Data reveals that 34% of all internet users tend to state they unwillingly got exposed to inappropriate websites through ads or misdirected links. With that sort of statistics, it becomes important to make sure your family isn’t among them. 

So, how to block adult websites in Google Chrome? That we’ll find out today. For instance, we’ll teach you how to block bad websites on Chrome on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. We’ll also throw in additional tips on keeping away from adult content. So, be sure that this guide is the ultimate solution to your problem. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive in. 

How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome on Computer

Filtering out adult content doesn’t have to be hard. If you’re wondering how to block adult websites in Windows 10 (or other versions) or Mac, using a desktop program or a browser extension is the best way around. 

Use mSpy

Use mspy to block adult sites google

Based on our experience, using desktop software is one of the best ways to filter out adult websites on Windows or Mac. Such a program is designed to identify and block out inappropriate content and gives you the choice to select what sort of websites to filter out. 

The most recommended option is mSpy as it supports both Mac and Windows while offering a good value for your money. Furthermore, our review experts have found it a great overall parental control app after evaluating many similar services in certain aspects.

The main selling point of mSpy is the availability of lots of features like monitoring of social media chats, device location, call log, and of course, the ability to block inappropriate content. With 10 years of experience and reliable services, mSpy has reached a 1.5 customer base. 

In a nutshell, mSpy is a great app to make sure your family doesn’t get exposed to adult content on the internet. You can go through our detailed review on mSpy for further information. An alternative to mSpy is SpyBubble

Key Features

  • Advanced web filtering: Enhance mSpy’s web filtering capabilities by introducing advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to accurately identify and block adult websites. This will ensure a higher level of protection for families against inappropriate content.
  • Customizable whitelisting and blacklisting: Allow users to customize the list of websites that should be blocked or allowed, giving them more control over the content their family can access. This feature can be especially useful in cases where certain websites need to be accessed for educational or work purposes.
  • Real-time website monitoring: Implement real-time website monitoring functionality in mSpy, which provides parents with instant notifications when their child attempts to access an inappropriate website. This proactive approach helps parents take immediate action to protect their children from potential online dangers.
  • Keyword blocking: Introduce keyword blocking capabilities to mSpy’s web filtering feature. This allows parents to block websites that contain specific keywords related to adult content, ensuring an additional layer of protection against inappropriate material.
  • Safe search enforcement: Enable the Safe Search Enforcement feature in mSpy, which ensures that search engines like Google only display filtered and safe search results. This feature helps prevent accidental exposure to adult content through search engine queries.
  • Category-based website blocking: Enhance mSpy’s web filtering by introducing category-based website blocking. This feature allows parents to block entire categories of websites, such as adult content, gambling, or violence, providing a comprehensive filtering solution.
  • Time-based website blocking: Integrate time-based website blocking functionality into mSpy, allowing parents to set specific time periods during which certain websites should be blocked. This feature can be helpful in limiting access to adult content during specific hours, such as nighttime or study hours.
  • App-level website blocking: Extend mSpy’s web filtering capabilities to include app-level website blocking. This feature allows parents to block access to specific websites within individual apps, ensuring a more comprehensive control over the content their children can access.
  • Reporting and analytics: Enhance mSpy’s reporting and analytics capabilities to provide parents with detailed insights into their child’s online activities. This includes comprehensive reports on blocked websites, attempted accesses, and overall web usage, empowering parents to make informed decisions regarding their child’s internet safety.
Basic (1 month) Premium (1 month) Premium (3 months) Premium (12 months)
$29.99 / month $29.99 / month $39.99 / month $16.66 / month

Try mSpy

Use a Chrome Extension

If you’d rather use a quick and specialized solution than install an all-in-one parental control app, a chrome parental controls extension is the way to go. In fact, you can install a chrome extension on any other browser like Firefox and Opera. 

As a result of our tests, we have determined that the best content filter for chrome is Block Site. It comes with 1,000,000+ users around the world with 26,140 reviews that make a total of 4.5 rating out of 5. To be clear, it’s a trustable add-on and you certainly cannot go wrong with it.

