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Are you finding it difficult to resist the temptation of spending hours on YouTube? Whether you’re a student trying to stay focused or a professional looking to boost productivity, managing your YouTube time is crucial. In this article, we will walk you through simple yet effective methods to limit your YouTube usage on Mac using popular browsers like Chrome and Safari. By implementing these techniques, you can regain control over your time, stay on track, and make the most out of your online experience.

How to limit YouTube Time 

It’s important to strike a balance and ensure that you’re not compromising other aspects of your life. In this paragraph, we will discuss some effective strategies to limit your YouTube time on Mac, specifically focusing on the Chrome and Safari browsers. By implementing these techniques, you can regain control over your online experience and optimize your productivity.

Chrome Extension

You can set a time restriction for YouTube on Chrome using an extension called YouTube Time. This extension is specifically designed to limit daily YouTube usage and has proven beneficial in improving productivity for many users.

Follow these steps to implement the time limit:

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store.

2. Install the YouTube Time extension.

3. Control-click the extension’s icon in the Chrome toolbar and select Options.

choose Options

4. There are two options available. You can either set a daily time limit or customize limits for specific days of the week.

time allowed per day

5. Save the limit after making your selection.

For added flexibility, the extension allows you to ignore the time limit. However, you can control this by setting a maximum number of overrides per day.

ignore limit

To enhance the effectiveness of the YouTube time limit, you can enable the “Allow in incognito” option. Access this by clicking the extension’s icon in the Chrome toolbar, selecting Manage Extensions, and enabling the option.

Once the setup is complete, a countdown timer will be displayed on the extension icon when you visit a YouTube page. When the allocated time is up, YouTube will be blocked on the Chrome browser of your Mac. 

Note: It’s important to be aware that Chrome extensions can be easily removed, either by you or someone else. If the YouTube Time extension is removed, the set time limit for YouTube will also be removed. 

Limit Screen Time on Mac (Catalina or Later Only)

If your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac mini is operating on macOS 10.15 Catalina or a later version, you have a built-in solution called Screen Time provided by Apple. Screen Time is a collection of tools designed for time management and parental controls, first introduced in iOS 12 and subsequently included in macOS starting from Catalina.

Screen Time can be utilized to set time limits specifically for YouTube on the Safari browser of your Mac if you are running Catalina or Big Sur. However, if you have an earlier macOS version that does not support Screen Time, you can follow Method 1 outlined below.

Here are the steps to set YouTube time limits on a Mac running Catalina or Big Sur:

1. Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

2. Choose Screen Time from the options.

choose Screen Time

3. Click on Options located in the bottom left corner, and then click Turn On to activate Screen Time on your Mac.

click Turn On

4. Optionally, you can select the box next to Use Screen Time Passcode. Choose your preferred option and proceed to set a 4-digit passcode.

5. In the sidebar, click on App Limits.

click App Limits

6. Click the plus icon, which will open the “Create a new app limit” window.

7. Scroll down and expand the Websites section.

expand Websites

8. Click the green plus icon that appears and enter the domain name Press the Return key.

9. You have two options to limit YouTube time on your Mac:

Every Day: With this option, you can specify the daily duration during which will be accessible, regardless of the day of the week.

Custom: This option allows you to customize the time limit for each day of the week. Click the Edit button, set the desired daily time limit, and click Done.

 click Done

10. Click Done to save the settings.

To modify the time limit you have set for YouTube, access Screen Time, go to App Limits, and select from the list of limited websites. Click Edit Limit to make the necessary adjustments. To remove a limit, select the website and click the minus icon.


Bark home screen

Bark is a comprehensive parental control app designed to help parents keep their children safe online. With its advanced monitoring features, Bark allows parents to stay informed about their child’s online activities across various platforms. By connecting to popular social media networks, messaging apps, and email accounts, Bark can detect potential risks, such as cyberbullying, online predators, explicit content, and more.

Here’s a set of instructions to help you get started with the Bark app:

  • Download and Install: Visit the app store on your mobile device (iOS or Android) and search for “Bark – Parental Control App.” Download and install the app on the device you will be using to monitor your child’s online activities.

Bark - Parental Control App home screen 2

  • Sign Up: Open the Bark app and sign up for a new account. Follow the on-screen prompts to provide the necessary information, including your email address and a strong password.

Sign Up Bark

  • Set Up Your Child’s Profile: After signing up, you’ll be prompted to create a profile for your child. Enter their name, age, and any relevant details.
  • Connect Platforms: Bark supports various platforms like social media, messaging apps, and email. Connect the platforms your child uses by following the on-screen instructions for each one. This typically involves logging into the accounts and granting permission to Bark.
  • Customize Monitoring Preferences: Bark offers a range of monitoring features. Adjust the settings to align with your preferences, such as setting up alerts for specific keywords or monitoring screen time.
  • Invite Co-Parents and Caregivers: If you share parenting responsibilities or want other caregivers to have access to the monitoring information, invite them to join Bark. They can create their own accounts and link them to your child’s profile.
  • Start Monitoring: Once you’ve completed the setup, Bark will begin monitoring your child’s online activities. You will receive alerts and reports based on the configured settings.

Bark features

  • Review Reports and Alerts: Regularly check the Bark app to review reports and alerts regarding your child’s online interactions. This will help you stay informed and address any concerns or issues that arise.

Try Bark


In conclusion, when it comes to limiting YouTube time and maintaining a healthy digital lifestyle, Bark stands out as the best option. Whether you are a concerned parent looking to manage your child’s screen time or an individual seeking to regulate your own YouTube usage, Bark provides an effective solution. With its versatile features and comprehensive monitoring capabilities, Bark allows users of all ages to set time limits on YouTube, promoting a balanced online experience.

By leveraging Bark’s advanced tools, you can cultivate healthier digital habits, increase productivity, and prevent excessive screen time. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, Bark is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to limit YouTube time and foster a more mindful approach to online content consumption.




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