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An all-around spy program is called FlexiSPY. Employers can use it to keep an eye on employees’ use of corporate phones or as a kind of parental control program. You may view emails, SMS, Messenger, and WhatsApp messages in addition to tracking the device’s position with the help of this software’s cutting-edge features. The Extreme version allows you to record phone calls and even capture chats by remotely activating the phone’s camera and microphone. You can utilize every feature covertly, without the owner of the phone ever realizing. FlexiSPY has been the app of choice for worried parents and employers alike because of its affordable prices and amazing features.

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How it works

FlexiSPY and other monitoring tools operate in a fairly straightforward manner. The app is installed on the intended device. Data from the device will be surreptitiously sent to FlexiSPY servers by the app. After that, by logging into your customized dashboard, you can see this data. You may now access and keep an eye on your contacts, messages services, browser, GPS location, emails, texts, and more. You have the option to check activity reports or receive alerts and updates automatically.

How to get FlexiSPY

Neither Google Play nor the Apple App Store will have FlexiSPY. It will therefore need to be downloaded from their website. First, use your computer to go to the FlexiSPY website and buy a license. Following your purchase, you will get a customized email with your login credentials and comprehensive setup instructions for the app. After that, you must download the app to your intended device. Depending on the operating system the device is running, choose the appropriate version. The app is made to blend in once it has been installed. Its launcher icon will be removed, and you will be notified if the user is successful in removing it from the device.

FlexiSPY versions

There are two versions of FlexiSPY available: Premium and Extreme. Features in the Premium edition are akin to those found in other categories of software, such mSpy or Hoverwatch. The Extreme version has all of the same functions plus the ability to record ambient noise, intercept calls, and record calls. The features that are available for each edition are conveniently displayed in a chart on the FlexiSPY website. We shall go into greater depth about the feature below.

FlexiSPY Premium

Pretty much everything you could possibly need is included in the Premium version, whether you’re a firm looking to make business decisions or a worried parent. You may monitor text messages, call records, internet history, multimedia files, and more with this software. Additionally, you may monitor communications received via Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. Below, we’ll go over a few of the more sophisticated features.


flexispy keylogger

You can record each keystroke that is entered on the target device by using the keylogger. Emails, SMS, URLs, login credentials, and every other kind of information that can be imagined fall under this category. You will then have a complete picture of everything that has been typed.

GPS location tracking

flexispy detailed locations

You can track the location of your target device in real-time using FlexiSPY. Your gadget will provide you with a route map so you can always know where it is.

Take screenshots

flexispy applications used

This function raises the bar for smartphone snooping. You may even snap screenshots of what’s going on on your target device using the FlexiSPY program. In this manner, you can address your child’s or employee’s internet behavior. They are then unable to refute anything you are telling them as a result.

Tinder monitoring

It’s not appropriate to use Tinder on your employer’s phone, and children shouldn’t be using the app in the first place. You may keep an eye on every Tinder discussion on the targeted device by using Tinder monitoring.

FlexiSPY Extreme

You can also get the Extreme version if you feel that the Premium version’s screenshot capability is insufficient. With the extreme version, you can operate the target device’s microphone and camera completely!

Call notifications

flexispy call recordings

You may program warnings to sound whenever a call or SMS is received by the target device if you use the Extreme version of the app. You may use live call recording and live call interception right away.

Live Call Interception and Live Call Recording

One function that lets you monitor and record calls on your target device is live call interception. This can be done without the owner of the phone ever knowing. The connection to the call will be made as though you were a third party. It feels like you’re on a conference call. The caller never knows that you are there since you are automatically muted. That is the only difference. You can opt to manually or automatically record calls on Skype, Line, Messenger, and WhatsApp when you have live call recording enabled. Calls from particular numbers can be automatically recorded, or you can record every call; these will be uploaded to your FlexiSPY Dashboard. Keep in mind that for this function to work, the target device needs to be capable of three-way calling. So check with your phone carrier to ensure this is available and enabled and choose a suitable target device.

Ambient Recording

flexispy recording

You’ve reached a degree of spying that was previously exclusive to intelligence services with ambient recording. You can record any sound that occurs close to the device with this capability. This function is quite simple to use. Enter the online portal, click “Start Ambient Recording,” and indicate the duration of the recording in minutes. The phone’s microphone will be activated in covert mode and capture all audio during the specified duration.

Make Photos and Videos Remotely

flexispy remcam

With FlexiSPY, a Remcam is included. With the help of this remote camera, you may use the front and rear cameras of your phone to shoot two pictures at once. Also, you have complete control over the device’s camera and can record videos to watch at a later time. FlexiSPY is the only product with this feature; none of its rivals do.

Send fake SMS

spoof sms flexispy

Another FlexiSPY Extreme feature is spoof SMS. This allows you to send an SMS to any number you want or to any contact in the target device’s phone book. The user of the gadget won’t be able to see the message. It works especially well to shield kids who are more susceptible from unwanted attention.


The most widely used operating systems, including as iOS, Android, and even Blackberry, are compatible with FlexiSPY. Ensure that the operating system on your intended device is supported. Additionally, a software version for Windows and Mac has just been released.

How much does FlexiSPY Cost?

FlexiSPY offers different packages, depending on your needs. The prices are below:

  • FlexiSPY Extreme: $199 per three months or $349 per year.
  • FlexiSPY Premium: $68 per, $99 per or $149 per year.
  • FlexiSPY Computers: $68 per month, $99 per three months, or $149 per year.

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