How Block Site works is by manually blocking the websites you want to. You can either block them permanently (unless you don’t unblock them) or schedule their unblocking. It also comes in handy to block distracting sites during work with time interval blocking.

Time interval blocking block site chrome

Last but not the least, Block Site also provides you with a breakdown of which websites were visited the most. However, to track the private history of a device, go through our detailed guide on how can parents view their child’s incognito history.

How to Install Block Site on Google Chrome?

Follow the steps below to install Block Site on Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome and search for “Chrome Web Store”

Search for chrome web store

2. Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Block Site”

Search for block site chrome web store

3. Go to Block Site 

open block site

4. Click “Add to Chrome”

click add to chrome

It will take a while and the extension will be installed on your browser. 

Since Block Site only supports Google Chrome, MS Edge, and Firefox, it cannot be directly installed on other browsers. However, here’s how you can install it on browsers like Opera and Vivaldi:

How to Install Block Site on Opera or Vivaldi?

Follow the instructions below to install Block Site on non-supported browsers:

1. Go to the browser’s extension store

Open browser extension store

2. Install the extension “Install Chrome Extensions”. Note that it’s not available on all other browsers.

Install chrome extensions

3. Now, go to Chrome Web Store, search for Block Site, and install it

Search for block site chrome web store

That’s it, Block Site will now install on your browser even if Block Site doesn’t support it.

How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome on Android

A web blocking app or a parental control app is the only good way to block adult websites in Google on Android. 

Use a Web Blocker App

There are many great Android website blocker apps out there but Freedom is a recommended choice for the quality of features it offers. It’s a productivity-focused app that lets you block certain websites to remain focused. 

Install freedom app

From the perspective of trustworthiness, Freedom is an authoritative website blocker with 2,000,000 around the world. Moreover, it has been featured in top publications like The New York Times. 

The availability of the free trial is another significant addition. But using Freedom on multiple devices requires the paid plan which starts from as low as $2.50 a month. 

Speaking of functionality, Freedom not only lets you block websites but you can also use certain apps using it. Moreover, where it offers the option for scheduled blockings, you can also use the lockdown feature to immediately block an app or website. 

According to our experience, the app also works with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Google Chrome other than Android. So, it’s basically an all-in-one solution for web blocking. 

That said, some parental control apps also offer web blocking features, like mSpy. Go through our guide on the best parental control apps for Android to find a suitable parenting control program. 

How to Block Adult Websites in Google Chrome Chrome on iPhone

The convenient way to filter out adult websites on iPhone is by using a web blocker or parenting control app. However, iPhone devices also give you an extra option “iPhone’s built-in restrictions”. We’ll explore both options below:

Use iPhone’s Built-in Restrictions

Thankfully, Apple offers built-in parental controls for its devices including iPhone. The feature lets you set content restrictions on a device. Use the following steps to enable these restrictions:

1. Tap Settings on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)

2. Tap “Screen Time” and navigate to “Content & Privacy Restrictions”

3. Open the “Use Screen Time Passcode” section

4. Type a Pincode that you wouldn’t want to share with the device’s user

5. It will ask you for the device password for confirmation, type that and confirm

6. Once done, go to  “Content Restrictions” 

7. Tap “Web Content” and set it to “Limit Adult Websites’

8. You also get the options for adding or blocking certain websites manually, you can utilize these too to block adult websites

That’s it, using iPhone’s built-in parental control feature is authoritative and powerful. 

Use a Web Blocker App 

Using a web blocking app is also a good alternative to filter out adult content on the internet due to additional benefits. 

The best web blocker for iPhone is RescueTime. Quite like the Freedom app, RescueTime is also a productivity-focused application designed to block sites that you find to be distracting. 

RescueTime is not used by millions of people worldwide and is the top choice of PCMag. Moreover, the app also offers convenient breakdowns of the usage of certain websites. 

The plans at RescueTime start from  $6.50/mo. You can also use its 2-week free trial to see if the company is a fit for you. 

