The internet is a good avenue for children to learn and develop multi-faceted knowledge if put to good use. Many children have discovered their hidden talents by seeing certain content online. In contrast, others have utilized the internet as a channel to push their dreams and reach a global audience. 

In the same way that it has helped people achieve their potential, the internet has also caused many disadvantages, especially for children. Harmful addictions, exposure to adult content, violence, bullying, etc., are some downsides to allowing children to use the internet. The only way to avoid these problems is to monitor their online activities. 

As a parent (or guardian), you will agree that monitoring all your kids’ activities online is impossible. However, you can use parental controls to prevent them from viewing specific content while browsing the internet. In this article, we will discuss how to set up parental controls on Safari to monitor children’s online activities on Apple devices. 

Is Safari safe for children?

Yes, Safari is safe for children. Safari only provides a channel for children to access the internet. The internet is like a double-edged sword, and Safari is a handle that allows you to wield it. 

However, since children need help to make well-informed decisions, they need help using the internet. And Safari allows you to monitor your child’s online activities without constantly looking over their phones. Many parents do not know how to put parental controls on Safari and limit their exposure to harmful content. 

Without parental control, children stand a risk of exposure to:

  • Adult Content: It has become relatively easy to encounter adult content on the internet these days. Children can innocently watch videos, read content, or view pictures that promote sex and violence.
  • Online Purchases: Without supervision, children can use their card details to make payments for unnecessary goods or services. These payments might be something small and easy to ignore sometimes. Other times, it might accumulate into hundreds or thousands of dollars.  
  • Social Media Vices: Applications are one of many means of accessing social media platforms. Your child can also use Safari to log on to sites like Facebook or Instagram. When they log in to the platform, they can become victims of cyberbullying, cyber hacks, and other social media vices.
  • Online Fraud: Several online ads and content defraud unsuspecting internet users. Using Safari, your child can fall victim to these scams and might just sell your house while you’re still in it. 
  • Unrestricted Screen Time: Even if your child manages to avoid all the problems listed previously, using Safari allows your children to spend too much time on the phone. This unrestricted screen time affects their ability to perform other activities like studying.

In summary, Safari, as an internet browser, does not constitute any harm to children. However, if you know how to put parental controls on Safari, you can make the internet safe for your children. You can also find out how to put parental controls on Android.

How to Put Parental Controls on Safari for Mac

Mac, iPhone, or iPad have similar methods of setting parental controls on Safari. The next section will discuss setting up parental controls on Safari on iPhone. However, if you want to put parental controls on Safari for Mac, here’s how:

  1. Locate ‘Screen Time”. You can locate this by clicking on the Apple logo on the home screen. Then, select “System Preferences.”
  2. Click “Content and Privacy” and turn it on at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Content” and choose from any of the three options: 
    • Unrestricted Access: Select this option to remove restrictions from visiting any website.
    • Limit Adult Websites: Select this option if you want Safari to prevent the device from visiting Apple’s list of Adult websites. 
    • Allowed Websites Only: This option allows your child only to access a list of predefined websites. 

You can add or remove websites from Apple’s predefined list using the “Always Allow” and “Never Allow” options below.

That’s how to put parental controls on Safari on Mac. The process is easy and straightforward; you can complete it in a few minutes.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Safari for iPhone & iPad

iPhones and iPads are mobile devices and have the same means of setting up parental controls. You can find the parental controls on Safari under the Screen Time feature. If you do not know how to set up parental controls on Safari on iPhone, here’s a well-detailed guide. 

1. Click on Settings.

Iphone home screen

2. Scroll down and select Screen Time.

Iphone screen time

3. Toggle the “Content and Privacy Restrictions” button to activate restrictions for your child’s device usage. You might need to provide a password to toggle this button. 

Iphone content and privacy screen

4. Once the button shows green, click “Allowed Apps” in the menu below to see a list of Apps controlled by Apple’s Content and Privacy Restrictions. 

Iphone Allowed Apps screen

5. Locate Safari and ensure the button beside it is toggled on with green color. 

Iphone Allowed Apps "Safari" screen

6. Return to the Content and Privacy Restrictions menu and select “Content Restrictions.”

7. Select “Web Content.”

Iphone Content Restrictions screen

8. There are three options in the next menu;

9. Select either of the last two options, which is how to put parental controls on Safari on iPad

How to Make Safari Child-Safe Using a Parental Control App?

Using Apple settings for parental control on Safari limits you to setting screen time, blocking adult content, and blocking specific websites. If you know how to put parental control on Safari on iPhone and still want more control over your child’s devices, you can use a spy app like mSpy. 

Spy apps allow you to monitor your child’s devices in real time. You can check their location anytime and know what they’re doing on their phones without being with them. To install mSpy on your child’s Apple device, 

1. The first step to installing mSpy on your kid’s Apple device is to create an account and buy a subscription plan.

mSpy choose your plan2. Once mSpy confirms your payment, you will be given access to an online dashboard. 

3. You can select the kind of device you want to monitor from the dashboard. 

Select the kind of device

5. Once you select the Apple logo, as shown above, fill in the necessary details about your child’s device on the next page. You must know your child’s iCloud details to complete this step. 

6. If the phone has a verification code, you must also wait to receive a verification code before proceeding. 

7. Once complete, you can return to your mSpy dashboard to monitor your kid. You can also access this dashboard with any device – a mobile phone, tablet, PC, etc.

mSpy setup wizard

Now you know how to put parental control on Safari on iPad and iPhone using a spy app. You can also use mSpy to get their real-time location, see the WiFi network they’re connected to, read their messages, check call logs, etc.

   Jailbreak / Rooting    No
   Compatibility    Android, iOS
   Free Trial    Yes
   Refund Policy    30 days

Try mSpy 


Now that you know how to put parental controls on Safari on iPhone, you must understand this is only one step in the long walk to protecting your kid(s). Constantly educate your children on the importance of online safety and why they beware of the content they engage in online. On your part, you should also use strong passwords on their devices and change them regularly.


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