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This post will give a thorough analysis of Auto Forward, one of the greatest Android remote control apps.

Every element of the software will be covered in our review, including all of its features, compatibility, pricing, ease of use, and overall pros and disadvantages. Let’s get right into the Auto Forward spy reviews without further ado.

What is Auto Forward? – A brief overview of the app

With the use of this smartphone app, you may keep an eye on and track a target phone that belongs to someone else.

You may view all of the activity on the target phone remotely, including text messages, social media posts, and browser history.

Let’s look at every feature the app has to give you a better understanding of it.

Key features of Auto Forward

SMS/Text Messages and iMessages Tracking

sms monitoring

You may monitor any text messages—SMS on Android and iMessages on iOS—that the target receives on their smartphone by using Auto Forward, which gives you comprehensive logs of every text message.

Even when the victim removes the messages from their phone, you are still able to access the logs.

Contacts and Call Logs Monitoring

The application automatically captures all the information about the target phone (text messages), including the duration of the call and timestamps. in order for you to have access to these records even after the target phone’s logs are erased.

In addition, you can access all of the device’s contacts and saved phone numbers.

GPS Location Tracking

auto forward gps tracking

You may track the GPS location of your target’s phone every ten minutes with this parental control app.

With the help of this cell phone spy software, you can reliably find out where your kids are.

Browsing Activity

The software provides parents with all the information about what youngsters are browsing.

You get access to their whole browsing history, which includes every detail about the websites and content they have visited.

Email Tracking

You may access your child’s email contact list and check all of your emails, including Gmail, with the email monitoring feature.

Additionally, you can stop emails from particular IDs from being sent, as well as stop private information from being shared via email.

Social Media and Messenger Monitoring

ocial media tracking auto forward

On the targeted device, social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) can be observed.

Verbatim recordings with time stamps will also be made of all conversations, texts, and media shared via messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger.

Monitoring All Multimedia Files and General Files

You can view all multimedia data (photos, movies, and audio files) and other files (downloaded apps, packages, and documents) on the targeted smartphone with this top parental control tool.

These files can even be kept off of other devices by being saved on an external drive.

Remotely Accessible Control Panel

You can use any device to access all of the aforementioned functions remotely by entering into the Control Panel of the cell phone spy software on your computer.

The Control Panel’s simple and easy-to-use interface is its greatest feature.

In addition to these functions, you can use Auto-Forward to remotely lock the phone, examine background apps, capture images or videos using the camera on the target device, block or remove specific apps, and more.

How does Auto Forward work?

Without authorization, this phone tracker app without permission takes data from the target phone and shows it on your laptop, computer, or phone.

Enter the target device’s phone number after downloading the app.

After that, Auto Forward will connect to the target phone remotely and retrieve all of the data, including call records, social media messages, media, and texts.

Tracking Android devices with Auto Forward

Android smartphones can access all of the spy software’s functionalities without requiring rooting.

All Android tablets and smartphones can run the software.

To monitor a phone, all you have to do is buy the program and download it over-the-air using the designated connection.

Tracking iOS devices with Auto Forward

Any iPhone or iPad can be watched over by this program; no jailbreaking is required.

You get lifetime free upgrades after you buy the app. In this manner, the spy app will work with the most recent iterations of the iPhone and iPad as well.

You must buy the software and adhere to the detailed setup instructions in order to set it up. It will be necessary for you to log in with your Apple ID and password.

How do I install Auto Forward?

Follow these simple steps to install the app:

  1. Visit their official website, and you’ll see the “Download Now” option on the home page itself.
  2. You will be redirected to the purchasing page where their two different plans will be listed.
  3. Choose the plan you want to get and click on the “Buy Now” button.
  4. Fill in the payment details and process the transaction.
  5. Once the payment is complete, the download will begin, and you will receive the license key.
  6. Launch the cell phone app and enter the license key.

How much does Auto Forward cost?

Auto Forward does not charge a monthly subscription fee; instead, its services are available for a one-time payment. There are two plans available for selection:

  • Basic Plan: Costs $29.99 but restricts many advanced features.
  • Pro Plan: Costs $69.99 but gives access to every single feature that the app has.

Download Auto Forward

Is Auto Forward legit?

In and of itself, downloading and utilizing Auto Forward on a mobile device is not criminal activity.

However, whether or not your spying actions are legal will depend on why you are using the software.

You won’t get into any legal problems if you use the cell phone spy on your device for parental control purposes because you are the one who has parental control over your kids.

Can Auto Forward be detected?

Most features of Auto Forward can’t be detected. But a few features can give your target some hint that their device is being accessed remotely by someone.

If you want to enjoy all features of this app – basic and advanced – without being detected, you can check out the guides and tutorials which you receive as a part of the package when purchasing the app.

Customer support service

We are thrilled with Auto Forward Spy’s customer service team; they are available around-the-clock.

Their agent always responds in a helpful manner.

Sadly, they do not currently offer live chat assistance. However, you may contact them by phone at (888-254-7957) or by email at [email protected].

It is hoped that live chat assistance will soon be integrated since it would only enhance the user experience for their clients.

Final verdict on Auto Forward

Reasonable price for a one-time payment

The Pro plan even includes a geofencing feature, which is something many other competitor apps lack.

Users don’t need any technical knowledge or expertise to download and use the app.

Offers a dashboard/control panel that you can log into from any device of your choice.

It offers lifetime upgrades free of charge, and also provides an informative guide and tutorial on using the app.

It does not have the feature of recording live calls or listening/snooping on phone call conversations.

The GPS location tracking feature is not real-time but gives timely updates at 10-minute intervals.

All things considered, Auto Forward is a great phone spy tool that offers you total control over all the data and activities on any device.

This spy software ticks all the boxes with its wealth of functionality, reasonable cost, quick and simple setup, and intuitive user interface.


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