Other than that, if you’d like to see a list of the spy apps that support web blocking for iPhone, go through our guide on the best parental control apps for iPhone.

Tips to Block Inappropriate Content on Chrome

Below are some additional tips that help to block adult content in Google:

Turn on Google SafeSearch

Our investigation shows that Google SafeSearch doesn’t work accurately in all cases but is still a helpful browser parental control for chrome that helps to block explicit content. The best part is, it filters out this content across different types of media including videos, images, and queries. 

On the other hand, when Google SafeSearch is turned off, you get the specialized results for your queries that include all types of content as long as it’s relevant. In other words, searching for explicit content with SafeSearch off won’t block the inappropriate results. 

So, it’s better to keep it turned off on your phone. Follow the steps below to enable Google SafeSearch in Chrome mobile app (either Android or iPhone):

1. Open Chrome app on your phone

2. Tap three dots on the top right corner 

Click three dots chrome

3. Go to settings

Open settings in chrome

4. Tap privacy and security

Click privacy and security in chrome

5. Tap the Safe Browsing option under the “Basic” section

tap safe browsing

4. Switch it to “Enhanced protection”

Enhanced protection chrome

Use Google Play Restrictions

Turning on the parental control restrictions on Google Play on a device filters out unsuitable apps according to the maturity level. 

However, the point to note down is, it won’t filter restricted apps when the user searches for them manually or uses a direct link to open an app.

Anyway, follow these instructions to set up parental controls on Google Play:

1. Open Google Play on Your Android Device

2. Tap the profile icon on the top right corner

Click profile icon play store

3. Navigate to Settings and tap the drop-down of “Family” settings

Family settings

4. Tap “Parental Controls” under Family settings

tap parental controls

5. Turn on Parental Controls

Turn on parental controls

6. It’ll ask you to create a PIN, use one that you wouldn’t want to share with the device’s user

Create pin play store

7. Confirm the pin and type in your device password if it asks for

8. Configure the maturity level settings to filter out inappropriate apps

That’s it, you’re all set.

Add Restrictions on Google Chrome

If you’re willing to block adult websites on your child’s devices, adding Google Chrome restrictions might help. 

However, it will require your child to have a child account and only works with Android and Chromebook devices. To be clear, children cannot use their Google Chrome account on a Chrome or iPad. 

With that out of the way, follow these steps to block/ allow certain websites on your child’s Google account. 

1. Open the Family link app by Google

2. Select your child whose account you want to block adult sites on

3. Navigate to Manage settings > Google Chrome > Manage sites > Approved or Blocked

4. Now, you might see the option for blocking or allowing certain websites

5. Just type in the correct URL of those websites in the right sections and that’s it

Key Takeaways

Below is the guide summarized into bullet points:

  • The best way to block adult websites in Google Chrome on the computer is by using a parental control (or web blocker) app like mSpy
  • Alternatively, you can install a Chrome extension like Block Site
  • To block adult websites on Android, consider a web blocker app like Freedom 
  • The best way to block inappropriate websites on iPhone is by using iPhone’s built-in restrictions for parental controls
  • You can also install a web blocker like RescueTime to filter out inappropriate websites
  • Turning on Google SafeSearch on Chrome and parental controls on Play Store helps with keeping away from adult content

How Do I Block Inappropriate Sites on Google Chrome?

The best way to block adult content on Google Chrome is by either using a chrome extension or another third-party app like mSpy. Block Site is a popular and the most recommended choice. To enable Block Site on Google Chrome, open Chrome Web Store and search for this extension. Then, click “Add to Chrome” and it will install the extension on your browser in a while. 

What is a Good Content Filter for Chrome?

The best content filter for Google Chrome is “Block Site”. It’s a Chrome extension with 1,000,000+ users. Where it lets you manually block certain websites, you can also block websites using certain phrases and words. Moreover, it also tracks the time usage of sites on Chrome.  That said, also go through our guide on how to view your child’s incognito history to see what they’ve been doing on the internet. 


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