidential. It is an app where a person keeps their videos and images private. 

In this fast-paced world, everyone seeks privacy these days. Most teenagers use these fake calculator apps to store private images and videos. Sexting is very common these days among teenagers. The fake calculator app is a secret app that allows teenagers to hide their nude pictures and data. They can also hide their contacts, conversations, and address book. 

In addition, there is one more advanced feature of the fake calculator. Some progressive fake calculator apps can capture the picture of the intruder. An intruder is an unauthorized user of the fake calculator app. This picture is stored in the secret vault app, so the user can see who was trying to access their data.
Are secret calculator apps safe for children?  Parents also should supervise see their child’s incognito history.

There are many developers these days who are creating these calculator vault apps. And these apps are available on the website to download and install on smartphones or tablets. So it is very challenging to say which app is better for storing data and information on. These secret fake apps have a major disadvantage, as many people experienced being logged out of the app and therefore losing access to their data.

In short, your children must be aware of the consequences and implications of their behavior online.They must be aware that their data, that they share online, is not 100% secure and safe. Before allowing your kid to use the internet, they must be aware of the complexities of uploading data on the internet. 

How to Spot Fake Calculator App?

If you are concerned that your child’s device is using a fake calculator app, there are several tips that can help you to tell if a calculator app is fake and spot it in your child’s mobile phone or tablet.

  1. Check the memory size of the app

It is tough to pinpoint the exact secret calculator vault app in the smartphone of your child because this secret calculator vault app looks precisely like a regular calculator.One of the best ways to check if the calculator installed on your child’s smart device is real or not is checking if the secret vault app fits the memory size of the regular calculator. If it is larger in size than 30 Mb, it is possible that the app is a secret vault app.

  1. Do some research on the calculator app name

 If you see a suspicious calculator app on your child’s mobile phone, you can search for it on the app store. You can read the full app description on the app store.You will understand if it is a real calculator or a fake secret vault app. Also, by checking the reviews you could get some hints on whether it’s a genuine calculator app or not.

  1. Check out the apps permission

The majority of fake calculator apps would need access to your videos and photos to work correctly. But some fake calculators will need some extra unnecessary permissions to access your contacts and text messages.If you find such apps asking for excessive permissions, that app could be a fake calculator app. 

Protecting Your Child From a Vault Calculator With a Parental Control App

mSpy GPS tracker

If you are suspicious that your child is using a vault calculator to hide data like images, text messages and videos, here are a few things you can do to protect your child from a vault calculator:

You can talk to your child about the complexities of these apps. Make sure your child is aware of the consequences and dangers of using secret vault apps. 

If you notice your child is more private and quiet than before, you can spy on your child by using a parent control tool such as the mSpy app. It is the best program with which you can monitor your child’s mobile phone and online activities. These app features are awe-inspiring and versatile. mSpy app offers robust privacy controls, which means you will have complete control over your child’s online activities. 

mSpy tool

mSpy tool is a top-quality phone monitoring solution. This innovative app works easily and quickly. This tool works efficiently on Apple devices, as well as Android, so that you may know how to spot fake calculator apps on iphone. It just takes a few minutes to install on your smart device. It is a perfect parenting tool that helps you keep your kids safe and gives you satisfactory results.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of online activities.
  • Access to stored files, photos, and videos.
  • Alerts for suspicious app installations or activities.
  • Ability to block or restrict certain apps or content.
  • Geo-fencing and location tracking.


  • Offers parents peace of mind about their child’s online safety.
  • Allows for early intervention if inappropriate content or behavior is detected.
  • Provides tools to educate children on online risks.


  • mSpy might have compatibility issues with certain devices.


  • Basic (one month) – 29.99 USD per month.
  • Premium service for one month – 69.99 USD per month.
  • Premium Membership for three months – 39.99 USD each month.
  • A premium membership for a year – 16.66 USD every month.


To sum up, it is essential to educate your child to stop looking at inappropriate content or using fake calculator secret apps. We must tell them data is not 100% secure on these apps.As a parent, you should encourage trust and confidence in your kid. Although if your kid uses the secret vault apps to hide their data, you can use phone monitoring tools such as mSpy to ensure the safety of your children. By using such apps, you can control and monitor your child’s online activities.


How Do You Tell If a Calculator App Is a Hidden App?

  • Check the app’s storage size: Secret vault apps tend to be larger than standard calculator apps.
  • Examine the app permissions: A simple calculator shouldn’t require access to photos, videos, or contacts.

What Does a Fake Calculator App Look Like on an iPhone?

On an iPhone, a fake calculator app may have an icon similar to the standard calculator but might have slight variations in design or color. Always check the app name and developer details in the App Store.

What Is the Calculator App That Hides Apps?

The calculator app that hides other apps is essentially a camouflage or disguise application, designed to look like a simple calculator on the surface. But when a specific passcode or pattern, set by the user, is entered into the calculator interface, it reveals a hidden compartment or vault.


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