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Controlling what kids do on the Internet can be tricky, but there are ways to ease the headache and block porn sites and YouTube channels, at least in Google Chrome. Check out our tutorial on setting parental controls in the Chrome browser.

So, Google Chrome’s parental controls can be implemented in two ways:

  1. Using standard methods like creating a unique controlled profile in the browser;
  2. Using plugins from the Google store.

Use a supervised Chrome Profile (Linux, macOS, and Windows) 

Step 1: Sign in with your Google account in Chrome. To do this, open the program menu and choose the ‘Sign in to Chrome’ option;

Step 2: Access your browser settings through the menu and navigate to the ‘People and Sharing’ section. Click on ‘Add New User’;

add a person on google chrome

Step 3: Choose an avatar, interface, and name for the supervised user of each of your children, nephews, or students and guests. Below, select the second checkbox to enable supervision. Optionally, you can also create a desktop shortcut for the user.

In the confirmation screen, you can now switch to the created user. However, your supervision must still be configured to specify what permissions the web surfer will have on the browser.

Configuring your Supervised account settings

Step 1: On the screen that confirms supervised user creation, click to access the control panel. It is possible to perform the most basic parental control tasks;

Step 2: The window on the right shows blocked websites and other supervised user browsing settings. To modify them, click ‘Manage’;

Step 3: From the first list, choose one of two possible ways to lock. In short, you can block everything and list some allowed sites, or release everything and block some pages. Select the one that suits you best and proceed;

Step 4: Enter the allowed (blocked web) or blocked (blocked web) sites in the fields below. You can also allow access or blocking to specific parts of the website;

enable chrome parental control

Step 5: (Optional) If you have decided to block any particular domain from the site, list it below. When you are done, click on ‘Ok’;

Step 6: The remaining two-panel windows serve to accept or deny requests to access blocked sites and view supervised user activity. In the first case, mark the item and choose the action on the button. In the second window, select to block or allow visited sites.

In the supervised user history, you can organize access by day, week, or month by clicking the special icon.

PRO TIP: Using the menu, you can configure the resolution and access to specific sites. Safe Search is already included there, as well as filters that prevent the child from accessing an inappropriate site for him/her.

Parental control in Google Chrome works in such a way that the search engine will not give out links or pictures to blocked requests, notifying the young user about it.

Install Parental Control Chrome Extensions

Parental control extensions for Chrome are a compelling option because, for the most part, you get the desired rich functionality for free.

Some parental controls offer a unique and powerful combination of a mobile app and a Chrome extension that takes safe browsing for children to the new level and ensures all-round protection.

Also, the installation process couldn’t be more straightforward – it’s a matter of three clicks and a couple of minutes. Here are our top picks:

WebFilter Free/Pro

webfilter chrome extension

WebFilter Parental Control & Anti-Porn is a cloud-based software for safe browsing that allows you to monitor the use of a computer by your children.

  • The add-on uses a system of explicit keyword lists that will automatically block access to certain associated websites.
  • The integrated search engine analyzes the data of the pages, using 25 categories of filtering (drugs, porn, abuse, online games & gambling, malicious pages, etc.)
  • It allows parents to block websites by URL or mark them as trusted.
  • Pro version enables password protection and redirection to other sites to boot.


bark dashboard pc phone tablet

Once added to Chrome, the Bark extension presents child’s emails, 24+ social media platforms, YouTube, and other online activities to the parents in plain sight.

It collects all the browser data and sends it directly to your neat dashboard of the Bark mobile app or another family computer.

The most revolutionary function is that the extension can detect alarming keywords pointing to potential issues like inappropriate content, cyberbullying, or even suicidal thoughts.

This way, you don’t have to invade the kid’s privacy and read all the messages. Bark will take care of those that require your interference.

Web Nanny

web nanny free extention

Web Nanny software is primarily used as a “profanity filter”.

  • It replaces or removes inappropriate words from the whole web pages by default.
  • The users can create and modify the forbidden word lists or add new terms to the dictionary as they see fit.
  • You can also decide which words are going to be used instead of the profane ones.


blocksi parental control dashboard on pc

The Blocksi add-on is not only a parental control software but also a great Chrome extension for productivity.

  • It combines time-management and filtering features, blocking 79 categories of harmful content, including malware.
  • It’s one of the most potent YouTube filters.
  • Blocksi’s rare perk is scanning of Google Docs, Google Classroom, Netflix, and other popular services.

Parental Control Adult Content Blocker

parental control metacert settings

This Chrome extension by Metacert focuses on porn blocking and does so in an impressive manner:

  • The providers claim to block more pornographic pages (over 10 billion) than any other software for Chrome.
  • It automatically removes inappropriate pics and content with links to porn from search results.
  • Parents can create a custom white list of websites and prevent children and teens from visiting any other resources.
  • Parental Control also manages to filter Dailymotion & YouTube.


mobicip chrome extension in incognito mode

If your children use a Chromebook – a laptop powered by Chrome OS – Mobicip software package should be your first choice.

Although it works perfectly with any other PCs that use Google Chrome, the synergy with Chrome computers is exceptionally smooth and functional.

In our Mobicip review, we found out that apart from standard features like screen time for browsers, web filtering, and internet history overview, you’ll be able to monitor kids’ online activity even in the incognito mode, block the browser entirely, and hide the extension icon for the child’s Google account.

You’ll be aware of their every browser interaction by getting instant notifications to your phone with the Mobicip app installed.


stopitkids chrome extension dashboard

The distinctiveness of StopItKids extension is how customizable the settings are.

  • A parent can choose not only websites but also particular pages or the whole browser to block.
  • Moreover, you can create keywords yourself and get notifications to the smartphone app when children use them in Chrome.
  • The preferences are easily changed in the application – it only takes a few swipes.
  • Other unsafe content is blocked automatically.
  • You get full web activity reports in PDF.

Summary: How do You Set Restrictions on Google Chrome?

To put it simply, you could allow or deny a child access to various sites from their profile.

Parents can allow all sites except those specified in the blacklist, or prohibit access to all pages except those specified in the white list. Beware of secure VPNs, though, since kids can use them to hide their online activity. Check their program list for such programs and remove them if you notice them on their computer. Lastly, you can also improve the functionality of parental controls in Google Chrome immensely with the help of extensions.


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