Highster Mobile is the market leader in the world of mobile spy apps. It allows you to monitor anyone’s smartphone without requiring you to jailbreak that device.

In this review, we will talk about Highster Mobile software in detail its technical features, its cost, confirmation to rules, and compatibility with popular devices.

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What is Highster Mobile?

+ Active tracking in a discreet manner Live technical support could be improved
+ Easy to use with simple installation A free demo could make it more appealing
+ Highly advanced technical features  
No jailbreak or rooting required  
+ One time charges and no rollover costs  
+ Data-rich dashboard  

Highster Mobile is a highly advanced spy app developed by ILF mobile apps. It works on almost all smartphones and allows you to spy on phones from virtually anywhere and with complete anonymity.  

If you are a caring parent who needs to know how to read your kid’s WhatsApp messages, Highster Mobile is your go-to destination for this secret information.

Highster Mobile features

Here are some of the most advanced and critical features of Highster Mobile cell phone spy software:

  • Keylogger keeps a record of every incoming and outgoing activity from your target phone which includes Whatsapp messages, Instagram, Facebook messages, it captures text messages, call logs, SMS, etc.;
  • GPS Tracker helps you to find the GPS location of the target person and pinpoints their real-time movements on the Google map;
  • Browser history of your target and the list of websites they have visited;
  • Get real-time updates on the data-rich dashboard;
  • Easy installation in 3 steps that requires minimal input from the user. It is also combined with the advantage of uninstalling the software remotely.

How does Highster Mobile Work?

highster mobile

How to install Highster mobile remotely?

You need to follow a simple 3-step registration and authentication process that will take less than a minute to activate the app:

  1. Download and install Highster Mobile app on the target phone you wish to monitor;
  2. Make the payment, and you would be provided with a license key;
  3. Get a confirmation message upon activation;
  4. Press OK. The app is now active on the phone and invisible to your target;
  5. Log in from anywhere and monitor the activities.

30-day goodwill refund policy
Number of features: ★★★★
Quality of features: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★


Does Highster Mobile monitoring software work on Android and iOS?

highster mobile appHighster Mobile works efficiently on both iOS and Android devices with full compatibility.

On Android

  • Highster is compatible with all Android devices;
  • You need to download the app, make payment and get free upgrades;
  • It will give you access to the intended user’s social media, GPS location, email, and every activity on the target phone;
  • Highster works even without the target phone being rooted.

On iOS

How much does Highster Mobile cost?

Highster Mobile is one of the most affordable cell phone spy software available in the market.

It requires you to pay a onetime fee of 69.99$, and your subscription is valid for life.  

There are no monthly charges, upgrade charges, and other hidden costs.

Can Highster Mobile be detected?

Anonymity and secrecy are the cardinal features of Highster Mobile software. No person except the one who has installed it will have an idea of its existence on the phone.

The app can’t be even detected by the people who are pros in mobile and software issues.

Is Highster legit?                      

ILF mobile apps design Highster Mobile. They have a reputation to protect. The app completely conforms to all the legal rules, and you can trust it fully.

Final verdict

So, what is the final verdict of this Highster mobile review?

After a detailed study of the Highster Mobile software app and its features, the app scores highly on the cost side with the onetime pricing model.

Moderate cost does not translate into the compromise in quality and features. 

Highster mobile customer reviews have revealed that it is easy to operate, the app gives you the most advanced features, and ensures secrecy in cell phone monitoring without permission and social media tracking of popular platforms.

If you intend to get a mobile spy app, we would strongly recommend Highster Mobile as your go-to choice.


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